What Could We Find Out From Hillary’s Emails?

When the news broke that there is a whole previously unknown contingent of Hillary Clinton’s official emails that she illegally deleted, every true conservative could feel their ears perk up. To no one’s surprise, Hillary’s lies were once again exposed and, as it turns out, there are plenty more emails that will get released. At the moment, there […]

How Conway And Bannon Will Help Trump Win The Election

Donald Trump’s campaign has made two huge moves this week. The first of these saw senior adviser Kellyanne Conway become campaign manager while the other saw Stephen Bannon of the Breitbart fame become the campaign CEO. Paul Manafort will remain campaign chair, but his role will most likely be diminished or at least altered in some […]

The Media Onslaught Against Trump Continues

People love the status quo. People love the political status quo more than anything else. It makes everyone near the top rich, secure, and unaccountable. Over the years, the political status quo perpetuated by both American major parties has been perfected to such an extent that it started benefiting fringe players as well. Among these, perhaps the […]

Obama And Hillary Can’t Make America Safe

The main reason why this year’s presidential election is so important is that we can choose between a nominee who will try to keep our country safe and a nominee who couldn’t care less. Hillary Clinton has shown on innumerable occasions that she knows little to nothing about keeping the American people safe and ridding the […]

The Presidential Race Is Now Officially On!

Last Friday, we wrote about the Democratic National Convention and the boot-licking that raged rampant as Hillary Clinton was named the Democratic Party nominee in the presidential race. We had some time to analyze the situation and actually come to terms with the fact that someone like Hillary could even get nominated. Now that we have […]

The Democratic Convention Betrayed Democrats

Usually, we are not much concerned about what goes on with the Democratic Party. We gave up on them a long, long time ago, but this week, we had to make an exception. The GOP Convention was a total triumph and we wanted to see what the Democratic Party had in store for their members and […]

Here’s Why The Democrat Email Scandal Makes Us Nervous

Last week, it felt like every single journalist, media personality, and political commentator was doing all they can to point out how the Republican Party was divided and how no one wished to stand behind Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. Like we all saw, this was pure nonsense. Everyone but Ted Cruz endorsed Trump and […]

Trump Unites The GOP During The Republican National Convention

When it comes to this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the goals were very simple. For one, Donald Trump had to make sure he finally united the party as the official Republican nominee for the presidential election later this year. Secondly, party powerhouses had to give their full support to Trump and clearly state […]

Mike Pence Joins Trump In The Battle Against Hillary

Who is Mike Pence and why did Donald Trump choose him as his running mate? When we tried to predict who Trump’s running mate is going to be some time ago, Pence sort of flew under our radar because he seemed like too safe of a choice, something we never expected from Trump. Over the last few […]

Trump Delays Announcement Of Running Mate In Lieu Of France Attack

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was supposed to hold a press conference this Friday to name who his running mate for the presidential election will be. However, Trump has decided to postpone his announcement because of the new terrorist attack that occurred in Nice, France on Thursday. More than 80 people are dead and more than a […]

Photos Of Barack Obama In Traditional Muslim Dress Leaked

If you weren’t absolutely sure that Barack Obama has always had strong ties with Islam, then these pictures will probably help you see the light. Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has just published photos that show the U.S. President dressed in traditional Muslim clothes from what O’Reilly claims was the wedding of Obama’s half-brother Malik. While he could […]

The FBI Will Not Indict Hillary In A “Surprise” Move

Surprise, surprise! It seems that the FBI is not going to indict Hillary Clinton following the highly-controversial email investigation. Last week, we wrote about our hopes that the FBI might actually be independent enough to indict her, but unfortunately, the Clintons have far too many friends in all the right places and she will most likely […]

Trump Correctly Predicts Brexit Because He Actually Knows Things

Ever since it became obvious that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face each other in the 2016 presidential race, the two camps have been firing shots at each other, trying to tell the voting public that the other candidate knows very little about the real world. Last week, the biggest event of 2016 took […]

Trump Destroys Hillary In His Best Speech Yet

This morning, we got together to talk about what we should cover today. Perhaps it should be Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland which coincided with a decision by the British people to leave the EU? Perhaps it should be the fact that the Supreme Court managed to stop Obama from pushing yet another one of his insane […]

Trump Gets Rid Of Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

Donald Trump and his team have decided to let Corey Lewandowski go, the campaign manager who, together with Trump, achieved an unprecedented success in the Republican primary, securing the nomination for the billionaire businessman. Hope Hicks, the campaign spokeswoman said in a statement: “The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record […]