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14 Reasons We Love Scott Walker


1.Written Word
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With the road to the White House beginning to heat up, it is time to look at Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin as a serious candidate. Here is a list of 14 reasons as to why we love Scott Walker.

14. Written Word

Scott Walker’s story and views are well-known and published in an excellent book co-authored by Marc Thiessen. To learn how he has defeated his opponents in the past, read “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge.”

13. Passing of Act 10

Walker worked hard to pass Act 10, reducing forced donations to the state Democratic Party and saving the state school districts’ money on health insurance and teachers’ wages.

12. Survived a Recall

Scott Walker is the first U.S. governor to survive a recall election, which also helped him raise funds from a solid conservative base in Wisconsin. This base will help him as he goes forward.

11. Helps the Poor

Walker wants to help the poor escape the safety net, understanding that people need more than a subsistence level of income to live on. Walker told a conservative audience that in order to broaden its appeal, the Republican Party needs to change its outlook toward those living in poverty and relying on government assistance, measuring success by how many people are no longer dependent on the government due to escaping poverty.

10. Jobs Plan

Scott Walker has a jobs plan to help employers create jobs paying wages “that far surpass the amounts that people are talking about in terms of a government mandate.”

9. Gay Marriage

Walker said he would leave it to Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to defend the ban on gay marriage included in Wisconsin’s constitution.

8. Unemployment Reduction

Scott Walker has had job growth and reductions of unemployment under his watch as governor of Wisconsin.

7. Supports Work-Share Programs

Walker supports the program that allows two part-time employees to share one full-time job. Work sharing allows a full-time worker’s hours to be reduced, in lieu of being laid off. It also enables businesses to retain skilled workers, even if just part-time.

6. Fiscal Hawk

Scott Walker is a fiscal hawk who had a $911 million budget surplus last year after inheriting a budget deficit upon taking office three years ago.

5. Tax Breaks

Walker is funneling his budget surplus to residents through tax breaks, calling the program a Blueprint for Prosperity.

4. Economic Message

Scott Walker’s biggest strength is his discipline in sticking with an economic message. He has signed socially conservative legislation, but on the stump avoids social issues that can trip up conservatives.

3. Midwestern Appeal

With his small-town roots, and midwestern demeanor, Walker appeals to a wide array of voters.

2. Unites the Party

Walker is well positioned to unite the conservative and establishment wings of the Republican Party with his win over the public union and beating a recall attempt.

1. Supports Diversity, Against Racism

Scott Walker is actively seeking out Hispanic voters in his state, and fired his aid who posted raci

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