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11 Issues on Which Republicans are Split


3. Income Inequality
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While it may seem as if the Republican party stands united on the issues, there are actually eleven issues on which the party is split. From poverty to immigration, Republicans find themselves at odds with each other on some key issues.

11. Poverty

Conservative Republicans believe that the best way to decrease poverty is by reducing the taxes on the wealthy, while more liberal Republicans have stated that they believe more needs to be done.

They think that raising taxes on both the wealthy and corporations would help to expand programs for the poor and would be an effective way to help reduce poverty.

10. Immigration

Last year, some Republicans supported Arizona’s illegal immigration law, but some are still upset that the party decided to try and pass comprehensive immigration reform (not once but twice) under President Bush. These reforms would have provided a new pathway to citizenship for a great number of illegal immigrants.

9. Income Inequality

Today, nearly 61% of both moderate and liberal Republicans believe that the government should do something to reduce income inequality. They believe that the gap between the rich and everyone else is just too big. However, 55% of conservative Republicans don’t care about it at all. They simply do not want the government to do anything about this inequality.

8. Minimum Wage Increase

It is no secret that the minimum wage is the hot button item of late, and the Republican party is definitely divided on the idea of increasing it.

7. Cultural Topics

One of the biggest debates that is waging between members of the party hinges on social issues. Cultural topics have gotten many members into hot water as of late, and the party is trying to decide what to do about it. Attitudes towards women and minorities must change, says one group of Republicans, while staunch, old world Republicans stick to their guns.

6. Size of Government

As always the size of government comes as an issue within the party. Big government governs better? Or small, limited government?

5. Tax Cuts

While few Republicans are not in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy, and for corporations, there is a faction that does not want these tax cuts, and it is keeping the party at odds with itself.

4. Social Security

Certain Republicans want to privatize Social Security, and some do not. The debate wages every year.

3. Health Care

Some Republicans have been criticized for taking the Affordable Care Act funds, and for not trying to repeal the law. Most Republicans, however, have tried to defund, repeal and replace the new health care law.

2. Energy

While many Republicans have opposed the new cap and trade policy that would cap the carbon emissions, some have supported it.

1. Role of US Abroad

Republicans cannot seem to agree on the proper role of the United States overseas. Many feel that their old worldview, where the US used its power to political advantage, is still the right way to go. However, the new classes of Republicans think that this approach only brings harm to the country.

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