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13 Examples Of Chris Christie Not Losing Popularity


1. Jersey's Own
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Despite the recent Bridgegate debacle, in many ways, Chris Christie remains as popular as ever. Here are 13 things that show Chris Christie is in many ways still as popular and likeable as ever:

13. Jersey’s Own

Chris Christine is a Newark, New Jersey native, and Jersey famously supports and fights for their own, especially when they’re down.

12. Chris is His Own Man

Despite reports that a relative was a known organized crime figure, Christie didn’t follow suit; he said that from this family member he learned that there are consequences for going down the wrong path.

11. Success as a U.S. Attorney

When Christie was the New Jersey United States Attorney from 2002 — 2008, he was loudly praised for his record of convictions in public corruption cases, winning guilty pleas from 130 public officials.

10. Fighting Against State Corruption

During his career, Christie has doubled the size of the anti-corruption unit in New Jersey.

9. Fighting Federal Corruption

Christie’s constituents remember that he’s prosecuted many federal crimes during his career for such crimes as underage prostitution and gangs as well as intent to sell missiles, support of terrorists and money laundering by British trader Hemant Lakhani.

8. Still Admired By Many Peers

U.S. attorney in Philadelphia Pat Meehan called Christie “one of the most admired” and “the top two or three” of all of past U.S. attorneys, one who has had tremendous positive impact. This sentiment continues among many of Christie’s peers.

7. Fiscal Success

As Governor, Christie has delivered balanced budgets annually for the state without having to increase taxes; there have been no rate increases so far in income tax, corporate business tax or sales tax.

6. Looking Out for Working People

Christie continues to look out for his constituents and wants to cut New Jersey’s state income tax cut by 10% for those earning under $400,000 per year. This tax cut would be phased in over four years in the form of an income tax credit equal to 10% of property taxes and capped at $10,000. While it has not been approved yet, Christie continues to fight for it.

5. Slowing Property Tax Growth

New Jersey home owners are still extremely grateful that in 2010, Christie signed legislation to limit the annual property tax increase in the state to just 2% per year.

4. Hurricane Sandy

East coast residents won’t soon forget how well Christie rose to the occasion in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, even strongly criticizing House Speaker John Boehner for dragging his feet on providing aid to the ravaged area.

3. Rising Above It

Christie never lets his weight and physical appearance slow him down. He continues to be an inspiration to overweight Americans.

2. Support Continues

Despite the George Washington Bridge scandal, many polls still find Chris Christie’s approval ratings close to 60%.

1. President Christie?

Political commentators, Jersey residents and many other Republicans still view Chris Christie as a possible contender for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016.

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  • Bob Mohler

    Chris is Toast and Done…!

  • Fight

    The hundreds of thousands of dollars being done to governors mansions that no one lives in make me question the “corruption free” mentality.

  • crystlfire62

    Christie is the ONLY viable candidate in 2016. After Obama, democrats pretty much dug their own grave!

  • crystlfire62

    Obama the worst president EVER. Even my next door neighbor has a better chance of becoming president than another democrat. Obama ruined it for the democrats!

    • atlantarunner

      Sure keep dreaming. Bush had a 20% approval rating while Obama 40%. But it doesn’t matter because once it’s clear you have been brainwashed by Fox News your comments are totally irrelevant.

  • audacityscape

    LOL, examples? “Jersey protects their own” is not an example of anything.

  • Lauren Hughes

    Um… One doesn’t “win” a guilty plea, one “negotiates” a guilty plea. This practice may often be brought to bear when a prosecutor cannot make his/her prima facie case, and the defendant cannot afford proper representation.

  • atlantarunner

    Was that a wish list? Definitely not reality. But then republicans are in a constant state of denial. I remember when Fox News kept reporting Romney was winning the election even just minutes before Obama was declared the winner. Twice has the black man has won against the old man that couldn’t tell Palin was incoherent and then the Mormon man Romney insulted everyone by calling half the country lazy. Who needs enemies when the presidential candidate hates half the country.