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15 Actors You Might Not Have Known Were Republicans


1.Vince Voughan
Photo credit: Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

While Hollywood is well known for being the land of the liberals, not all actors and celebrities are pulling the same lever at the voting booth. The Republican Party is still very much alive and well in Hollywood, often to the chagrin of the Democratic-leaning actors that tend to dominate the industry. Here are 15 actors you might be surprised to learn are Republicans:

15. Vince Vaughn

This A-list actor and former flame of A-lister Jennifer Aniston may not be all that vocal about it, but when it comes to his political leanings, Vaughn appears to bleed red with fellow Republicans. Do celebrity endorsements really mean that much to a presidential candidate in terms of votes?

It’s hard to say; but regardless, a lot of Hollywood Republicans tend to hide their stripes. Many hope for the day when they can speak their minds about their conservative views without a fear of career reprisal. For now, Vince Vaughn remains one of the more reticent Republican actors — except for some telltale signs about his political leanings.

According to a USA Today article, Vaughn’s “Wedding Crashers” co-star Owen Wilson confirmed Vaughn’s formerly hidden conservative views when he revealed that Vaughn tried to get into a Republican event with him back in 2004. (Wilson is a Republican as well.) The event was held at a conference room in the hotel where they were staying while filming “Wedding Crashers,” and it was geared toward the young Republican crowd in Texas. As the story goes, Wilson was allowed to come into the room and join in on the event, but Vaughn was not.

By all accounts, including Wilson’s, Vince Vaughn’s desire to join in on the event was 100% sincere. However, because he is normally so private and hush hush about his political leanings, the event organizers assumed that he was putting them on and opted not to trust his insistence that he backs the Red Elephant. After the snafu, Vaughn reportedly received an invitation to the White House, a private tour and got to meet then-President Bush.

This story serves to substantiate rumors that Vaughn does, indeed, lean toward the right in his political orientation. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Congress of Republicans is striving to create a Hollywood atmosphere where being an open, outspoken, proud Republican can be safe and acceptable both personally and professionally.

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  • CC

    I saw you last film

    • Truth be told

      Republican ≠ Conservatism

      The beliefs of many on this list are leftist. The ruling oligarchy has truly divided and conquered on the heels of ignorance.

  • BoyNamedSue

    What about TOM SELLECK? He is a Republican and an NRA Member! Plus he is GREAT on BLUE BLOODS on Friday Nights…

    • Blackhawk

      “might not have known” are the keywords. That’s why no Selleck, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, etc.

      • Reiley


    • Larry Berry

      I like Tom Selleck. The republican party would do well to put HIM front and center instead of nugent, trump, etc. Instead they pat the nuge on the back, thank him for his support and let him be the celebrity face of the gop and nra. Instead they pander for the trump endorsement. Selleck is the old school Reagan style gop. He’s not radical enough for the current gop and the direction they are going.

      • robertbubba2

        Larry just got Blacklisted from Crooks and liars not because of foul language because I did not agree with most people on the left what I should post.

        110% liberal left site

        Now what does that tell you about freedom of speech?

        Looks like people on the left have their own freedom of speech as long as it agrees with their thoughts

        Please respond there Larry if you dare.

        • Larry Berry

          Don’t know why that was posted on my comment, since it references absolutely nothing that I posted about. I talk about how great Tom Selleck is and that somehow has something to do with freedom of speech and a different website???

          But regardless, I will dare to respond.
          First I have no control over the website “crooks and liars”, did not, and can not blacklist you or anyone, so again I have no idea why that question is directed at me.

          My neighbors dog pooped on my lawn, Respond if you dare!
          See that makes no sense, because you have no control or affiliation with my neighbor or his dog.

          But anyway, you are confused on what “freedom of speech” means.
          Freedom of speech means the government can not censor you or punish you for what you say. The website “crooks and liars” is not the government. As a website the owners have the right (as any website including this one) to allow or disallow anything they so choose. If they want to this website can ban me for saying “moist” if they want. Why? Because they own the website and can do whatever they want with it.

          Think of it this way. You own your house. I have freedom of speech…. So clearly that means that I can go into your house and start ranting about whatever I want and you can’t throw me out, because I have freedom of speech, right? Wrong because you own the house. You have the right to throw me out for any reason you choose. Including what I say. You don’t have to allow it in your house, because, well because it’s your house. That’s not a violation of free speech, because A. it’s not the gov’t. and B. It’s your house. If you don’t like what I have to say, you don’t have to allow it in your house. I can say it in my house or someplace else, so long as they allow it. If you own the domain, website, and webspace you own that space just like you own your living room, and can allow or disallow whatever you like, and it is not a violation of free speech. So unless you are going to just let me stand in your living room and say whatever I want…….

          However again, the main thing is that Freedom of Speech means the gov’t can’t censor you or punish you for what you say (exceptions for libel, fraud, perjury, etc.). You throwing me out of your living room is not the gov’t censoring or punishing me.

          This website has every right to ban, block, censor, or black list me for whatever reason they choose (even if it’s for saying “moist” or if they just don’t like the color of my hair), and it doesn’t violate my freedom of speech at all. I am always free to get my own website (go to my own living room) and say whatever I like.

          • robertbubba2

            Last paragraph say’s it all Larry about how we are supposed to think and behave

            And the reason you were picked out is because the people on Crooks and liars that I wanted to respond to I could not,because you post on different sites.

            Most on Crooks and Liars only post on that site it what you would call their comfort zone

            But now seeing I very rarely post on right wing sites it may also happen there also [ being blacklisted for not fitting into the moderators mold]

            But you see no problem here be it left or right whoever blacklists someone for their beliefs or posts?

            And I do applaud your response most on the left or right probably would not have. Thank you. Bob

          • Larry Berry

            “But you see no problem here be it left or right whoever blacklists someone for their beliefs or posts?”

            Depends on what you mean by “problem”, since there are many levels or degrees of “problem”. Depending on the reason (and I have no way of knowing their reason) it could be annoying, rude, ignorant, not wanting to hear facts, not wanting to even hear other opinions, entirely arbitrary, power trip, elitist, saying “moist”, color of your hair, and many other reasons, many of which could be considered a “problem”. By that I mean that being blocked or blacklisted for some reasons can be annoying or rude, which still qualifies as a problem. It could even be for racist reasons, and that would qualify as a bigger problem. So yes if I got blacklisted or banned from some site, I might be annoyed, and thus it’s a problem, but a small one. It might be unfair, and I would consider that a problem. But though being unfair can be considered a problem you still have a right to be unfair. You could throw me out of your house for having an earring. Is that “fair”? No, but it’s your house, so perfectly within your rights.

            I mean my favorite shows being cancelled can be considered a problem. Or not having any intelligent programming on tv. can be a problem. I’m not going to fret about it though.

            BUT most importantly it is NOT a violation of freedom of speech as you claimed.

            Is it a problem if you don’t let me stand in your living room and espouse the glories of socialism? If you say “You have the right to say that, But I don’t want it in MY living room, that I OWN” do you consider that a problem?

            I’ve been blocked and had comments deleted in several places. Do you have a facebook account, and if you do, do you have the ability to post on your wall set to public, so that anyone can post on your wall? If not are you violating anyones freedom of speech by not allowing them to post on YOUR wall?

            I was blocked and had a comment deleted from someones facebook page. He was a rampant libertarian with a belief that Ronald Reagan was perfect. He made a comment, and I posted a quote from Reagan that opposed him. I posted nothing else but the quote. He deleted the comment, blocked me, and told people that he did it because I posted an opinion with no facts to back it up. When in fact I had only posted a fact (the quote) with absolutely no opinion posted at all. I didn’t say that he was wrong, or that Reagan was wrong, just the quote (a fact). So he lied. Technically a lie is a problem. However he still had every right to block me (even if I don’t agree with the reasons) since it was HIS page. It also was not a violation of my freedom of speech.

            While I didn’t agree with his reason, and didn’t like him lying about the reason, A. I understand that he had the RIGHT to block me for ANY reason, and B. I didn’t fret over it or make a big deal about it, and made no claims that it violated my freedom of speech (Though I did find humor in the fact that he had complained about facebook groups blocking him being a violation of his freedom of speech, before he had blocked me).

          • robertbubba2

            Don’t try and put words of what I said Larry [that is what people on the left and right always try] I said I do not know if it happens of right or far right sites either way both are wrong in doing this .

            Is that clear enough for you Larry ?

            And even though I have a face book account It has no personal information on it just use it to get into some other sites makes it easier.

            I am not one of those people that post on face book that my kid is drowning in their back yard pool Larry.

            Information sites ? Are they useful or not? Some are and some are not.

          • Larry Berry

            Okay, Where did I put words in your mouth? At no point did I say that you said or thought any which way. I never tried to define what you said or thought. I never said claimed that it only happened on left or right sites. I never tried to put words in your mouth of saying that it only happens here or there. All I said is that it is not a violation of freedom of speech.

            Please point where I tried to put words in your mouth?

            “even though I have a face book account It has no personal information”
            Okay, that has absolutely nothing to do with my point. So you do have a facebook page. The question is then, is it open so that ANYONE can post on your wall? (many have it set so only family and friends can post on their wall). So if it is NOT set for ANYONE to post on your wall, then it is a violation of everyones freedom of speech, because you don’t let them post on YOUR page. Of course it really isn’t because it is YOUR page and you have the right to block anyone you choose from posting. Whether you have pictures of kitties or post about the back yard pool has NOTHING to do with the point.

          • robertbubba2

            “But you see no problem be it left or right who blacklists someone for their beliefs or posts”. That line was directed at your statement Larry

            “Depends on what you mean by problem”

          • Larry Berry

            Okay, you are really not even making sense at this point. You say that was directed at my statement, which you post after that, but my statement was a response to that statement. How can you direct that line at the statement that I hadn’t even made yet?

            And I don’t know why you rehashed that same bit that was already gone over, without bringing up any new point. You simply reposted what was already said, even though anyone can see what was said so it doesn’t really need to be reposted, unless you wanted to add something to make a point. Like to repost it to explain the point you are preparing to make, but you don’t add anything, just say “here is what I said and here is what you said” when that is already up there for us to see.

            I explained further the point of “depends on what you mean by problem”, by the fact there are many degrees of problem. I stubbed my toe, that’s a problem. But it doesn’t mean my rights were violated.

            And no it doesn’t matter whether it’s a left or right site, they all have the right to blacklist whatever they want, set whatever rules they want for THEIR sites. It doesn’t violate free speech no matter whether left or right does it.

            Again, just because I have free speech doesn’t mean you have to let me stand in your living room and say whatever I want. You can throw me out of your property if you don’t like what I say, if you don’t agree with what I say, for saying “moist” or even if you just don’t like me. And not letting me stay on your property for any of those reasons, does not violate my freedom of speech.

            Like I said, I’ve been blocked from various sites or pages, sometimes not having anything to do with politics, and been blocked by individuals. Never once did I whine that much about it.

            BoynamedSue, I am sorry this thread got so sidetracked from your original post.

          • robertbubba2

            Try getting to the point I could say what you are trying to say in 3 or 4 sentences.

            You sound almost like a left poster on The Hill [teamosil] that always starts out with you don’t understand or you make no sense and every time she is proven wrong

            Should I expect kiddo next?

          • JamesMichael82

            most sentences have periods.
            so while you think it may be three or four, its probably more like 12.

          • mikinzla

            Jeezus you are a one man justification for NO freedom of speech.

          • robertbubba2

            Oh by the way Larry this is one of the things that I broke up with a old girlfriend she would send me text messages pages long.

            And I will tell you what I told her

            GET TO THE POINT!

          • Larry Berry

            I got to the point. Then I explained the point. Otherwise I would have just said “no it’s not a violation of freedom of speech” and without explaining that point, you would have simply said “yes it is” then it’s “No it isn’t” “Yes it is” “No it isn’t”. So it’s better to explain why, not just “Nah uh”.

            But to the point….. The point was about Tom Selleck. Someone else took it off point…….

            “I broke up with a old girlfriend she would send me text messages pages long”
            According to your previously stated criteria then you violated her Freedom of Speech.

          • 55vermeer .

            Larry, these people just aren’t used to 19th century writing. You write beautifully, if a tad long. Just like Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, etc. Stop time traveling and confusing these sluggish modern minds. You’ll hurt them. lol

          • maldoror22

            Very good observation. I’m not sure I’d equate Larry’s writing with Tolstoy’s … but then again, he only had a few paragraphs to state his case. More 19th century syntax, and less internet gutterspeak, would be nice, but so would peace on earth and a world without traffic jams.

          • mikinzla

            it’s get to the F^^cking point you blathering idiot.

          • oiltrdr

            “depends on what the definition of the word ‘is’ is”

          • Larry Berry

            So you’re saying that my point that there are different levels of problems (stubbing my toe is a problem. The NSA spying is a problem. They are not equal) is the same as the attempted diversion of “depends on what the definition of the word ‘is’ is”?

          • 55vermeer .

            You sir, are a philosopher. I think you were Schopenhauer in your former life. 🙂

          • liblass

            It amazes me that people confuse the disagreement and contradiction by others with usurping their freedom of speech. They could always try using Google…

          • D’wain Rebrab

            Glad to see someone has a grasp of wht freedom of speech means.

          • Navybrat

            Well put, Larry!

        • Hanhnibal

          One liberal website out of how many?

        • notryt

          Any group that tries to limit free speech, right to choose, womans rights. (you know where this is going) Isn’t for the people its for “The People” why is Larry Flynt vilifies by the right and hugh hefner held in high regard? It goes to who’s buttering your bread. With the right this has always be a quid pro quo arrangement with their contributors . to the tune of billions of dollars

        • Marilyn

          Robert…..what are you talking about. Care to respond? Did not think so.

      • Carla M. Corman

        Boy are you right. Put Tom ahead of Ted. Ted has a number of issues concerning under aged girls.

        • Mark W

          Ted Nugent expresses the bigotry, ignorance, and hatred that is the core of today’s Republican party. That’s the real truth.

          • texcteach

            You sir are ignorant of the truth. The bigotry comes from the other side . The Republican party came into being as the anti-slavery party. The KKK was affiliated with the Democratic party. The Jim Crowe laws democrats. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was a registered republican. Your dog wont hunt.

          • pnllsprkf


          • supplyguy

            The KKK wasn’t “affiliated” w/ the democratic party – they were the democratic party. And they still are the party of true racists. I have met a handful of white self-proclaimed racists in my life and each and every one of them was a registered democrat.
            Democrats getting blacks to vote for them in such monolithic numbers has been the biggest political scam in history.

          • Bob Smyth

            You can’t be that ignorant.

          • jackie1234

            ABSOLUTELY RIGHT….and don’t forget they had the head of the KKK in Robert Byrd….but, that is just a figment of our imagination…

          • Halltrimm

            Mostly Kennedy and Johnson get the credit giving black people ample reason to re-evaluate the Democratic party and shift in great numbers during the sixties; but David Duke’s loud mouth switch from the Democratic party to the Republican in ’88? 89? sealed the deal. Thanks for taking him off of our hands.

          • don3345

            King was a registered Communist. Everything else you said was correct.

          • Elba Saravia

            Bigotry, ignorance, hatred is what you are.

        • Third_Party_Now

          Ted – a true Partier – Tea Partier that is !! Be loud, be proud !!

      • highlatte

        The Republican party doesn’t put Trump and Nugent front and center…..the liberal media does.

        • Fight

          That is just blind. The “liberal media” will jump all over anyone that does something stupid. Trump ran for president. Both are on fox news on a monthly basis. The problem is, they are not held responsible by their peers every time they say or do something stupid and its helping to kill this party because of it. Also this poor me mentality when it comes to the media just makes the party look even weaker from the outside.

          • raquila47

            Say it again, Sam………The Dem’s love it………

          • Tony Bo

            Yes indeed, the dems love it. After seeing Trump at last years Wrestmania event where the huge crowd literally “booed” Trump off the stage, and Dem would love to see this guy toss his hat into the Presidential Ring. During the last republican primaries, Barb Bush told the world that the republican Presidential lineup was “the worst lineup she has ever seen”.. I say, wait until she sees this lineup, she may say “those repubs better conced now”…..

          • Randy Mccloud

            Did Trump actually run for president, or did he just threaten to, and then decided not to, when he saw he had zero chance of winning? Kind of like his threat to run for governor. Something else he has zero chance of winning.

          • jackie1234

            does that mean FOX is liberal since alan colmes is on every week…? hmmmmm and the other dopey liberals that are on their shows daily…YES, DAILY…? who knew

        • timmmahhhh

          Oh really? So all those FOX Noise appearances are the fault of the DNC, interesting. Righties can’t accountability for anything, unreal.

          • linker

            Can’t accountability?

          • Rick Ayers

            Ha,ha,ha……you picked that up, too??

            Can’t accountability?

          • jackie1234

            hahaha….proves he listens to mslsd and cnn

          • JohnM

            Yeh, we know, “it’s all Bush’s fault”.

          • Randy Mccloud

            Yeh? It’s spelled “Yeah”. Ha…ha…ha.

          • Tony Bo

            Yes, I agree w/that….There must be good reason why that guy has the dubious distinction of being known as “The Worst US President” in history….

          • richard king

            Worst US president in history. Surely you refer to the bumbling, lying, playboy fool who is in office as we speak?

          • jackie1234

            ah, but at least we can compose a sentence…..FOX puts Alan Colmes on too…so, there goes your theory….and Tamara Holder…and lots of lefities…since they aren’t the libs who can’t stand putting the other side on for their opinion….wake up

          • bigleftbowski

            You mean Alan Colmes, the former stand up comic, self professed centrist, and ideological punching bag for Sean Hannity and the rest of the False News staff? I actually felt embarrassed for him when Jon Stewart showed a clip of the things they did to him on air, like shining a laser pointer in his face while he was interviewing a guest (I would have punched someone out for that one).

          • richard king

            The man is pathetic, and Fox gave him a job.

          • Tony Bo

            So rightie, you think you can at least compose a sentence???? LOL LOL

          • lilylongflower1

            highlatte has a seriously uninformed opinion…he must be a rightwinger. it’s what they do.

          • Michael

            LOL!! As you know, our Dear Leader Obama has never taken accountability for anything, yet the Lefties overlook that! He blames Bush, the Republicans and even the lapdog press when things don’t go his way. So, before pointing the finger at others whom you believe “can’t accountability”, you might consider the man who presides in the White House first so that you don’t look quite so stupid!!! Oh, and you might consider proofing your posts before you post them, just so you “can accountability!!”!

          • Tony Bo

            Oh brother, all I see are rightwing hypocricies…..I have never seen a repub/teanut take accountablity for anything. What I see, is the righties make the mess, then they blame others for it…

          • Tony Banke

            Suggest you proofread your remarks.

        • Still with the “liberal” media bull… Who are these liberals? Virtually ALL the major media outlets are OWNED & MANAGED by major Republican backers! And I don’t mean just FOX & the Murdochs – The days of the Tish’s owning CBS & all the other past media legends are gone. They are all owned by giant Corps & you know where their loyalty goes.
          A single little progressive reporter or such can’t buck the Corp/Party line – the “BOSS” calls the shots. Stop repeating
          the old “liberal media” line! It’s just as phony as all those debunked “horror” stories used in attack ads against Health Care reform; everyone of which has now been proved a lie by
          several (Conservative) media outlets; as well as the Wall St Journal, L.A. Times & Detroit News.

          • jackie1234

            BULL….just because harry reid says so….no intelligent Republican…for that matter..any intelligent person, can’t possibly think the cancer stories are lies…my doctors left their practice…the bills I have for my once a year cancer followup were ALL TOGETHER $149 for lab work and an EKG….this time they were $999….they didn’t want to addthe extra dollar to make it seem lower? duh…and it didn’t include an EKG…plus my one medicine went from $27.98 for a 90 day supply to $64.50 for a 30 day supply….my insurance quadrupled and I have a deductible after being canceled….and it is the same company…Blue Cross/Blue Shield….the head of my doctor’s office went into concierge medicine….AND DON’T DARE TELL ME NONE OF THIS IS TRUE….BECAUSE KARMA, MY DEAR, IS A BIT*H…AND YOU MIGHT FIND OUT THE HARD WAY

          • bigleftbowski

            Let me guess – you live in a where a bone-headed republican governor turned down the Medicaid expansion.

          • Michael

            The LA Times is conservative???? You must be so far out in Left field that even a Communist looks conservative to you!!

          • don3345

            This nonsense you write, is pure lies and disinformation, and can be debunked in seconds.

          • richard king

            That piece about the liberal media being controlled by republicans is absurd and totally false. Go tell it to NBC, owned by GE, in turn run by Jeff Imelt, Obama;s close buddy. You’ll find something similar at ABC and CBS, and all of the major newspapers like the New York Times and LA Times, to which I just cancelled a longtime subscription.

        • lilylongflower1

          except that’s not true. greg abbott, running for texas governor, has ted nugent campaigning with and for him. a trump endorsement was welcomed by the mittster and by every repub candidate whose ever received it. you achieved that special level of hate repubs strive for in your statement, if it wasn’t total nonsense we might take you seriously.

        • oaklanddog

          I see, Trump and Nugent are quiet little church mice who keep to their own business and never say anything bad about the President and then the liberal media picks on them. Cry me a river.

        • Bob Smyth

          40 years of the same old lie. There is no liberal media.
          Most of today’s media is owned by conservatives.
          Do some research, you won’t look so ignorant.

        • Elba Saravia

          YOU ARE SMART, so true..

        • Tony Bo

          So, what’s that you say??? The Republican Party doesn’t put Trump and Nugent front and center????? I find that to be yet another hypocricy, when those repubs actually invited that guy to the State of the Union Addreess. The repubs embrace that guy who touted about dodging the draft by not bathing for days on end, going to the recrutiers office with urine and feces all over himself in order to avoid the military. I wonder if they classified him as a Section 8 ???? The guy who is known for his affairs with underage girls, the guy who has been repeatedly threated for sex addiction, the guy who shot hundreds of pigs from a helicopter in retaliation to Bill Mahers comments. The guy who has said some treasonous/threatening remarks about the President of the United States, and my opinion, he should be playing his next gig for his fellow inmates at a Federal Pen. So, you don’t think that the repubs aren’t putting this guy fron/center when they invite him to the State of the Union???? You think they would be embarrassed by it all……

        • Eric Heiss

          “The Liberal media” – good one! What does Rupert Murdoch/new$corp own again? How about Baine? etc etc. the scales are SLIGHTLY tipped in bankster/neo con favor.

      • Justin

        WRONG. You are afraid of what the liberals think if you don’t want Nugent up front. We NEED people like Nugent to show the base that we are with them! Who cares what the media thinks? They’re going to hate you no matter who you put up! When you wuss out like this and put McCain up, we lose.

      • Third_Party_Now

        If he’s Reagan style then he is a RINO !!!

      • Navybrat

        Tom Selleck is probably too smart to let them make him a figurehead. Besides, because these are Republicans, doesn’t mean they approve of what is happening to the party now.

        • cjhall

          Exactly. Not all Republicans are gun-toting, Bible-thumping, foreigner-and-gay-hating reality deniers. It’s just the loudest ones, and unfortunately they get the most attention.


        The woman who played on Everybody Loves Raymond is a Conservative…she would be a great face for the Conservative party..or the Tea Party. I’m pretty much done with the Republicans who have such Rino’s as Mr. John ( go along to get along ) McCain

      • jackie1234

        GOP does not PUT nugent and trump out there….they are their own ‘man’…and do what they want and say what they want….they aren’t asked to be spokesman…geeze..and actually Tom Selleck is a registered Independent…not a registered Republican…but, he has voted Republican all the time….because he is intelligent

        • Larry Berry

          So you’re saying that when they have trump at the gop conventions, and when they clamor for his endorsement….. Trump just made them do that? When romney (and other candidates) get nugent up on stage and pat him on the back and thank him…… Nugent made them do that? Keep putting those guys front and center. Keep associating your image with them. You’re doing the Dems more good by doing so, but keep at it. I mean there are crazy Dems too. They just don’t them front and center and cater to them. You don’t see crazy Obamaphone lady up on the Dem stage being thanked for her support. You don’t see all the Dem candidates begging for her public endorsement. You don’t see the Dems bringing her into the presidents speech like Nugent has been brought in by Reps. Don’t see her being brought into rallies.

    • P.Eaton

      Yeah good actor;s can make poor choices also. I am sure it is done often. Especially the really wealthy actors would probably tend to want to horde their money. You never hear of those actors generous works with their community or for their country that they have so easily been supported by and loved

      • Elba Saravia

        If you earn, inherit your money, you can horde if you so desire, why don’t you make some then stop wanting what others have, it’s a demonic-RAT disease.

    • Mark Denton

      Actually while Selleck is a big gun fan and NRA member, he calls himself an Independent that has “no time for religion.” Unfortunately for America, with all the low level conservative focus on “Gays, Guns and Theocracy” our REAL political issues, like manufacturing infrastructure and job base being outsourced overseas, gets ignored. Just a reminder as well, Mr. Reagan passed Gun Control legislation in the 60’s as Governor of California, with the support of the NRA. Ironic that it was because the California Black Panthers used their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to justify carrying rifles in the streets….Apparently when “those people” start carrying, the gun rights people get reasonable on legislation….

      The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill prohibiting the public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, the bill garnered national attention after the Black Panthers marched on the California Capitol to protest the bill. The bill was signed by Republican California Governor Ronald Reagan

      • Phil Davis

        After the election a man at a Santa Barbara gas station spoke with Reagan after he drove in for gas…the guy said “gee what a great pickup truck…do you have GPS in that thing?” Reagan replied “Well…..if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take your there!!!!”

    • HoosierDave

      Very true. His interview with Rosie is still one of my favorites. It is quite clear that Mr. Selleck is very educated on the Second Amendment Issue, whereas Rosie…. well, if you can’t say something nice about someone…. LOL

    • Patrick King

      Just because a person is a good artist does not make them a good human being. Somerset Maugham showed us that in Moon & Sixpence.

    • Marilyn

      I am a democrat and always have been. This does not mean I have not liked republicans or Independents that have run for office. There are a few thinks that liberals stand for that I am NOT in agreement with. So, I weigh the opponents beliefs in these cases and vote my heart. Problem is, most repubs never have enough ‘good ideas’ anymore. I miss the days of real conservatism. The good conservative are gone, but not forgotten by other good democrats.

    • kenpuck

      Plus he was the lead in one of the FUNNIEST movies ever made — “Mr. Baseball.” Has a gift for comedy!

  • ChaseSimms

    Some of these are pathetic reaches.

    • Daniel J

      like whom Mr. Simms? Bruce Willis has been known to be a Republican for years. Go back and watch so of his interviews on late night talk shows from the past few years, listen to his answers. I know its hard to think, but some people do think for themselves and can make their own choices.

      • Yokie

        They don’t have facts..it’s very wishy-washy. I don’t care about anyone’s politics, just facts would be appreciated.

  • Maynard

    So, are all the rest of those actors and actresses libs? Such a shame. All of that talent an no brains.

    • Donovan

      Please do elaborate as to how being a “lib” is an indicator of having no brains?

      I’m not really looking for anything substantial, if it makes it easier for you, just fishing for a little end-of-the-day entertainment. 🙂

      • Maynard

        The libs sold their votes in the last election for a free cell phone (guess who paid for the cell phones) which resulted in us having the same “Bully” for a president for the next 4 years. Dose that take brains?

        • More abject nonsense.

        • Wendy Fink

          There were FREE CELL PHONES? Why did no one tell me???

        • Larry Berry

          Actually the free phones and service was a program started under Reagan and extended to cell phones under Bush jr.

          Even beyond that though, your logic and reasoning is extremely faulty.
          “libs sold their votes in the last election for a free cell phone”

          So your reasoning is that Lib voters had to be bought (with cell phones) in order for them to vote lib?
          You are saying that Lib voters were going to vote for Romney but instead, because there were free cell phones, they decided to vote lib? The lib voters?
          They, the liberal voters, were going to vote conservative (if not for the free phones)?

          That kind of reasoning, does (not dose) it take brains?

          • kfletch87

            People are always going to vote for their best interest, it would be ridiculous to do otherwise. Not all Democrats receive state services, but those who do, you can be your ass they won’t vote Republican anytime soon. Why would you bite off the hand that feeds you?

            Same goes for Republicans,why would you vote for higher taxes and more government when it would financially harm you to do so?

            Those are just people who have physical stakes in elections, most of us have ideological stakes, such as small government, civil liberties, social liberties, etc.

            Regardless of all this, conservatives/Republicans would be smart not to use this example every again. Yes Obama expanded this program significantly. It was rather steady during the Clinton/Bush years, but expanded significantly under Obama. Bush expanded the program (Lifeline) to include cell phones, as naturally they have become cheaper and cheaper and land lines more and more rare. There were less than 7 million participants in 2008, there are nearly 14 million now. There were less than 4 million with Clinton took office. This is at a cost of about $2.50-$4/month on our phone bills. Not sure how much of their funding comes from taxes, but I think you can only get like $9.95/month in subsidies + a free phone now (I believe/this may have just been a promotion by the provider, and not built into the Lifeline system as they use vendors to sign people up).

          • Larry Berry

            Obama didn’t actually “expand” the program. Nothing about it changed under Obama. Any expansion would be based on more people qualifying. Qualification is based on being low income. (Give Reagan credit, he understood that even poor people needed access to emergency services, and contact numbers for their doctors and schools, jobs, etc. to contact them) So more “participants” is from more people being “low income”. Even if one wanted to blame that on Obama, it doesn’t fit with the “that’s why they voted for him” argument. Since (if one wanted to believe that) would mean they said “I want to be poor, so I’m voting for Obama, so I can be poor and get a free phone” or “Obama made me poor enough to qualify for a free phone, so I’m voting for him”.

            I don’t believe any of the funding comes from taxes. Like you say it’s a fee added onto the phone bills (since the 80s), though one could consider that fee a tax, just from that specific source rather than from income tax or something.

          • kfletch87

            I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean to suggest that people voted for Obama because “Obamaphones,” but rather that you should never expect low income voters who receive benefits from the government to ever vote against their best interest (receiving services). Nor should you expect the wealthiest to vote for a party that doesn’t believe they “pay their fair share.”

            The program did expand under Obama, by 7 million people. It was under 7 million when Bush left office, it grew by only 3 million while he was IN office. It expanded significantly under Obama, even if none of the qualifications changed. The program expanded, there is no other way to describe it when it increases two-fold.

          • Larry Berry

            I understood. That statement was going back to the original persons post that ‘the libs votes were bought with “obamaphones”, not meant towards you. Sorry for the confusion.

            I just mean that Obama didn’t “expand” it. More people are in it because more people qualify, because more people are now low income. Which some could say is because of Obama. However that’s a whole other point and much bigger than the phones.

            “People are always going to vote for their best interest”
            Exactly and that’s my point to the original “lib votes were bought with free phones” poster.
            The “Libs” were always going to vote for Obama, and the Conservatives were always going to vote for Romney. The libs or Dems didn’t need to be bought with free phones or anything from Obama, just like the cons Republicans didn’t need to be bought to vote from Romney.

            There are always the die hard libs/dems who will vote for the Dem candidate, and the die hard con/reps who will vote for the Rep candidate (It’s only a matter of who is chosen for the candidate from the primaries). Then the election is determined by the moderates and the independents. I believe that Romney’s biggest mistake was concentrating on getting the conservative/republican vote. The people who were guaranteed to vote for him, and would not be voting for Obama anyway.

            Again these points are more an argument against the previous “sold their votes for free phones” post and not yours (KFletch). I see what you mean.

          • kfletch87

            Sorry, I didn’t see the other posters comments, I tend to respond from the disqus dashboard.

            I agree that the election is usually won by coming towards the center. However, and I am strictly speaking of Republicans, and well Democrats should feel this way too. If it was about power and politics, moving to the center would be the appropriate thing. However, this is a war on ideas. If your ideas aren’t up to par, get out of the race. If you don’t have faith that your plan and your ideas are the RIGHT ones, get out of the race. I am so sick of Republicans trying to moderate their positions to be more appealing. F that. Say what you think, act on your beliefs. Don’t cower because you may piss off someone. If people don’t respect your ideas, they won’t vote for you. Why would you want people to vote for you who don’t support your ideas. That’s lying. It’s the very reason I am now a huge fan of Ted Cruz.

      • oiltrdr

        Someone born into the only country with controlled borders , that celebrates individual rights with a constitution that focuses on what the government can’t do to you with checks and balances,including a civilian right to bear military grade arms ,Bill of Rights, rule of law. that openly works as hard as they can in conjunction with others , to destroy that system in favor of a Marxist tyranny.

        • Of course, this is abject nonsense.

          • oiltrdr

            of course. nonsense.

        • rulie haveman

          HEAR HEAR !!!

        • David Brands

          Spoken like a true dittohead.

  • don3345

    Having voted R or backed a R candidate, or a D for that matter, doesn’t make you necessary a Party Member.

    • And that’s exactly the case with a few of the names that don’t see to fit the group – they backed a candidate, not a whole Party!

      • jackie1234

        Y A W N…..they have minds of their own…and they do back the party …watch some interviews sometime in the near future when you see them on

      • Tony Bo

        That’s not so within the GOP, you are not voting for an individual, you are voting for the policeis and agendas of the GOP, whether it’s on a national, state, local level. Repubs all think the same way and most are “authoritarians”. They are so loyal with the wishes of their GOP leaders, whether it goes against their own core values. They know it’s not right, but yet they are so compliant. I’ve said, if you’ve seen one repub, you’ve seen them all…

    • Jody Hurt


      • jackie1234

        sorry to say he is a proud Republican….MR. RAMBO

        • don3345

          Hes anti second amendment, like Jody says, hes a Kalifornia Rino. We do not want him.

          • Mark Bunch

            Does that just mean he is not a gun nut?

          • Will R

            It means he’s an “anti-gun nut.” You know what that means, right?

          • Marc Thomson

            he’s anti “gun-nuts?”

          • candymanal

            It means, that he’s a hypocrite.
            He made millions of dollars, using guns, that are illegal to own, in California..
            But, doesn’t want anyone, owning one, for protection.

          • Wilson Riley

            Dude, learn how to use commas!

          • ant

            readers have to, take, a breather, you know.

          • mridenhour

            No kidding. I’m with you on the punctuation. It’s very difficult to read what he’s trying so hard to say. Bet it’s not all that cogent.

          • queenbee9

            Maybe he thinks gun ownership or use like Rocky should exist as movie fantasy only and not used or depicted in real life.

          • TeaRunner

            Then he disagrees with the Constitution, which makes him a Progressive.

          • Travis Laningham

            lol or maybe he just doesnt give a damn about real people or real problems and hides behind his million dollar security system and points fingers … but he knows his ratings are better if hes a republican cause its us republicans that are neanderthals that like knuckle dragging violent movies….the fact hes republican and feels the way he does second amendment is clearly just a career move.. hes a democrat make no mistake…

          • Except himself of course…Just none for the peons

          • don3345

            To someone with your lack of intelligence, the short answer is yes.

          • Cristy C. Edwards

            What has intelligence to do with it? Frankly, I thought the pun was clever.

          • SwornToUpholdConstitution

            no… that means he can careless about the constitution and the millions of law abiding gun owners in this country. Another words, he is anti-american.

          • Will_I_am

            What exactly is a “gun nut”? So you MUST be an ignorant liberal if you think the Military having guns is just fine, and police having guns is great, but when someone wants to protect themselves they are a “nut”?

            I get it though, its what people do when they have no argument to stand on……you dont like guns, great….you worship the government, good for you.

            You think the govt can do no harm, only private people, super duper.

            Now PLEASE, for the love of God go live in China…..they are socialist like you and will take your guns away for you, and be happy to “protect” you from the big, bad terrorists!

            But don’t try to change what so many fought and died for….freedom. If you can’t handle it, there are plenty of countries willing to take it from you…..GO THERE!

          • GinaDee

            Probably. It’s a fad right now in the conservative bubble to be extremely pro-gun.

            Why? Well it makes them popular with the extreme right (Angry Old Tea Party types) and it gets them campaign donation money + immunity from the NRA.

            Conservatives who don’t support the NRA blindly are labeled as Rhinos or Liberals because in their vacuum it’s a bad thing to think ahead progressively.

            It’s all I hear right now. 2nd Amendment this 2nd Amendment that…. as if no other Amendment in the Constitution matters. If you don’t believe me check out the State of Georgia. They just passed a bill that lets people bring guns to churches, public spaces including schools.

            Again it’s a fad right now since the Anti ObamaCare wing is losing steam.

          • Either party is a party of more than one issue. I see no problem with an republican that opposes guns. That’s his choice…

          • wyomingnative

            Well I agree it’s not about any one issue, but republicans don’t like a lot of government involvement, especially when It comes to a constitutional right. I won’t say he isn’t a republican because that isn’t for me to say, but it’s hard to imagine anyone that appreciates the constitution and the rights of the citizen to be anti Second Amendment. I can understand other issues, such as abortion etc, being more up to take it or leave it as a Republican.

        • oaklanddog

          A proud Republican who doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment and supports gun control. NRA does not like a Rambo light.

        • candymanal

          But, not a conservative

        • Eric Heiss

          *Just wanted to type this whilst reading all the comments on guns; I am considered a Liberal/democrat. Again, that is what I am considered. Republican friends, family, enemies call me a “hippy liberal faggot democrat destroying Amurrica!” (b/c I refused to fall for the ‘cowboy up you pxssy’ b.s. and vote for genius boy bu$h jr. , I tell the truth about 9/11, & I proudly voted for Ron Paul). So w/that out of the way, I FULLY support, defend Americans rights to protect themselves with guns.

          • Joe Rogowski

            Buddy, you have some real projection issues.

          • Kelsey Curtis

            Hey Eric I supported Ron Paul Why,because he tells the truth,it’s really simple .Geo. Soros stated that achieve his (evil) goals all he needed was to control one party (Democrats) and 1/2 of the other party.(Republicans)

        • Axehandle

          Who cares what he thinks?

        • Harry_Wild

          2nd Amendment right – U.S. citizen has a right to be armed. Look at the years beginning with 1820 till the 1929. Guns were not question like it is now! You could buy a submachine gun out of many department store catalogs. Many people carried around derringers in NYC and Boston and Chicago. The death/murder/robbery tolls was lower based on population percentages then they are today. The Democrats don’t want to mention that in their attacks on guns. LOL!

      • THurst

        man jody. you really have some anger issues. everything you post is a negative rant. you sure you’re not a bitter old white man?

        • Joe Crowe

          Do you realize that in just a few words you showed agism, racism and sexism?

          • Smarter/richerthanU

            I believe I know your brother, Jim Crow!

          • YouWontLikeIt

            I believe he owned yours ….

          • Miriam Israel

            and that makes for being ohh so proud to named or be remembered as a slave owner

          • pete14789

            no racist ever thinks hes a racist

          • jharry

            Yeah, right. Those guys running around in white capes don’t think they themselves are racists? The Aryan Brotherhood doesn’t think they themselves are racists? What planet are you from? Please don’t vote.

          • Will_I_am

            You mean like Senator Byrd? He is an avid member of the KKK and Stormfront…..isn’t he a DEMOCRAT? Oh yeah, that’s right! Oh who did he receive the staunchest support from? Obama!

            OMG you liberals are all ignorant AND hypocrites!

          • Sdempsey

            I just thought I would point out that Senator Byrd is no longer with us. He passed away in 2010.

          • Sdempsey

            I feel I must point out that he is no longer with us. He passed away in 2010.

          • dale ruff

            And he received a perfect rating from the NAACP for this last 45 yrs as champion of civil rights for minorities.

          • dale ruff

            For his last 46 yrs, Senator Byrd renounced his youthful racism and earned 100% ratings from the NAACP, as he championed civil rights in Congress.

            Those who ignore his turnaround and redemption want to deny half a century of history.

            You are totally lying about history. Byrd renounced his earlier views, apologized a thousand times, and led the fight for minority rights for over 45 years.

            Byrd himself condemned his first 45 years of bigotry and then supported minority rights, with a 100% rating from the NAACP in the last half of his life. Those who deny this evolution are liars, seeking to stoke racial hatred, which is a common form of racism.

          • Giovanni Campanella

            What he means is that they think they are normal.

          • dale ruff

            They deny racism and say that stand for “white pride.”

            Contemporary racism has 2 stages: denial, then projection (“The real racists are the blacks, the black leaders, those calling out racism.”

            Modern racism says: I am not a racist! You are!

        • candymanal

          Calling him a “white man” in itself, is a racist comment.
          If you can’t, impress them, with intelligence. Baffle them with Bulls**t.

          • queenbee9

            FAIL….Calling anyone a race name is only racist if , one believes that another race is superior and strives to enforce that view through laws and edicts and media to push a superior race view over another. for “white” or calling someone “black” is to be racist the one saying it must also convey that they find the race they call out to be inferior in some way to the other races.

          • Steve Tanton

            Racism is anytime a conservative disagrees with a liberal, especially a liberal minority.

          • catamount

            Racism is only practiced by those with low intelligence!

          • mikeyboss

            Exactly. It’s also liberal-speak for “I can’t defend my position” so I’ll just lamely throw out the race card.

          • dale ruff

            So there is no such thing as racism? Dr. King was a racist?

            If a given law has the result of limiting minority voting, could we say it is de facto racist?
            Or is is racism simply to recognize racism?

            This seems to be the logic behind the common claim that the only real racists are the black leaders who fight for equality.

            Is fighting for equality racist?
            Are the 27 Democrats in Congress who are not “white” racists for belonging to the Black Caucus?

            Or is it all a case of denial and projection?

          • Eric Oriol

            Actually the word is not racism but hate.Hate exists every time a Republican opens his or her mouth to talk about the poor and disenfranchised.Hateful greedy bastards steal from the masses creating poverty and then find the arrogance to blame the poor for their situation.Nothing short of the plague should be reserved for a lying republican

          • hate hater

            and we have and example of a low level of intellect, thatnk you eric for the show and tell. is obama a racist because he has a low level of intellect too or is it that he has a low level of intellect and is therefore a racist? actually i think its because he was raised racist by his loser father and learned to be a bigot by exposure to his environment. what’s your excuse eric ?

          • spike376

            Never let it be said, however, that YOU Eric, ever hated Republicans.

            When YOU say ALL Republicans because they ARE Republicans are “hateful greedy bastards who steal from the masses creating poverty and then find the arrogance to blame the poor for their situation” you are talking “love” talk.

            And when you say “Nothing short of the plague should be reserved for Republicans” ONLY a Republican might think you want to kill all Republicans but you are really for “love and peace.”

          • disqus_FeiG1XeEy2

            Damn Straight!

          • nedclark

            Nope, Steve…racism is when anyone, of any race, thinks they are `better than’ anyone else merely due to the color of their skin, or the backgrounds of their ancestors.

          • So it’s not what you say but rather what you are thinking when you say it…Cool !…So…I think you better have some talks with some Judges…They need to make some changes..Again I say …Cool !

          • disqus_SYYZFs2pvM

            Out of curiosity, what would be a more accurate description?

          • SwornToUpholdConstitution

            Calling an ant an ant is a racist comment these days. Disagreeing with your neighbor is also extremely hateful.

          • dale ruff

            Not really. If this is your argument, you are ceding the point.

          • Rancito Barnes

            Queeny…you’re the failure. THurst clearly relates values and opinions he finds inferior to his own to an “old white man” and IS striving HERE in the media to promote his bigotry. Race, gender and age are uncontrollable factors utterly separate from values and opinions which are not. I dislike and disagree with Al Sharpton because generally his ideas and methods suck but I certainly don’t pigeonhole other older black men in with Sharpton’s negativity and race baiter ways. There’s no place in 21st century America for racial double standards and the soft bigotry of low expectation practiced by Democrats.

          • Steve Kutra

            Too bad racism is only one way, huh?

          • queenbee9

            Racism is not only one way and there are more than 2 races on the planet. Like I wrote, racism requires one race to feel superior to another and to enact laws and policies specifically to oppress or suppress another race–the verbiage of racism is just an outward manifestation of the inward attitude which is reinforced and legitimized by institutionalized racism.

            The idea that you think it only goes one way, means you either negate other races (ask Koreans about racism in Japan, or whites about racism in South Africa, or Maoris about racism in New Zealand or Aborigines about racism in Australia or Mongolians about racism in Tibet, or Guatamalans about racism in Mexico) or have never been outside of the US it most certainly goes in MANY ways —-travel a little and talk to other minority races in other countries

            –and you will see just how much racism can affect a minority and why your statement is rather self serving but not accurate.

          • 1lucy1

            Have you been living in Obamaland recently? Ever since the 50’s blacks have had laws created especially for them and them alone. With Obama and Holder in charge black racism is on steroids. The goal is to minimize, if not destroy, any semblance of Anglo culture in this country and has been sine the 70’s beginning with the elimination of standard English grammar( you had to settle for ebonics and dare not correct anything like spelling or punctuation).Now we’re asked to accept black violent behavior and nothing is to be done regarding discipline—BUNK! If you do the crime, do the time and stop caterwauling about being a victim when you’re the victimizer.

          • Dawn

            Stop blaming Obama for everything that goes on! NO ONE can destroy the white man’s power in the nation so please stop acting as if this Is or can ever happen. You are just upset that this one little piece of power, the presidency that has been held by white men for years means the end of the white man’s reign! It doesn’t so relax. And as far as ebonics goes its not considered a language so why would someone actually use this on anything important and not expect to be corrected? Your views are ignorant and wreak of fear of blacks with intelligence and any type of power.

          • Kelsey

            Ebonics, or the correct term, “African American English” is a language and is a large part of the African American culture in America. Fun fact for the day.

          • Kathleen

            Please stop posting hate an embarrassing yourself and white people, oh and while you’re at it will you also post some REAL facts to support your claims!

          • Tom LaBelle

            what laws were created for “blacks only”?

          • dale ruff

            Jim Crow laws………………..laws which penalize “blacks,” such as ending weekend voting, etc.

          • dale ruff

            The attack on white supremacy is racist? The fight for racial equality is racist?
            Laws intended to compensate for racist imbalance are racist?

            Whites are the victims of racism?

            Anglo culture? Is that in the Constitution?

            Ebonics is not a result of segregation but of seeking to destroy “white grammar?”

            With 40% of black mails in the criminal justice system in their lives, is it fair to say that black violence is ignored?

            The new racism: blame the victims.

          • queenbee9

            First part–being in or going to Obamaland has no bearing on what is racist and why. But to directly answer your question:

            No. Never been to Obama land and do not plan to ever go. I agree that the country is getting “dumbed down” and the language is deteriorating at an extraordinary rate–but I disagree that Obama did this. I seem to remember back in 2001 and after that many in the media began to adopt black slang as de rigeuer and had headlines in newspapers saying things like “they be slammin” to depict a win in a basketball game.

            Or “we be the baddest” all adaptations of black slang and their failure to correctly use the forms of “to be” . What you have here is the FACT of a dominant culture being hoisted on its own petard.

            By this, I would point to the tendency of the dominant culture to borrow and adapt any aspect of any other culture they admire or think is the “lasted trend or hype” This means everything from people wanting to learn to use chopsticks to wearing paisleys and nehru jackets (jackets with stand up or mandarin collars, to wanting to eat pita bread, and wear or use saris in furnishings or as clothing –we are a country of adaptation and mimicry.

            Here is the thing: in the 1980s rap music began to ascend along with the dominance of black males in most areas of sports from Ash in tennis, Woods in golf to the various blacks in basketball, track and baseball and football. The country slowly began to accept and project the idea that blacks dominated in athletics and music and even if the rest of black culture was denigrated, these traits were admired, emulated and SOUGHT AFTER.

            Enter the turn of the century–white females almost view dating a black male as a right of passage, hip hop is viewed as the ultimate in rebellious music (regular rock is almost establishment and rock has had to trend more and more severe in order to stay edgy) enter also punk and death rock and you basically have a CREATED trend towards being and acting black.

            How pervasive was this? Look at white women: before 1993, white women did not move their necks with attitude (a gesture of women of color for CENTURIES) whites did not dread their hair or want lush, big lips, or larger buttocks–all things emulating black and many latino women. Obama did not bring this in–media and modern culture brought it in.

            The rule is–what one secretly envies or admires, one tends to copy. so though many may want to lay that at Obama’s feet—not true. the trending and idolizing of music stars and popular icons created this condition and ultimately what makes it a bit startling is not that the young try to play rap music or act and speak like black culture but that MAINSTREAM for some reason, decided they wished to follow the trend of the young. Mainstream is not supposed to reflect youth culture but now more and more it does. Blame it on the Peter Pan syndrome of Hollywood and the fact that the baby boomers refuse to grow either up or old even though they ARE growing up and old and simply want to pretend that they are not.

            Now for the 50 laws for blacks. Never heard of that. Could you itemize at least 10? I try not to comment on things that I am not aware of but it would be interesting to see what laws Obama has enacted strictly for blacks. I know many blacks and very few seem to think Obama has done anything specifically for them …

          • CTOH

            Wow. Your racists colors are shining through like a beacon. Proud card-carrying member of the Tea Party, I’ll bet. AKA the new KKK. Just ask that dead family-murdering J.T. Ready.

          • Eric Oriol

            Very well put but probably very hard for a racist to accept.

          • Jeff Sheaffer

            Queeny How about Black Rappers calling other blacks niggas or women ho’s?

          • dale ruff

            Why else would anyone even bring attention to race if not for racist reasons?
            Scientifically, there is no such thing as biological race; race itself is a racist social construct, designed to facilitate slavery and other forms of racism.

            Calling someone a race name is racist because race itself is a racist concept.

            To talk about race in a historical context is not racism, since social constructs are part of history. African is not a race but an ethnicity. White is not a race but, at best, an ethnic group, historically shaped by racist concepts (such as white supremacy).

            The best option is to call people what they choose to be called, as a sign of respect.

          • Kiley-blair

            haha what are you talking about!!!! how is saying white man racist? obviously you dont know what racist is

          • Nathan Brazil

            This is not a specific reply of anyone in particular. Reading some of the comments reminded me of something Jonah Goldberg said in a speech, I heard a few years ago. I really liked the quote and i’m suprised I can recall it at the moment…

            “The best working definition of a ‘facist’ in American politics today, is simply a Conservative winning an argument.”

            I just thought it was perfect! I don’t know if he’s said it more that once, or what….I made a point of writing it down with an attempt to put it to memory. Because it speaks so perfectly to when a conservative disagrees with, or criticizes Obama on Policy, he’s immediatly attacked and labed a Racist or Bigot!

            And today I can actually remember the dang thing, and thought I’d post it. Most of the time I brain-fade on the quote, then can’t recall where I wrote ot down…

          • powderriver

            You ignore a couple of problems with your memorized quote.
            #1 — there are few true conservatives remaining anymore, and certainly they are not in control of today’s [R] party. Delusional drama queens are not true conservatives.
            #2 — for the purposes of argument, if we allow that your quote concerns those intellectual crickets, like the kind that chirp on this thread, who merely call themselves ‘conservative’, then your quoted definition is pure silliness, since no such pseudo- ‘conservative’ has ever been known to win an argument. They have neither the brain power to do so, nor the even the need, since they are strict followers of today’s rightwing ideology which is stubbornly based on emotional responses and not on a cogent analysis of empirical evidence impartially gathered from the real world.
            But you keep right on parroting your cute little quote. It says way more about the person who would chatter it, than about its intended targets.

          • d. smith

            powderriver!–w/out realizing it, you are criticizing your own bigoted-snobby self.

          • OC

            How the hell is calling someone a “white man” racist?

          • dale ruff

            If meant as a description of race, “white man” is racist in using a racist theory.
            If meant to describe ethnicity, it may be accurate, tho there are many “white” ethnicities” so it is also useless.

            If a criminal is identified in the media as “black,” that is racist unless it can be shown that the color of skin had something to do with the crime.

            Race is not science but ideology. There is only one race: the human race. There are thousands of skin colors, thousands of ethnic groups, thousands of hybrids.

          • spike376

            When someone calls a black person “black”, THAT is considered racist now. Why that is is a mystery to me.but it’s not racist to call a white person “white”.

            If the far left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

          • Eric Blaine

            This is interesting. The Blacks manage to censor the use of the word “thug” as it can be applied to the millions of Black Thugs rampaging across the cities of America. Now apparently the move is on to censor the mentioning that a Caucasian is in fact caucasian by DNA and not negroid. Which I guess disenfranchises the negroid DNA, or something. Anyway, it’s all from the past 20 years, period. Or probably the past 8. When will Caucasians wake up and look around and rebel against total insanity imposed upon them by less than 14% of the total population, and many of the 14% being ancients with dementia and l/4 children under 10. But anyway Whitey, you’re the one allowing it, so I guess that’s just a sad and crazy turn of history. And pretty much just simple facts. And of course an observation which will be classified as coming from the “KKK-ers” rather than a statement of current events and reality. Reality that has almost killed America and turned it into a wall to wall third world hell. Coming third world hell, for positive. jmho.

          • Kathleen

            You sound completely foolish, please don’t speak for or call upon white people.
            What an embarrassment!

          • dale ruff

            I missed the censorship law. Can you show me where to find it?

            Race is not a biological fact, according to geneticists. Who is your source for your “caucasian by DNA” claim? The professional organizations of geneticists and anthropologists have all declared that the concept of race (by DNA) is a fraud, a social construct designed to facilitate racism.

            Causcasians are a small ethnic group in the rugged mountains of Russia.

            You are carrying a lot of racist baggage. Study what the geneticists are saying, what anthropologists have discovered. RAce is a racist concept.

          • CTOH

            Third world hell, courtesy of republican politics for the 1% of the 1%. If you are NOT part of that elite group – you don’t matter to them, either. They are determined to make you as poor as the black man.

          • Mark Alden Lovell

            A racist is defined as a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another. A bigot is defined this way:
            A person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. Prejudice is defined as a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Many people are very quick to use a term that sounds good to them, but in actuality, they don’t know the true definition. Their desire is to launch an ad hominem attack. It becomes blatantly obvious where the lack of breeding, culture, and education are being cultivated.

          • Arrow Smith

            calling someone their color of skin is not racist. Look up the definition. White, Black, or other. Not racist just pointing it out that is all.

          • dale ruff

            Race is not a biological reality, according to geneticists and anthropologists; is is a social construct designed to facilitate racism and slavery.

            Color of skin? There are thousands of colors……………racist constructs of white/black/yellow is pure racism.

            If color of skin is race, there are tens of thousands of races, but scientists inform us that there is no such thing as biological race. It’s an ideological concept used to justify slavery and persecution.

            Behind the social construct that is racism lies the assumption of a hierarchy of races.
            This assumption is the backbone of racism and the concept of race.

          • Lisa Delaurenti

            Can you imagine if crackas walked around saying “HEY, BLACK BOY! You a bitter old black boy!

          • Eric Oriol

            He called him a white man from a mental stand point.He can not possible be a racist when all peoples belong to the same human race. For the amount of hate that Republicans carry around with them for blacks and latinos, a black man needs to be looked upon with suspicious eyes if he claims to be a republican.The same should apply also to a black woman.

        • Vic M

          Thurst, how is he a bitter old white man? Cus he says something you don’t agree with? Just what is negative about what he says? Because he supports the 2nd ammendment? Attack the issues, not the person.

          • The problem is…Most Liberals have run out of thinking power when it comes to rationalization or thoughtful discussion…realizing that they were making no sense and therefore were getting nowhere fast…Thus the only things left are personal attacks and intimidation…Nothing new last few years

          • Eric Oriol

            I am challenging you to a debate and we shall see which one of us run out of rational thoughts first.I guarantee you that you will be the first……

          • DB3

            No the problem, is that we’re so sick and tired at responding to brainwashed, one-minded, outrageous and ludicrous hypocrisy that we’re simply speechless. As Joe Biden once asked one such lady………. “Are you actually serious?” Yeah, it’s like that.

          • jammer22

            Kind of sounds like your party

          • powderriver

            Why thank you for your own thoughtful discussion points there, Sparky. Grab a dictionary and at least give a passing glance at the word H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T.
            But I do understand. Your gonads are still quite tender from twice having been smashed against the pavement in the last two presidential elections. That feral screeching was music to my ears.

          • Sammy Lane

            I attack both the issue and the person and LEAVE NO ONE ALIVE!!Ha!Just kidding.

          • Eric Oriol

            George Bush said that the constitution was nothing but a piece of paper when he needed to be free to violate it.I am sure you supported him as a so called conservative ( you are truly just a racist who hate everybody ).Why are you now trying to use the constitution because you need a gun to help you feel like a man?

        • Archalias

          I myself am a little confused that Stallone states to be Republican, but most of what I’ve heard him support or go against doesn’t agree with that. The major one being his stance on the Second Amendment. However, I also have an issue with that as it appears hypocritical to have such a hard stance against guns and violence, but make the movies that he makes. I do believe that if he (anyone) is that much against them, he (they) should stop making money off of them (it). – On the other side, I in general like what I know about the actors and don’t find him to be so offensive as to avoid seeing his movies. – – The rest of you: Race and personal issues wasn’t the idea of this post. ‘Bitter old white man’ may not have been racist, however name calling, cussing, and political chants are the quickest way to shadow your own argument. THurst manages to complain about something, but then do it themselves all in one breath.

          • catamount

            Maybe Stallone is getting wiser with age?

          • Mark Alden Lovell

            I believe Stallone is a fiscal conservative. He doesn’t enjoy the moochers voting in looters to steal from producers.

        • Snidely Whiplash

          THurst – are you a bitter young negro man?

        • SpaceCadet Williams

          hahaha that was epic, THurst!

        • Alan Branfman

          If it wasn’t for “bitter old white men” you’d be speaking German or Russian, friend. Cut the cliches and read a history book occasionally.

        • ibacommoner

          I am a bitter old white man. Only not very bitter. Do you hate old people? Do you hate bitter people? Do you, like the great Cambodian Progressive, Pol Pot, want to kill all of the old bitter people that wanted to keep their culture from falling apart. Are you just a hater?

      • catamount

        Good for Stallone!

      • Jerry Slater

        I didn’t know Stallone was there when it was written.

    • A_lawyer_who_knows

      Two words. Joe Biden.

      • danton5

        Sarah Palin. Your turn.

    • jackie1234

      oh come on….they are party members, I have seen each and every one of the people names and many more on TV saying they were members of the Republican Party…can’t stand people who actually know themselves, can you? At least they don’t vote on color of a person’s skin

      • don3345

        Reading comprehension not your thing? I never said these people were or were not Republicans. I said VOTING for someone or a party doesn’t MAKE you a member. Paying dues, and joining a party make you a member. I have voted for Republicans, independents, and once even a Democrat, and I am no member of any party. Last time they called looking for money I chewed them a new one for sacrificing Ken Cuccenelli for being a Tea Party guy, and picking such RINO losers for Presidential nominees.

      • Beamer Beamer

        You know more white people voted for McCain/Romney because Obama was black than black people voted for Obama.

        • DeLores Wright

          It is a documented fact that Romney won most votes. But the Electorial College gimmick kicked in and caused Mr. O’ to win. It has been shouted for years to rid us of that gimmick, so that each citizen’s vote will be heard and accounted for.

          • oaklanddog

            You are correct. And Gore won more of the popular vote but the Electoral College gimmick kicked in and caused Mr. B to win.

          • Monrocsol

            and America to loose and loose and loose and loose lives and money.

          • pamnbo1 .

            and we have lost more and more and more in the last five years . not to mention 4 lives in Benghazi.

          • Tony Bo

            Well rightie, what did you have to say when george weas supposedly at the helm, when 3000 lives were lost at 9/11. While that guy was in the Oval office6/14/02 US Consolate Pakistan 12 injured 51 killed…2/28/03Diplomatic compound Saudi Arabia 17 killed….6/30/04US Embassy Uzbekistan 2 killed….12/6/04US Consolete Pakistan 4 killed 1US Diplomat, US Consolate in Saudi Arabia 5 killed 17 injured……etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., There are many other cases, but you never hear the repubs say a word about it. They have nothing to talk about. We all know the GOPers are trying to make a scandal out of Benghazi, but they have no room to talk about anything….

          • Atomic Veteran

            I have to agree. Did anyone recall the fact that no one knew where the Prez was during Katrina? He was MIA. He should have been stung up for that alone. I believe the Benghazi issue was something about Republican’s not approving in the budget for the additional security that the Democrat’s had originally requested. As well as logically needing the extra support.

          • Atomic Veteran

            Check your facts and see if it wasn’t actually caused by a lack of funding in the Security Budget that the Democrat’s had asked the Republican’s to approve. I won’t say anymore and ruin the surprise. It will involve something unique to a lot of people on this site. You may know them as: Facts, Truth, and Proper Investigating. That Benghazi thing can’t be turned around to bite the Democrat’s. Oops! I better let you go, so you can find actual true information to post here. Why should I ruin the surprise?

          • richard king

            The lack of funding story was part of the big lie the democrats put our about Benghazi, along with the video causing an attack on the consulate with heavy weapons, the CIA puke Morrell lying about the CIA, Hilary lying about her obvious complicity, Leon Panetta lying about what he told Obama, and our president lying on TV, , before the UN in a speech, and lying ever since. Cover up, and for what, total incompetence, gross negligence, obstruction of justice, or worse?

          • danton5

            In 2002 the US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, was attacked and 10 were killed. In 2004 n the US embassy in Uzbekistan was attacked and two were
            killed and another nine injured. In 2004, the US Consulate in Saudi Arabia was stormed and
            8 lost their lives. In 2006, armed men attacked the US Embassy in Syria and
            one was murdered. In 2007 a grenade was thrown at the US Embassy in Athens.In 2008, the US Embassy in Serbia was set on fire.In 2008, bombings in the US Embassy in Yemen killed 10.
            Not to mention that terrorist attack in NYC in 2001. And all the Americans who died in Iraq for nothing.
            GWBUSH President 2001 — 2008.

          • Outlawyer45

            You can always spot the true believer Democrats. They can’t spell “lose.”
            They’re loosers.

          • Atomic Veteran

            Now that’s just a fine specimen of a screen name. Were you ‘outed’ as a Lawyer, or were you Out Lawyered in court somewhere? If you correct spelling online, you will have very busy days ahead of you, sir. Good luck with the mid-terms! I am a lawyer. One of my kids is an attorney also. Quick! Run spell check.

          • danton5

            And you have someone who believes that Romney won the popular vote in 2012. That’s sure a believer, but not in anything remotely related to “true”.

          • Tony Bo

            How ironic the entire elction was determined in brother Jebs state.

          • Tony Banke

            learn to spell

          • Susan Marchi

            Get a life!!

          • Atomic Veteran

            It seems that it really not the fault of Floridian’s per-se. They were just never taught how to count.

          • dcordell

            Actually, the word you are really looking for is FRAUD.

          • richard king

            The dems tried to steal the election in Florida by trying to recount the votes again and again until they got the result they wanted. The Supreme Court had to put a stop to this chicanery.

          • Atomic Veteran

            Right On, oaklanddog!

          • danton5

            Obama beat Romney by 5 million in the popular vote. What planet do you live on?

          • katrina

            No, Jeb helped his bro steal the election in 2000. It’s common knowledge. If your GOP, that’s what really happened. They threw out thousand of ballots in Florida. Just think if they were honest, we wouldn’t be left with all of W’s war crap, Cheney’s thievery of the Pentagon and 9/11 to cover it up. Talk about all out evil. They are and should be in a prison in Iraq or detained in Cuba.

          • pense

            This happened, but Al did also win the popular vote. Florida would not have mattered had it not been for the electoral college. In other countries, with real democracy, and a one person, one vote policy, Gore would have won. And don’t forget that the SCOTUS also interfered. We must not forget how our rights were trampled that year.

          • cholly8524

            No, he was appointed by the Supreme Court. He was never elected as POTUS. Never.

          • Marc Thomson

            Romney’s win may be documented somewhere, but that is a lie. The final popular vote totals were 65,899,660 for Obama-Biden (51.1%) and 60,932,152 (47.2%) for Romney-Ryan.

          • Tony Bo

            Just goes to show you, when repubs make a claim, the exact opposite of what they say is the truth…..

          • richard king

            Yes, but how about “lie a day” Obama, or Harry Reid with his whoppers from the senate floor, or Eric Holder unable to make a complete sentence without lying, or the other democrat thugs corrupting the country.

          • JAYRON1

            I envision the entire world laughing at the stupid Americans for reelecting the flim flam man that calls himself Barack Obama.And yes,race was the main factor that pushed Obama across the finish line.Denial is the word of today.Racism by black people,while projecting a fondness for freebies.Buying,lieing,and stealing votes have become the norm for Democrats.

          • DK Novels

            Have you looked up the definition of racism lately? Obviously not, because you would realize how stupid you sound. When black people vote for a black president they’re racist? When white people vote for a white president, are they racist too? Please educate yourself…you’re sounding like an ignorant racist.

          • DK Novels

            Yeah…like no republicans lie…cheat–with same and opposite sex, are racist, steal money….geesh. Only the Democrats have issues….*insert extreme sarcasm*. You are very special for using the ‘thug’ term as well. lolol Short bus special.

          • sockbunny08

            Thanks for the numbers.

          • THurst

            no delores. that is not even remotely true

          • Joe Crowe

            I think Obama actually win more popular votes as well against Romney. The electoral ‘gimmick’ only made it appear that Obama won more overwhelming support than he actually did.

            Anybody wanting to get rid of the Electoral College system to aid in each citizen’s vote being accounted for may not fully understand the system. If we were to go to a strictly popular vote, only the larger states would be accounted for. Politicians would likely enact policies and run on platforms that favor the wants and desires of citizens of the more populated states. To make matters worse – and this is important – without the electoral system you will have platforms based on identity politics… minorities will likely suffer most grievously as their voices will no longer really matter to politicians who only need to appeal to populism. Instead of a republic, we would have something more like a mob. That’s not to say it would necessarily fail: the majority would have to be relied upon to always take the high road and not oppress minorities; but in politics, it is better to err on the side of caution. For this reason, I still support the electoral college.

          • Tony Bo

            Come on’, who are you trying to kid???? What is “truthfully” documented is the fact that Romney lost the popular vote by the millions…you must confused with the Gore/bush election, whereas Al Gore WINS the popular vote, and somehow with the electoral college, George wins the elction. How ironic it all came down to the state of Florida, where I’ve heard people say brother Jeb worked his magical tricks. That was probably thee most corrupt win I’ve ever seen..Yeah, and you repubs are so concerned with each vote heard and accounted for/ yeah right…with all the voter suppresision I see coming from the Right, how can you possibly say that…sounds like another hypocricy…

          • Eric Heiss

            DeLores, I am NOT calling you a “liar”, but I am anxious to see this documented fact that Romney won most (of the) votes. I agree the E-college b.s. must end, but I have never ever seen or heard anything that mentions mitt Romney of all people coming anywhere close to even tying Obama, unless it was a …. fox new$ /Rupert Murdoch/bain type of outlet.

          • danton5

            She believes that and that makes her delusional or just plain ignorant.

          • DK Novels

            She was dreaming…or having a backyard convo and remembers that as the truth. Everyone in her tp voted for him so all of America must have as well!

          • danton5

            In your dreams, maybe. Obama got 65, 915, 796 votes. Romney 60,933,500. But I agree with you about getting rid of the electoral college. If we had done that before the 2000 election, Gore would have won, and we wouldn’t have had the Shrub for eight years.

          • Susan Marchi

            The Electoral College gimmick kicked in and caused Georgie Porgie to beat Al Gore.

        • oaklanddog

          Really, give their names.

        • steamboat

          BS – guilty PC whites and indoctrinated college children voting for Obummer put him over the edge. Blacks make up only about 12% of the population. I have a serious problem with American blacks. They voted 97% and 92% for Ob*ma in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Don’t tell me that they aren’t racist.

          • cindy b

            You have a serious problem with American blacks is because your a racist..

          • Liberal_Michigan_Fan

            You go girl! Tell them right-wing nut jobs!

          • cmag1971

            lol…said the voice of objectivity…not.

          • Elba Saravia

            Liberal Michigan is all broke, because is run by good for nothing except raise taxes, LOOT demonic-RATS.

          • Atomic Veteran

            How many times are you going to repeat yourself? You have been doing that for months. Every Post is a Re-Peat! You must really be an angry soul. I feel sorry for individuals such as yourself. O.K., we all get the picture about how you feel. Now let others voice their disdain.

          • Bruce

            No, Michigan is broke because little bush and the neocons destroyed our economy and nearly made GM and Chrysler vanish. Repubs will destroy all union jobs no matter the economic consequences. The US post office is another example of the union busting GOP.

          • Elba Saravia

            Is humorous when a racist accuses others of it, to you dear racist cindy

          • Arthur D Leigh

            So you agree that all the black people that voted for Obama are racist, too? You ELBA are in serious denial! That is very typical of America conservatives.

          • jstanch

            That and their English grammar sucks.

          • Mr. Minority

            It’s called a dialect. We understand it just fine. And we talk the way we do so you (mainly police) cant understand us. & Yes, it’s on purpose. We never cared to adopt the customs of our oppressors. No displaced culture would.

          • John D.

            Um, I think Jstanch was talking about Elba Saravia’s comments. I’ve read Elba’s posts three or four times each and I can still barely make sense of them.

          • Cristy C. Edwards

            Sorry, Mr. Minority. Slavery is long past. Civil rights is for all people, not just blacks. How about start living for today’s world rather wallowing in the past? Don’t blame me for something that happened 150 years ago…

          • SwornToUpholdConstitution

            no he has serious problem with them because they voted for Obama simply because he was black. There is NO arguing that.

          • walter

            What % of blacks voted for the other 43 white presidents?

          • Tony Bo

            Well, with all the disdain shwon towards minorities, in particular Blacks and Latinos, it’s not hard to understand why 80%+ of registered latinos and 90%+ of registered Black voters voted against those repubs…..

          • richard king

            Facts wrong, latino number overstated. What disdain is that?

          • TIM DAVIS


          • Jose Contle

            Disdain-Mister Davis. I do not know, you do not know, they do not know, we do not know. So, let us consult the dictionary !

          • TIM DAVIS

            I STAND CORRECTED.

          • sparky

            Don’t lump Latinos into the mix. My in laws are Hispanic CITIZENS and state the only good thing about illegals have all but run blacks out of NE KCMO. Plus I believe it was Maxine Waters who was whining regarding the Latinos & Koreans in LA were attempting to eradicate the blacks in many areas.

          • Kelsey

            Oh come on, jump on the Republican band wagon! If you are a minority, you can just work hard enough and be wealthy like everyone else!

          • queenbee9

            LOL Right. IN years when often a black like Shirley Chisolm or Dick Gregory was running also but the blacks still voted for the white person.

          • Kimberly Benne

            More likely, they just didn’t vote. People don’t vote when they feel like it’s pointless.

          • cholly8524

            The same that voted for Obama. The question is how many whites voted. Try all of them.

          • KK

            I voted for Obama both times. I saw him as the better choice, bottom line. I am proud that he is president of our country. What embarrasses me, is how he is treated by congress and a lot of the paranoid freaks we call citizens.

          • Kelsey

            Its completely embarrassing. The nation voted him in, it’s as simple as that, yet people enjoy saying “He’s not my president.” Oh, I’m sorry, do you live somewhere else?

          • Ferrante Eric Fotografie

            There have only be 42 White men that were President. Grover Cleveland was 22nd President and 24th President. Also Blacks couldn’t vote for many of the 42 White Presidents or their opponents because democracy only applied to White males for most of the time the country has existed.

          • Nick H.

            Blacks could and did vote in many northern states prior to the 14th amendment. The major requirement being the ownership of land until the 1840s. However by the civil war any male resident of New York could vote if they were over 21 years of age. This was true in other state as well. It is women, not minorities, that were unable to vote until 1920 with the passage of the 19th amendment.

          • MountainMan

            Actually in several of the founding colonies blacks had the vote pretty much from day one. The colonies were definitely not all cut from the same mold. The slavery issue along with black voting rights caused a lot of hand wringing for the founding fathers and many of them thought it would come back to haunt the country later. New York had a Gov. named Edward Hyde. His official portrait has him wearing “unusual clothes for a man”. Our country’s history is way more colorful than you seem to realize.

          • Likely they stayed home

          • Will_I_am

            What difference does it make?

          • Ralph Debnam

            The GOP tried to stop them from voting Remember!

          • sparky

            Just proves steamboat’s point.

          • Bob Smyth

            No one is that ignorant.

          • queenbee9

            They aren’t racist. Do you have any idea how often a black has ran for President and NOT gotten the support of other blacks? Dick Gregory, Al Sharpton, Shirley Chisolm, Barbara Jordan, Alan Keyes, Herman whats his name, Jesse Jackson, among others have ALL run for office and in many years the blacks voted for a white person. Racism is not the fact of voting for a person who happens to be the same color as you are (whites do it all the time) it is being accused of color or race being the ONLY reason a person voted a certain way. Maybe they voted the way they did because the candidate was a Democratic man and they wanted both a male in office and a Democrat which means that Republicans won’t EVER win with that mindset and women would not either. Or maybe they just like Democrats which means the same–it may not have anything to do with color–if you really think it does then when other blacks are running for President and whites do not vote for them is it also racist

          • richard king

            The numbers don’t lie. If 95% of blacks vote for Obama in 2008, and the same in 2012 when black unemployment increased substantially, looks like racism to me.

          • Mr. Minority

            Well then why didn’t we vote for Jesse Jackson??

          • R Young

            Exactly. I would not vote for Jesse Jackson for dogcatcher. This is why the Republicans have won the popular vote only once in the last six Presidential elections. Democrats vote for intellectual,articulate people who have found success by their own efforts.(Clinton,Obama) Republicans vote for anyone white.

          • Kelsey

            It’s still the “Good Ol’ Boys” club, why vote for someone that isn’t going to further your own interests?

          • Gary Addcox

            Because even the most mush-headed Whites aren’t quite THAT lost ! However, Jesse and Barry have the same “qualifications”, and that is scary !

          • Dirk D

            that’s apple and oranges. makes no sense.

            so if 95% of Catholics voted for Kennedy but the death rate of Catholics went up???? then what???? exactly, NOTHING.

            I am not calling anyone a racist, but this whole reverse racism argument usually comes from mostly racists.

          • Mike

            I voted for Obama in 08 and again in 12. Does that somehow make me a racist? I must be missing some key point of your argument.

          • Cristy C. Edwards

            Did you realize that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered Republican? So is James Earl Jones and LL Cool J.

          • R Young

            Exactly. The problem with being a racist is you assume everyone else is working from the same ignorant perspective. Barack Obama won 93% of the Black vote. John Kerry won 90% when he ran for President. African-Americans overwhelmingly vote for the party that does not make heroes of confederate generals and klan members.

          • Gary Addcox

            You named two people who would have made great Presidents, both being black, and, in my opinion, both MUCH more qualified than any of the others listed, PERIOD. Gee, that sounds familiar. They are Alan Keyes and old what’s his name, Herman Cain. Oh, by the way, I be White, as White as dey cum. Oh yeah, White ! ! Here is another person who makes black militant-types quake in their Michael Jordans’, and he is Allen West, another man I would vote for in a heartbeat. Any of the above three Could win an election without a single black vote. That would be beautiful ! Racist ? I think NOT.

          • EnlightenOne

            Because they aren’t dumb enough to vote against their interests just because he is a black man!

          • llovejim

            i have a serious problem with you. obummer? how old are you, sports shoes?

          • MrRibbert

            If we had 43 straight black presidents and we finally got a white one, wouldn’t you have voted for him?

          • pinstripes7

            Not necessarily. If you voted for him just because of his skin color, it would be racially motivated.

          • Will_I_am

            IF conservatives like myself believed that the country was being run correctly then sure, I would vote for a guy just because he’s white like me…..but what if he’s Russian decent? Or Polish? Or Irish? Aren’t they all white?

            But I digress….the economy is crap, foreign policy is crap, we are constantly at war that the past 2 presidents have started, the tax code is crap, we incarcerate more of our own people than any other country, so NO, sorry to burst your bubble….

            REAL CONSERVATIVES will vote based on the persons agenda and voting record.

          • cholly8524

            So no whites voted for Obama? Now that’s news. Stop lying you racist troglodyte.

          • Arthur D Leigh

            So with that logic one has to vote for the opposite color they happen to be? You have some serious racist problems sir!

          • Mr. Minority

            They aren’t racist. They believe republicans are. So they vote Democrat NO MATTER WHO RUNS. & 1st Black president, of course you got 97%. But it’s clear that you wish the people you despise would vote the way you want them to… get over it. You lost one. You’ll get it back.

          • Mr. Minority

            We are told as CHILDREN that we are CHRISTIANS and DEMOCRATS. We grow up with these beliefs. We blindly vote democrat just like we blindly praise the lord. We don’t ask questions because the people who raised the people who raised us were told not to question authority. Are you mad that we don’t throw away our belief systems to help you achieve your personal political agendas????

          • Dirk D

            wow!!! I think you had problems w/ “American blacks” lllooonnnnggggg before Obama. (closest racist)

          • John D.

            “I have a serious problem with American blacks.”

            You do realize that that right there is pretty much a pure distillation of bigotry, yes?

          • Delphi Programmer

            Sorry, but calling college students “children” is one of the reasons we have a problem in our society. People attend college from 18 to, in some cases, 30. If you’re not an adult when you’re 30 then when do you become one?

          • LiberalBobinChippewa

            And a majority of whites voted for Romney? I guess they voted for him, just like McCain because he is white?

          • ant

            truth– college students thought it was cool to have a black president. literally based it on his color.

          • mridenhour

            Try this one on for size: The states with the highest per capital of college educated and post graduate degree citizens voted for Obama. Should we say that smart people are more likely to vote for Obama than McCain or Romney?

          • Mike

            They are not racist, they are just Democrats, voting for their party candidate. Nothing racist, nothing sinister. Most Blacks are Democrats. They vote for their party. Is that too hard to figure out?

          • I am just saying

            Blacks always voted democratic what was the percentage that voted for Clinton was that racist…

        • Will

          There’s about 180,000,000 more white people in the USA than African Americans so that is the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard.

          • llovejim

            the only reason i could see for anybody to vote for romney was because they wanted to vote for the white guy. is there any issue he did not lie about, or flip flop on from where he was as governor of massachusetts?

        • candymanal

          Nothing like, playing the race card.
          During an intelligent argument. When one finds himself losing, they always play, the race card, the sexist card, the homophobe card, etc.
          This is because, there is usually, no factual evidence, to support their claim.
          But, then again, there is always the intelligence issue to consider, first off.
          BTW, 81% of black people interviewed, said they voted for Obama, BECAUSE he was black. Are they racist? After all, it was skin color, that formulated, their vote

          • queenbee9

            81% of those interviewed does not account for the vote or opinions of the other over 42 million blacks.

          • danton5

            Where did you get that? And do you really believe the same people would have voted for Herman Cain just because he is black? Those 81% also agree with the principles of the democratic party. They didn’t vote for Obama just because he was black, any more than YOU voted against him and oppose his policies just because he is black, right?

          • Ferrante Eric Fotografie

            How many Black people were interviewed ? Link please. Nearly the same percentage of Black people voted for Obama as they did for Kerry and Gore. You actually believe if someone White had run against Romney (Not Hillary Clinton) that a good number of Blacks would have voted for Romney ( a Mormon ) ? Most Black are Democrats and will be for years to come. I bet you can’t find a credible link to your 81% comment. PEACE

        • pete14789

          and black people didn’t vote for Obama because he was black but because he was democrat

        • richard king

          Whites voted for Obama in huge numbers, or he would not have been elected. Almost all blacks voted for Obama. Don’t see white racism here,

        • Attm Motob

          92% of blacks voted for 0, 45% of whites voted for Romney

        • SwornToUpholdConstitution

          you do realize that 93%, yes 93% of the black voters voted for obama? This is a FACT. That’s more than Saddam got.

        • John Dunn

          Beamer, show proof of this!! I didn’t vote for Obama because of his policies and lack of leadership. His skin color had nothing to do with my decision. I wouldn’t care if he was white, green, purple, or neon orange. I do not like the man and am very sick and tired of being called a racist because I didn’t vote for him.

        • Will_I_am

          Did any welfare recipients vote for McCain Romney? How about illegals? Nope, and nope. Why? Because they were promised MORE big government, MORE debt, MORE welfare!

        • Cheryl-Ann

          You’ve got to be kidding if you believe that dribble… just because you did not like his politics doesn’t make you a racist.. And he would NEVER have been elected without the young, college white vote… they believed in change for change’s sake . In short..they were naive

        • personalresponsibility13

          Prove it.

        • Vixen27

          Does that include all the dead people who voted for him?

        • William Dwyer

          Nonsense! Blacks who supported Obama did so only on the basis of race. PERIOD. Most of those who did have zero understanding or reality.

        • Gary Addcox

          Well, there are quite a few more whites in America than blacks, just not enough who keep informed about politics. A junior “senator” from Ill. whose credentials include community organizer, social activist among other questionable titles. A good speaker does not a good President make, but we are all painfully aware of this FACT, much to the country’s disgust. Remove all the smoke and mirrors, lies(“That is not what he meant”), aiding and abetting from mush-headed Whites, and you have what can be considered an enemy of the State. The comment below from “steamboat” tells the sad truth.

        • mikeyboss

          That’s a load of crap. Under Obama, there has been RECORD UNEMPLOYMENT and RECORD POVERTY in BOTH THE BLACK & HISPANIC COMMUNITY, and yet even as it was apparent after Obama’s 1st term the guy was an incompetent, 93% of blacks voted for Obama for his 2nd term.

          Moreover, 4 million fewer voters voted for Romney than they did McCain, during Romney’s 2nd go-around.

      • Will_I_am

        LIAR! Vince Vaughn NEVER ONCE referred to himself as republican….he’s actually intelligent…he is a LIBERTARIAN!

        You are just vested in your little team and hate anyone associated with republicans….thanks to the BS media and sheeple like you who actually believe it!

      • don3345

        I NEVER SAID anyone of these particular folks are or are not Party members, jackie. I do not know the allegiance or voting record of them personally, or even care much. I stated, voting for a party and being a registered, due paying member are two different things.

    • R.Myr

      And being a “party member” does not necessarily make you a conservative.

      • TeaRunner

        Nope, plenty of progressives in the Republican party. John Boehner tops the list, McCain and Lindsey Graham right behind him.

        • BrooklynChickLovesLiberty

          Followed by the entire Bush clan.

        • HenryC

          Actually, Graham has a pretty conservative voting record. His problem is he believes the President should have the right to appoint who he want to executive positions and judgeships. He is not a RINO in the legislative aspect of his job, though he has never seen a military spending bill he hasn’t liked.

        • ibacommoner

          They are liberal Republicans not Progressives. Liberal Republicans do not respect the constitution, and they are big government types. Generally Liberal Republicans are identical to Liberal Democrats. Progressives morphed from the European governmental forms: Socialism, Communism, Naziism. Their vision is now the governing vision of the Democratic Party. Liberal Democrats have just hung on because they don’t see a place to run to, or they have the one issue blues such as pro abortion, or anti-gun.

        • nedclark

          I am a defiant “Progressive”. The losers you name aren’t `progressives’ – they’re just plain losers.

          • disqus_FeiG1XeEy2

            Damn Straight!

      • I agree. I am married to one. However, a great many who run for office are.

    • thesparky1

      I took the online test a couple years to tell what you really were. It said I was more of a Democrat than Obama. That was staggering but I can see it. I vote R but I also vote D for the right person. I also don’t believe in the death penalty. But I’m against late term abortions (partial birth). Democrats are fast to defend abortions where the baby is crying as the body hangs out the mother’s body and a drill scrambles the baby’s brains. That’s what makes Democrats killable.

      • Susan Marchi

        I am a Democrat and I believe in the death penalty, but I am against late term abortions. Not all Democrats believe in that….just like some Republicans do.

    • Steve Tanton

      Sorry to disappoint you don3345, but in Illinois, you are how you vote – vote for the ticket R, they list you that way in the future; same for D…but maybe if ya mix it up, you confuse ’em so much they don’t really know? But probably you’re listed as how you voted for Prez.

      • don3345

        Listing someone by what they last voted for still does not make you a PARTY member. A Party member pays party dues, filled out an application, and has a membership card. Sorry to burst your bubble.
        Last I checked, there were 49 other states, than Illinois as well.

  • Paul Williamson

    These are Republicans that I might not have known were “actors”. Stallone? Willis? Jacklyn Smith?

  • John Mundy

    So many bloaty alcohol faces on this list, starting with Vince Vaughn. Are you sure the “R” doesn’t stand for rehab?

  • ficklefingeroffate

    Mostly B Listers.Vaughn Sandler and The Rock not all that impressive.Caan and Duvall are fossils.

    • Adrienne Judycki

      the rock made 45 million last year and came in top 25 highest paid actors of 2013, but yea i guess you can go ahead and call him a b list star.

      • ficklefingeroffate

        Movies The Rock make alot money but only coz the crowds flock to action pics.Same for Ahhhhrnold,Segal,Stallone and to a lesser degree Bruce Willis. but lousy acting is less noticeable with explosions and other distractions

      • kfletch87

        B List Actor his more like it, his movies make money, but he is a terrible actor! I like the guy though!

  • bukoo

    As quiet as it’s kept and what many don’t know is….both parties are controlled by the same people.

    • Larry Berry

      The Cigarette Smoking Man. Shhhh.

  • Some of these are well-known. Others appear to be based on innuendo or flimsy links.

    • Larry Berry

      Yeah, I don’t care what a celebrities politics are, but this does remind me of another article I saw called “Celebrities who are proud to be republicans”. Over half of them said “He says he’s an independent” or “He won’t say he’s republican but…..” Which doesn’t sound like they are out and proud about it.

  • pointdan

    The democrat party is now a leftist marxist haven. There are no moderate dems – only left wing fanatics.
    Actors make good money . . and Barack wants to redistribute it . . . .
    Go TEA Party !

    • doctor_robot

      that’s not true. hell… obama is a right leaning moderate. dems and republicans keep moving to the right… so much so, that dems look like the republicans of old. leftist marxist haven? get real and take your meds.

      • kfletch87

        Did you seriously just describe Obama as a right leaning moderate? Come on man. If you believe Obama is doing well, than build the case for it, don’t spout ridiculous claims such as Obama is a anywhere near a centrist.

        • Bob Mohler

          The Center. Can you read? Center and what the US people Voted for. You can Spew all of the Obama Hate rhetoric you want. Did you understand the Doctor and David comments or are you that illiterate? Your party got 2nd place. You Lost. No matter how you try to Spin it, you lost. Quit listening to the Insanity & Lipoff network. Your party contrary to what they tell you is irrelevant. As Lipoff said about Doukaukis, call him the Loser. He lost and he is a Loser. That is now you and Lipoff, The Loser’s…!

        • kfletch87


          Is that supposed to get me riled up? lol.

          Contrary to your
          delusional theory of the current political landscape, our party is not
          “irrelevant.” If we were “irrelevant” Obama wouldn’t be suffering in
          the approval polls, despite the recent uptick.

          I understood quite well what Doctor was saying, I don’t know who “David” is.

          What they voted for and what they got are not mutually exclusive.

          I love overly confident condescending Democrats. Call me in November! We’ll send a postcard in 2016.

    • David Brands

      Yeah, well I guess that makes me a “leftist Marxist” (redundant, I know) who served his country during Vietnam. Your welcome.

  • Benz981

    You cannot be/vote Republican and “support marriage equality.” That’s impossible… the OFFICIAL party platform is that gays are second-class citizens, and as a party, they fight to discriminate against gay people. So as a Republican you may “personally believe” in equality for LGBT people…. what you actually “support” is discrimination, via your vote. Sorry, ya can’t have it both ways.

    • kfletch87

      LOL, what a moronic statement. Actually we can have it both ways, just like Democrats have it both ways. You don’t have to agree with every single issue to consider yourself a Democrat or Republican. Each issue is different for everyone. I vote Republican, while I don’t support gay marriage, I support the government getting out of marriage altogether and letting anyone sign up for a union certificate. Let the church marry you.

      But that doesn’t serve your purpose of vilifying anyone who disagrees with you. You aren’t being treated as a second class citizen. Marriage has traditionally been between a man and a woman. What you are asking is for the nation to change that definition so that you can be included. You are excluded not because you are a second class citizen, but because that isn’t what traditional marriage has been defined as.

      No, Republicans don’t fight to discriminate anyone. Same tired old accusations liberals have been spouting for years. Remember, it was a Democrat in the WH who signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

      • rusken

        “No, Republicans don’t fight to discriminate anyone.” Have you seen the recent news out of the State of Kansas? They are trying pass legislation that will make it legal to discriminate against gay people.
        BTW, just because something is “traditional” doesn’t make it legal. Reference court rulings from the last few months.

        • kfletch87

          1) They withdrew the bill
          2) It was intended to protect religious minorities who have deeply held religious beliefs that homosexuality is immoral, and marriage is a religious sacrament that should be protected
          3) Not all Republicans/Democrats agree with gay marriage, members of both sides of the aisle are for/against gay marriage
          4) Pointing out one bill as an example of systematic discrimination is ridiculous, there are numerous examples of discrimination by the Democrats, but because it isn’t in their “protected class” it doesn’t count apparently.
          5) Republicans do not seek discrimination. We fight for equal laws, not laws that favor one party or another, i.e. it is unfair to give any party of people a distinct advantage over another, even if they have been historically targeted. Fight the discrimination when it occurs, don’t assume that discrimination has already taken place, that puts minorities in a victim mentality and stunts their potential.

          • rusken

            1) They didn’t withdraw the bill. The Kansas House PASSED the legislation. The Kansas Senate did not pass the legislation.

            3) It doesn’t matter who believes or doesn’t believe in gay marriage, laws against it are discriminating and unconstitutional.

            4) Please cite any of your numerous examples.

            5) Are you kidding? “i.e. it is unfair to give any party of people a distinct advantage over another”…Laws that are anti-gay give a distinct advantage to straight people.

          • kfletch87

            1) If I said they withdrew, I misspoke, the Senate (Republican too) has said it will kill in its current form.

            2) Did you mean to skip 2? 😛

            3) Actually it does, because we also have something known as religious freedom, and if there is a deeply held religious belief, they are exempted from certain laws, e.g jury duty, immunizations, etc., gay marriage bans have not been found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court yet, until then, restricting marriage is entirely legal.

            4) I did, see #5. as a general overview of how Democrats policies are systematically discriminatory. When one party is given unequal treatment over another party, it is discrimination, notice how Democrats constantly are seeking exemptions and laws that pertain to certain minorities and not on the whole population? Discrimination.

            5) Anti-gay laws are discriminatory and unconstitutional and have been overturned in any state that I know of that still has them on the books (although I believe sodomy is technically still illegal in Texas). Anti-gay is ENTIRELY separate from anti-gay marriage. Marriage, by those who oppose it on religious matters, is a religious sacrament and is defined both by religious and traditional common law as between a man and a woman. Granting homosexuals the right to marry, in the eyes of many, would be redefining marriage, and therefore discriminatory against straights. You may not like that answer, but this is how some feel. Personally, I believe the government should be out of the marriage business altogether, civil union benefits certificates should be granted to anyone who wants to marry (regardless of sexual orientation), and churches should “marry.”
            No rational person would ever claim that anti-gay laws are not discriminatory, they are by definition such, but anti-gay marriage, again, is not the same as anti-gay.

          • rusken

            2+3) Then I guess you would have no problem with a Islamic community imposing Sharia Law in the name of religious freedom or do your beliefs only apply to “Christians”? Our laws should reflect no religious preference.
            4) I’m not asking for a general overview, I’m looking for specifics.
            5) That law in Kansas would have been strictly anti-gay, but if you look at recent court rulings, the anti-gay marriage laws are also being found to be discriminatory and unconstitutional. Marriage being a “religious sacrament” is a belief of a personal religious nature, we are supposed to be a country of laws. Granting homosexuals the right to marry is equal treatment under the law giving them the same rights as heterosexuals.

          • kfletch87

            I believe Muslims should be able to practice their religion freely, so long as they don’t harm others. How are those who are denied marital services from particular vendors being harmed — other than emotionally?

            Anti-gay marriage is not anti-gay. There are GAYS who are anti-gay marriage — my uncle being one of them. They aren’t anti-gay, they just don’t believe marriage is anything but between a man and a woman.

            And that’s fine, should marriage be deem a Constitutional right (which it has not yet been), than these business owners should still have the right to refuse THEIR services to anyone they please. I wouldn’t walk down the street and demand that a store serve me what I want. If I wasn’t wearing a shirt, and they required a shirt, I wouldn’t demand a right to enter without a shirt. Now I realize this is a stretch, a shirt vs. sexual orientation, but the point still stands.

            Specific examples of discrimination by the Democrat Party?
            – any law that specifically protects or provides services to one group but not another, e.g affirmative action, women’s health programs, hate-crime laws, hell LBJ himself was staunchly opposed to integration when it was first proposed in 47., these are just the major examples. I gave you a general example, because, in general, the policies of the party of the left tends to to “uplift” one group by “holding down” another. There aren’t many policy ideas by Democrats that DON’T favor one group or another. They are a party built on the guise of discrimination, that only legislation can fix.

          • rusken

            “e.g affirmative action, women’s health programs, hate-crime laws”…aren’t these laws and programs for the betterment of our society as a whole? None of you examples are or would be, I believe, judged unconstitutional. Many of the laws in this vein have probably stifled revolution in this country.

          • kfletch87

            No, they were intended to be as such, but they haven’t. All they have done is made one group a protected class and another not. If I am beat to a bloody pulp, the perpetrators deserve the same punishment as a black man who was beaten and vice versa.

            Hate-crime laws, women’s health programs, and affirmative action have not stifled revolution, don’t be ridiculous. Even many gays have found hate-crime laws unfair, protecting one class over another is discrimination, even if THEY have been previously discriminated against. Further discrimination to battle discrimination just DOUBLES the discrimination.

          • Will Krupp

            “I believe Muslims should be able to practice their religion freely, so long as they don’t harm others.” Which is also true of Christians. The problem is that denying people equal access to benefits and rights as outlined in the 14th Amendment IS harming others.

            “They aren’t anti-gay, they just don’t believe marriage is anything but between a man and a woman” That actually IS anti-gay because it is based on the fallacy that a gay relationship is less VALID than a heterosexual one. If your uncle doesn’t want to get married then he shouldn’t. Denying the others the right to do so puts him squarely in the self-loathing category.

            “And that’s fine, should marriage be deem a Constitutional right (which it has not yet been)” See Loving v. Texas 1967

            “I wouldn’t walk down the street and demand that a store serve me what I want. If I wasn’t wearing a shirt, and they required a shirt, I wouldn’t demand a right to enter without a shirt.” Apples and oranges. The no shirt/no shoes rule is based on very real health code issues. Not serving gay people just because they are gay and not because of what they’re wearing or how they are behaving is based on nothing but bigotry.

          • kfletch87

            Marriage isn’t a right, it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.

            No, being anti-gay marriage is NOT anti-gay…I don’t know how you don’t get this. There are homosexuals that don’t agree with gay-marriage, are THEY anti-gay? Is my gay uncle who has lost a partner to AIDS and has been with the same man since I was 7 months old, anti-gay because he doesn’t support gay-MARRIAGE? No. I think not. It means they believe marriage is a one thing, and redefining it would be making a fundamental change to the definition. Supporting unions is a different thing. Marriage is between a man and a woman. A union is between two people.

            Loving V. Texas was about interracial marriages. Completely different because it was STILL a man and a woman. Amazing story though, there’s a great documentary on the case/family.

            Not serving a gay couple MARITAL services. It would be inappropriate to turn down a gay couple from a restaurant. But a should a priest be required to marry? Should a bakery be required to bake a wedding cake? Should a bridal dress store be required to fit a gay couple if it goes against their religious beliefs?

            I don’t think you understand what a bigot is. Simply being opposed to gay-marriage does not make you a bigot. A bigot is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes a group of PEOPLE.

          • Will Krupp

            “No, being anti-gay marriage is NOT anti-gay” yes, it is. See my post above for an explanation as to why.

            “There are homosexuals that don’t agree with gay-marriage, are THEY anti-gay?” Unfortunately, yes. It’s a form of self-loathing and is usually brought on by conditioning from anti-gay family members. They try not to rock the boat because, down deep, they think there is something wrong with them.

            “Is my gay uncle who has lost a partner to AIDS and has been with the same man since I was 7 months old, anti-gay because he doesn’t support gay-MARRIAGE?” If he doesn’t support it for HIMSELF, no. If he wants to deny the right to gays who DO, then, unfortunately, yes he has a bit of self-loathing about himself.

            “Marriage is between a man and a woman. A union is between two people” Sorry again, but, in some 17 states (and counting) you are wrong. Get used to the idea, it’s coming soon to a state near you. There’s no going back. You can slow it down but you won’t stop it.

            “Marriage isn’t a right, it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.” As I said, see Loving v. Virginia (I originally wrote Texas by mistake) and READ the ruling. The Supreme Court declared : “Marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man,’ fundamental to our very existence and survival” and thereby DID create a ruling that there is a RIGHT to marry under the 14th Amendment.

            “But a should a priest be required to marry?” Straw man argument. A Catholic priest is not currently REQUIRED to marry anyone he doesn’t want to. Gay marriage doesn’t change that. City Hall works just as well, thanks.

            “Should a bakery be required to bake a wedding cake?” Depends on the state they are doing business in. If sexual orientation is protected from discrimination in the state’s public sector then, yes. If not, then legally, no.

            “Should a bridal dress store be required to fit a gay couple if it goes against their religious beliefs?” Ditto. Religious freedom does not extend to breaking the law.

            “I don’t think you understand what a bigot is.” I know what you THINK a bigot is…”A bigot is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes a group of PEOPLE.” but you MAY want to look up the actual definition for some enlightenment.

          • kfletch87

            You can state the same things over and over, it doesn’t make them true. Being opposed to marriage is not the same as being opposed to a person. It’s simply not the same thing.

            Self loathing? You’re not a psychiatrist, and no, it’s not self-loathing. There are people who truly believe marriage is defined as one thing and changing it would be making an exception for one class of people. Instead, many homosexuals opposed to gay-marriage support civil unions. Many people simply believe marriage is a religious sacrament, that the state has no business in. That is not self loathing. Don’t be ridiculous and assume that people who disagree with something must hate themselves deep down. That is insulting.

            No. He doesn’t want to deny anyone the right to do anything. He simply doesn’t believe marriage is a right. In many people’s eyes, as stated above, marriage is not a government right, it is a religious sacrament. And therefore, they support civil unions and not marriage licenses by the state.

            The Supreme Court has been wrong before and contradicted itself in other rulings on many subjects. Pointing one particular case out doesn’t support your position that it is a right, even if a Justice said it was so. It hasn’t been treated as such all over the country, laws banning it are still deemed Constitutional. So no. It is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

            Not a straw man argument, legitimate argument. In fact I think there was a case exactly like this. A gay couple tried to force a priest to marry them.

            If a priest can deny marrying a couple, essentially denying the opportunity to take on a client, why can’t a baker, or a florist? Why must they take on every client that makes a request. They should have the right to deny business based on religious beliefs. Otherwise you are discriminating against their religious beliefs, whether you support those beliefs or not is irrelevant. Religion is mentioned explicitly in the Constitution, not marriage.

            I did look up the definition, I copied it verbatim so you would understand the meaning of the word.

            Government should be out of marriage altogether. Offer a universal union certificate that gets you certain benefits. Not to mention, yes, the government CAN treat people unequal if it has good reason, it has used this reasoning for many programs to support minority communities. The government can take a position in supporting heterosexual marriages and child rearing by two opposite sex partners as a benefit for society and necessary for our future. Secondly, defining marriage as between a man and a woman does not restrict homosexuals from marrying. It just restricts them from marrying a member of the same sex. What happens when cousins want to marry? Or polygamist? Should we just allow everyone and anyone to marry for any reason? How about a 16 year old (legal in some states) and a 80 year old? It’s love, why should we judge?

            It’s no more discriminatory than having a WNBA and an NBA. There are legitimate reasons why women and men can’t play professional basketball together. There are legitimate reasons why two men or two women cannot marry. Even when marriage is considered a civil institution, it is not a right to marry anyone you want.

          • Will Krupp

            “Why must they take on every client that makes a request.” They don’t have to. If they want to discriminate there are a million ways to do it without anyone knowing the reason why. The problem they face is that they insist on publicly STATING the reason WHY they are discriminating so there you have it.

            “They should have the right to deny business based on religious beliefs.” Been there, done that, didn’t work and didn’t fly.

            “you are discriminating against their religious beliefs, whether you support those beliefs or not is irrelevant. Religion is mentioned explicitly in the Constitution, not marriage.” We guaranteed the free exercise of our religion, we are not allowed to break the law in the name of said religion and never have been.

            “Government should be out of marriage altogether.” You can keep hanging on to this particular fantasy if you want to but you are destined to be disappointed.

            “The government can take a position in supporting heterosexual marriages and child rearing by two opposite sex partners as a benefit for society and necessary for our future.” There is NO evidence to support the notion that opposite sex partners are better parents than same sex partners based solely on the virtue of their being opposite sexes. That’s something that sounds good in the echo chamber but has no real world application.

            “defining marriage as between a man and a woman does not restrict homosexuals from marrying. It just restricts them from marrying a member of the same sex.” I LOVE this argument from the crowd screaming about the “sanctity” of marriage who then reduce marriage from a covenant down to a slip of meaningless paper.

            “What happens when cousins want to marry? Or polygamist?” Marrying your cousin is legal in some states, illegal in others, but those 2nd cousin marriages legally performed in VA are still LEGALLY recognized in NY as they should be.

            “How about a 16 year old (legal in some states) and a 80 year old? It’s love, why should we judge?” If they are both legally consenting adults it’s none of our business. Our discomfort doesn’t outweigh their rights.

            “There are legitimate reasons why women and men can’t play professional basketball together.” Yes

            “There are legitimate reasons why two men or two women cannot marry.” You haven’t provided any.

            Listen, if you want to hang your hopes on the fantasies of the country you WISHED you lived in then, by all means, be my guest. You need to realize, however, that in the US your side isn’t LOSING this argument, the argument has already been LOST. Gay marriage has been legalized in 17 states and recognized on the federal benefits level. It’s not going to be reversed and it’s not going away. You can rail and rant all you want but you should realize that it will be in vain.

        • kfletch87

          I should also mention that while this bill was entirely too broad, it was aimed at protecting those with deeply seeded religious convictions against gay marriage (whether you agree with it/like it there is a legitimate issue with marriage and religion and the government has to respect the rights of religious people).

          The bill would have allowed government employees to refuse services, not acceptable.

          The bill broadly defined marital services, it could allow a hotel to refuse services, not acceptable.

          However, a private business run by two devout Christians, should not be legally obligated to provide services to a sacrament they believe to by holy. ONLY marital services.

          A gay couple should not be able to force a baker to make them a cake. A straight couple shouldn’t be able to force someone to make a cake. That’s not freedom. I believe in the free market, and I believe that in the end, not serving customers hurts your business. Homosexual couples will seek business elsewhere, and someone else will make money off them. I shouldn’t be able to force anyone to serve anyone.

          Now there is a legitimate counter-argument that if you are a business you are conducting services in the public realm and therefore obligated to follow certain rules. I agree, but believe there is a legitimate cause for concern for the deeply religious here.

          • rusken

            Nobody, especially the government is forcing anybody of the same sex to marry. The fact that religious people can marry who they want IS respecting the rights of religious people.
            I’m wanting to agree with your baker case, but what if they refuse to bake a cake for a mixed-race couple?

          • kfletch87

            Nobody said they were. It wouldn’t be respecting their religious rights if you forced them to serve religious services to a group their religion forbids to marry.

            Your example of a mixed-race couple is an excellent example of why I disagree with this law based on practical implications. Although, there are no deep seeded and historical religious convictions on interracial marriage (despite what some “Christians” tried to claim during the Civil Rights era, there is nothing in Christianity that even mentions a mixed couple, homosexuality or beastiality is however)

            In the end, and this is no justification for the law, just a side note: Why would you want to purchase anything from anyone who thought poorly of you?

        • muriel

          Why don’t you reference the bible. Our Father in Heaven is the greatest judge above all the courts here below. He has made it clear for us here below. “Marriage is between a man and a woman”-period.

          • rusken

            Did he make you judge and jury? Let him judge them, not you!

      • BrentHarrelson

        Although I disagree with your point, I do understand what it was. However, you may want to find a way to rephrase it. The only “definition” for any human-created created concept (marriage, justice, freedom, etc) is whatever we choose to define it as. The idea that marriage has “traditionally” been defined as between man and woman is irrelevant since both concepts and traditions can change and evolve. Traditionally, Americans rode horses, but what does that have to do with modern America?

  • Jim Draper

    That’s OK, I’ve never been able to stand Vince Vaughn

  • Sean Ormiston

    Man, THIS is republicanreader.com? The whole website is a captioned picture book. There is no text that exists beyond the level of “here’s something you can say to somebody else.”

    • David Brands

      Remember, their rock star idol, George W. Bush, doesn’t like to read. He made it cool to be stupid.

      • kfletch87

        You can continue to spout such ridiculously accepted falsehoods about the President, but it doesn’t make them any less false. If you had read, listened to, or spoken to any of his former staff and those who have worked with him, you would know that he is not a stupid man. He is intelligent, witty, and a genuinely nice person. But the media told you otherwise and you believed them.

        • David Brands

          Think what you want, Bush said himself he doesn’t like to read. A “genuinely nice person” doesn’t send his fellow countrymen into harm’s way for no other reason than “Saddam tried to hurt my Daddy.” WMDs never found–just as OBL was never found by Bush. He left our country in debt and in financial ruin. Once you take off the frosting the entire Bush administration was just a stinking crap cake.

          • kfletch87

            1) Not liking to read does not make you stupid.
            2) Bush didn’t send his fellow countrymen into harms way simply because Saddam threatened his daddy, baseless accusation repeated over and over still doesn’t make it true.
            3) WMDs were never found, correct, it is also correct that several other intelligence agencies from around the world (including the French I believe!) as well as the IAEA agreed that the evidence supported the conclusion that Saddam was housing weapons of mass destruction.
            4) He left our country in debt, like the 43 Presidents before him? Financial ruin was caused by the private sector, not the government.
            5) What frosting is being taken off? Everything in the press is extremely negative of Bush, no one goes easy on him, so I don’t know where you’re seeing any frosting.
            6) You would be wise not to mention OBL and Bush, considering it was Clinton who passed up MULTIPLE chances of capturing him LONG BEFORE 9/11. Obama didn’t find OBL. The military found OBL. No one deserves any credit besides the military and the intelligence agencies who gathered the information.

          • David Brands


          • kfletch87

            Is that you surrendering to the facts?

          • David Brands

            Don’t flatter yourself. Contrary to what you and your ilk believe, Fox News talking points should never be construed as facts. I don’t suffer fools who are too ill-informed to know when they’re being duped. But as the saying goes: Ignorance is bliss.

          • kfletch87

            Did I mention Fox? Sigh. Okay David, if you are unable to have a discussion and must resort to insults and throwing your hands up as if you “tried,” go right ahead. I won’t lost sleep over it, but I do find it sad that you would make such ridiculous claims and not make any effort to back any of it up.

          • NavyABHC86

            I have added your statements and tried to answer each one

            1.Not liking to read does not make you stupid.

            Yes, not liking to read does not make you stupid, nor does it make you Uninformed.

            2.Bush didn’t send his fellow countrymen into harms way simply because Saddam threatened his daddy, baseless accusation repeated over and over still doesn’t make it true.

            Can you please explain what is it he did if he did not send our best and brightest in harm’s way (including me). I nor anyone on this tread can say why we went into Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power. We know it was not for WMD’s, we did not find any. It was not because Iraq was trying to by material to build nuclear weapons, that was debunked and later proved to be false information put out by the administration to ramp the country up to war. I’m not sure if your sources reminded you of sending our troops into combat ill equipped for combat and that parents of troops were buying them body armor, or the fact that we did not send enough troops in theater to do the job correctly. Remember we were to be greeted as liberators.

            3.WMDs were never found, correct, it is also correct that several other intelligence agencies from around the world (including the French I believe!) as well as the IAEA agreed that the evidence supported the conclusion that Saddam was housing weapons of mass destruction.

            Who stated that he had evidence that he had WMD’s, was it the same people who told us he was buying “Yellow Cake”? We see how that worked out.

            4.He left our country in debt, like the 43 Presidents before him? Financial ruin was caused by the private sector, not the government.

            I agree with you that President Bush did leave the country in debt like most of Presidents but unlike other Presidents, he did not pay for the war he was like a kid in the candy store. While other Presidents raised taxes, or had war bonds sold President Bush cut taxes. He cut taxes during a time of war along with growing the size of the government, for one the DHS is a massive part of that increase but that was not the only one. I thought the people wanted smaller
            governments, I guess that only applies when a Republican is in office.

            5.What frosting is being taken off? Everything in the press is extremely negative of Bush, no one goes easy on him, so I don’t know where you’re seeing any frosting.

            I for one don’t think that President Bush was a totally bad President but I do agree he F’ed up a lot but regardless what he did he was still my President and even if I disagree with him on just about everything and I obviously did not vote for him he was the leader of my country and deserved my respect, can you say that for the for President Obama?

            6.You would be wise not to mention OBL and Bush, considering it was Clinton who passed up MULTIPLE chances of capturing him LONG BEFORE 9/11. Obama didn’t find OBL. The military found OBL. No one deserves any credit besides the military and the intelligence agencies who gathered the information.

            Maybe on the watch of both President Clinton and President Bush neither one did not catch OBL but the man in the chair normally gets the credit. President George H. W Bush did not win the first Gulf war but it was the men in theater who did but he got the credit. I agree with you that President Obama did not catch and kill public enemy number one, but he gave the order and was the man in the chair, credit due. I also agree with you that President Clinton passed up on MULTIPLE times at catching him but that is not as bad as President Bush saying on national television “Who knows if he’s hiding in some cave or not. We haven’t
            heard from him in a long time. The idea of focusing on one person really indicates to me people don’t understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. He’s just a person who’s been marginalized. … I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you”. You mean to tell me the man who was responsible for the murder of over 3000 Americans and at the time we had troops in the Stan looking for him and the Commander in Chief says “I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you”? Come on man!.

            We can all have our own opinions but not our own facts and be it Republican or Democrat in the end we are all Americans and we should all work for the good of the country.

          • kfletch87

            I should also add that the 43 Presidents before him ALSO sent their countrymen into harms way. Why? Because that is the business of the military, to be in harms way so WE don’t have to. Did I miss something, was there a draft in the early 2000s? Were these men and women forced to join the forces? No, and they would be incredibly offended for anyone suggesting such a thing. They fought bravely because they believe in the principles this nation was founded on. They believe the mission of our nation is to be that beacon of light. Remember, without foreign assistance, it’s entirely possible we would still be British, and without Presidents putting men in harms way we could have also been a country half the size of today, with a neighbor supporting slavery just to our south.

        • Eddie Cheek

          Bush is a traitor to this nation, and a mass murderer. He sold the lives of innocent people all around the world, including the lives of innocent Americans, for the sake of oil, and war profits. That is the another one of the reasons so many other nations have arrest orders waiting for him if he ever steps foot off of an airplane in their countries.

        • Eddie Cheek

          That explains the arrest warrants against him in so many other nations for war crimes.

        • Fight

          This made me laugh, thank you.

  • mcmahon351

    Nonsense. I saw Tony Danza on a show beating the drum for Obama. He’s a “B-Rate” Hollywood liberal.

  • Michael Paquette

    Eh. No shockers.

  • Patricia White

    Interesting that, like the GOP, many of these figures are now Hollywood “also rans”.

  • philistinus

    So… can we stop the whole “liberal Hollywood” meme as if Hollywood votes with one, big hive-mind? Further, you’d have to look real hard to find a liberal on the executive board of any of the billion dollar entertainment corporations that ARE Hollywood.

  • whyJohnnyRingo

    And what do all of the “actors” have in common? They couldnt make 5 bucks at the box office right now! LMAO!!!!!

    • wilsonee

      Yea, and how’s that blockbuster “Monuments Men” doing? And Expendables is on #3, that’s more than $5.

  • rich flay

    Everyone known for their superior intellectual capabilities.

  • deez knutz

    Conservitards suck the fat one

  • mikinzla

    Black man with blonde bimbo…what a cliche.

  • Nancy

    Well, it is good to see they found ONE with actual talent and seemingly mentally stable! (K. Chenoweth)

  • Tony Cekola

    This seems an accurate portrayal of the republican party…. Old, used up mostly talent-less fossils trying desperately to salvage the money left from their careers of exploiting sex and violence. To me they all seem right in step with their party.:)

  • Baba Blu

    What a load of rethreads, unkowns or plain need- the-gun- lobby to stay in business, bunch of nothings. No one should be surprised by this compilation, they should be sorry, that there was nothing to compile. Not one of these characters is even a block buster anymore. I suppose when you have had it and made it you can become Republican to protect it, regardless of where you came from, and much of this crew did not come from much anyhow, really makes you wonder what money can do to us, kind of makes us forget!

  • Woofer McWooferson

    No surprise on any of these.

  • Donald Potter

    It does not matter to me witch actors are democrats or republicans. They are just people who have a job that puts them in the light of the public. They are entertainers who are good at what they do. Just because some actor is a spokes person for a phone company. Does not mean I am going to run out and buy that phone.. What it has come down to in this country is this. You have a government that is ready to step on your neck if you don`t do as they say with out question. We have groups of people that want you to belive that we as a country have to just go along with whats going on and that’s that. NOT TRUE. The only way we as a Country are going to Take back are Country. Is to crab Washington Where it counts . As Americans and tell them we have had it. Your day is over. Meaning I don`t want your health care and all the rest of it. Now It is up to you to make up your own mind about this. Wheather you agree or not with me is up to you. One last thing folks. Do you really want singers like Lady Gaga telling your daughter how to dress and act . Or having your son think skinny pants are cool to wear. Have a good day folks!!

  • Jeremy Bourget

    I’m beginning to think all the talk about “Hollywood liberals” is a big ol’ jealousy sandwich.

  • Hard Boiled

    i would also like to add that the conservative club these republicans are listed in, that the IRS refuses to give them the organization status they have requested, due to they will not hand over the client list! They dont have to hand it over, as the IRS only wants to use it to bully them!

  • LobsterGator

    So, which one of these celebrites hates Liberals? Or was that just typical conservative spin?? As far as I know, none of these celebrities has ever stated they hate Liberals.

    • william sleeper

      um who said they did? I’m a conservative, and republican, i don’t hate liberals (in fact take an objective look at this board, most of the commits are vile hating, but it’s pretty skewed-maybe 65-70% liberal – suggesting that most of the comments are hate filled but that 65-70% are liberals commenting compared to maybe 30-35% conservative.)

  • Mike McTighe

    Robert Downey Jr. is a known Republican. He keeps very quiet about his politics, but let it slip in an interview: “I have a really interesting political point of view, and it’s not always something I say too loud at dinner tables here, but you can’t go from a $2,000-a-night suite at La Mirage to a penitentiary and really understand it and come out a liberal. You can’t. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone else, but it was very, very, very educational for me and has informed my proclivities and politics every since.”
    He attended the RNC in 2008, and while he supposedly went to a George Clooney Obama fundraiser in 2012…I mean, c’mon, it’s George Clooney’s house…you get invited, you go.

  • Guest

    Most RICH people are Republicans they are called the 1% or close to it. This is no surprise.

    • Jaye

      The 7 riches people in DC are all democrats, the rich people, Jobes, Gates, Kerry, Soros, all dems Do you really believe democrats aren’t part of the 1%.

  • Jeff Magnus

    Wow – this is quite a brain trust the R’s have going for them here!

  • Casey0211

    I’m delighted to hear about these performers. Now maybe we won’t have to listen to the Right Wingers constant whining about liberal Hollywood. But of course, I seriously doubt any of these people are as conservative as Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, so many of them are probably what the Rightists who own the GOP derisively call RINOs.

  • Flash Cloud

    rich people supporting rich people. more at eleven

  • eekeller

    Not surprised about any one of these “actors.” Maybe a little disappointed about James Earl.

    • william sleeper

      why, I mean I think a lot of George Clooney as an actor, he’s as left as you
      can get before coming back around, but I don’t hate at him
      because we don’t have the same views. I’m not disappointed that he’s liberal? Why do so many liberals feel such a smug superiority over everyone else?

      • parrotkind

        Sure, because the righties don’t always say how much they hate liberal Hollywood. It goes both ways. See the comment below form Snookhookr, for an example. There are smug libs and smug cons.

  • bubbathegreat

    I don’t think you can be a Christian & be a democrat today. If you don’t believe me, just wait until you stand before God.

  • Steve Schweid

    After seeing this list I am less than impressed! Most of the people on this list Right now the Republican party is broken and needs a smarter person then any of these actors to fix it no matter how much they give.

  • Simon9

    I’ve heard Vince Vaughn is more a libertarian than a conservative. And I remember Stallone some years ago calling for everyone’s guns to be confiscated — not exactly a republican position. But let’s face it: Hollywood is still a liberal town overall. A handful of exceptions hardly changes that.

  • David Hill

    I don’t think “supporting a Republican candidate” and “being Republican” are the same thing. I supported Jon Hunstman’s run and would’ve voted for him over Obama and I voted for Arlen Specter. And Howard Stern’s list of endorsements, especially in the 90s, reads like a “Who’s Who” of NY/NJ GOP, including Christie Todd Whitman, Rudy Giuliani, and Rick Lazio when he ran against…wait for it…Hillary Clinton.

  • John Eichler

    One thing that gets annoying is labeling somebody as a republican or democrat based on a single issue or a single candidate they voted for. If you vote with your party 100% of the time on every single issue, you are an absolute sheep who can’t think for himself. Voting for a certain candidate doesn’t automatically make the person a follower of that party.

  • acceptreality

    It is amazing to see the hatred and vitriol toward actors who fail to toe the line. You loving liberals seem to be down a quart on acceptance and diversity. .

  • sanford paris

    So intelligence in Hollywood can exist! It’s a small start but perhaps it will spread.

  • Snookhookr

    It’s nice to know that there are some in Hollywood, however few, that aren’t totally braindead.

  • Phil Davis

    FoxNews says Republican actors cannot find work…this man has been on Sex and the City and many, many other tv shows and movies…he’s not that good…but then again…he’s not too good looking either.


    It has been several months now, since two million American workers and their families, had loss their unemployment benefits, after running out last December. The Republican party who claims to be the party “for family values”, failed to support the extension of benefits to these workers. Several attempts by the Democratic party had failed without the support of enough Republicans. How can a party that claims to be for family values, totally lack values, by not supporting the extension bill? Why is it always possible for them to find support in the funding of corporate welfare and foreign wars, and foreign aid, but not for the poor in our country? Since last December many families have had to face evictions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and homelessness. We are nor going into the of March, and yet again, a proposal; is being set forth to be voted on. The Republicans can not really afford to ostracize more than two million potential voters, by failing to pass the extension again in the senate. The American public are not fools, and will remember those representatives who remained defiant and would not vote in favor of helping this unemployed workers in need. The 2016 elections are not that far away, and they have a lot to lose on their decision.

    • Bookthief

      Well said. I hope you’re right about the election – lots of propagandized FOX zombies out here.

  • Mark Peterson

    When you need Heather Locklear and Shannen Doherty to pad out your meager list, your are looking very desperate!

  • Community

    Pretty sad list of current “B” and “C” listers. If Vince Vaughn is the
    best of the list, then Democrats should feel pretty secure.

    • Mike McTighe

      It’s a very abridged list: Robert Downey Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 Cent (No, really), Hillary Duff, Drew Carrey, Ben Stein, Pat Sajak, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jon Voight (and according to Brad Pitt, Angelina has gotten more right wing since the marriage), Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, The Ramones, among others.

  • roadapathy

    That was nearly all white folks right there. Also, how did we lose Adam Sandler? That’s a big surprise.

    • Bookthief

      He made lots of money. It corrupts.

  • kanawah

    There has to be a few boobs in the bunch.
    May be they will see the error of their ways and come around to the progressive side.

  • Guest

    He is such a doll.

  • Makes me ill when people blessed with talent or looks or connections pretend that they got where they are by mere “hard work” and want to pull up the ladder behind them that they used. The one that other people supplied by paying taxes.

    • TG

      I’m trying to understand your illness. Somebody, I guess a democrat, paid taxes and that made these guys famous (not their hard work) and now these actors want to take a ladder away so other people can’t be famous??? What are you talking about?

      • Bookthief

        I’m trying to understand why people like you vote against their own best interests.

    • Bookthief

      Yep. Ladder blacks.

  • John Haymore

    Repubs have more class in their pinky fingers than all of the liberal hallywood boobs combined. Alec baldwin…real winner,,,…lefty loon sarandon…oh and about 200 others…

    • Bookthief

      They may have a little class in their pinky fingers but not anywhere else.

  • bigdo

    I don’t think LL is a repub… and WOW/SMH @ The Rock.. that was literally the most disappointing one… the rest I already knew, don’t care or could’ve figured they were (Willis and Sly are too easy.)

  • dhherold

    What a tremendous parade of mediocrity. WIth the possible exception of Duvall.

  • Wills

    Anyone who still supports Obama is ignorant at best

  • Stanley Yelnats

    Operative word here, as is usual with Republicans, is GREED.

    • TG

      Only a Lib would think that wanting to keep what you earn is greed.

      • seanster5977

        They don’t earn. They sit at home waiting for their subsidized lifestyle check.

      • Bookthief

        Only a republican would think there shouldn’t be a price to support a society.

        • Audrey

          i think the problem is how much more money has to come out of my paycheck to ‘help support a society’? How much more in food stamps is going to help get people out of poverty? How much more money do we have to throw at public edu. so that they can get a chance? B/c the non stop increase in taxes to help support these and others, is obv not helping!!! Public education in fact has been dumbing down!!! Dont twist my words. These programs were put in place with the best intentions but i’ve seen way too, many people abuse the system as well. Even with SSID. I think if the guidelines that came with the programs were adequately enforced to stop the abuse of them then awesome no problem. but for some of us who aren’t wealthy and and live paycheck to paycheck not being able to move out so my daughter can have her own room… Obv something needs to change but throwing more money at it, isn’t going to help as it has proven.

          • Bookthief

            Perhaps when the wealthy pay their fair share and your daughter gets a decent education so she’s able to land a good job and move out, you will change your mind about, oh, I don’t know, school, roads, bridges, fire, police, food safety, air safety, water safety, need I go on?

            I believe you refer to Social Security which has a very easy fix. Remove the cap.

  • realityanyone?

    Funny how people label each other liberal or conservative. I can assure you that around 80 percent of the people in this country are not really a true liberal or conservative. It really depends on the topic, and let me make this clear now: It is important for this government to have you believe we are divided. Everyone in this country believes in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, yet everyone in this country is about to lose those rights, rights that not this government gives us, but natural rights of all people that walk this earth. Trying to measure just how much right to life, liberty, and happiness is something that has always been the crux of it all, but consider how governments orchestrate ways to take it away from the people. We have seen the downsizing of those natural rights in this country, and we all know its wrong, regardless of the party that so many unfortunately cling to in an effort to blindside the other side. Sick stuff guys– really.

    • JMM11b

      I tend to agree with you except for the the ” it is important for this government to have you believe we are divided”.

      It isn’t the government but the political parties. You are not going to be elected to anything if you can’t show a contrast with whoever is running against you. What would you vote for if there was no difference.

      Where the change has to come is the opposition isn’t an enemy, they just don’t share your ideas for governing. Concentrate on policy changes and quit making the opposition an enemy.

  • James Scolari

    This list is kind of sad — a “who WAS who” in Hollywood. Tony Danza? Shannen Doherty? Heather Locklear? These people haven’t been relevant for twenty years or more.

    • seabass3

      whats really funny is how if you are a republican, Christian or Conservative in Hollywood you are blacklisted. Pretty Progressive eh?

      • MoctezumasRevenge

        Yeah, it has certainly held Kristan Chenowith back, hasn’t it? (snark)
        She’s the only relevant one they cited!

      • Bookthief

        Has it held back these actors? Explain…

  • neechian

    They left off another actor who, I think, would surprise many people, and horrify a good number of his lefty fans. It’s a good one: John Malkovich. A liberal friend of his once said that his politics are so right wing “you think he’s joking.” Though I suspect that, like me (reactionary, not conservative), he would cringe at being identified as a Republican.

    • Bookthief

      I think they were DEMs before they got rich and greedy. Money is truly the root of all evil.

  • I h ate liberals

    • Debbie Knight

      We aren’t fond of you either.

    • JMM11b

      HATE? you hate someone just because they disagree with your point of view, you must be a real treat to be around

    • Eddie Cheek

      Just for the record, we need to elaborate on what you are saying.
      You hate liberals, people who believe in Freedom, and equality. People who think that having a fair chance at success is important. That education is the way out of poverty, people who want to see our education system expanded and want to see America as the most educated nation, as we once were thanks to a socialist program called “the new deal”.
      You hate the ones who think it is a crime to give $4000 of your tax money to corporate bonuses, and only $45 going to welfare and food stamps.
      Tell us Disco, is it all middle class and poverty level people you hate, or just the ones who weren’t born filthy rich? -And since you think it is so great that our government is for sale to the highest bidder, what do you think is a good price for it these days? Is that payable in children’s lives, or will slave labor be enough?

    • karlschneider

      If you ever bothered to read the Sermon on the Mount, you’d hate Jesus too.

    • Bookthief

      That’s the difference between liberals and repukes… we may think it but know it’s crude to actually say it. Well…. that’s not the only difference… we care about people and repukes….. oh, never mind.

  • Gilbert Avalos

    Just a quick comment..Who cares! As citizens they have a right to vote and advocate as they choose. Because they are celebrities is irrelevant. Not really an “A” list of talent though (couldn’t help but notice)

    • william sleeper

      ummmm Robert Duvall? James Cann? Tony Danza…..ok I’ll give you that one, but come on such a great comment up until the end, people believe what they want, it’s the hardcore idiolouges that are puke hate on here calling them all ignorant, no talent etc. just because they go with a different flow from most of hollywood.

      • Watitis

        Wasn’t it Democrats that brought war to the jackbooted nazis in 41? There seems to be a lot of “hateful and in your face cup of shut up”, in the old tired party today .

  • GCG8688

    HMM! I believe they have discovered that the Democratic party is not what it use to be, it’s now one that plays pretend. Their motto is “can we all fall in line with the leftist thinking”. While in the Republican party there are plenty of pretenders and they are call RINO’s. Their motto is “I really want to be a Democrat but their not what they use to be”.

  • fobesq

    Just wondering what the average IQ is of these geniuses. Stallone dropped out. How many has a high school diploma? I know Locklear got her ged.

  • scumby

    All of them Heteros.

    • Lou

      ?? heteros? thats the default. doesn’t need to be articulated…..

  • Mr J.

    Guess there’s no accounting for taste. Or smarts.

  • Jerome Barry

    Psst, IRS, there’s your FOA membership list.

  • TJ Williams

    I’m happy non of these actors are in my current viewing habits. I won’t miss them.

  • Jim Farrell

    I do not care about the politics of our actors, writers, artists……….I do not hate Hollywood………..I hate over paid CEO’s and politicians who do not have courage or convictions……..or any sense of leadership…..but most of all, I detest fools who do not know what they are talking about……….most Americans are losing ground and 50% are defending the status quo of the rich getting the breaks. Most people are losing economic ground and their kids will grow up in a hostile, hateful land, where the bulk of the people have little hope for a better life. It is not the National Debt that is killing our wonderful country……..it is the greedy, selfish defenders of a sys tem that is holding an economic harness over the people. 90% of the people living in America today will fare less than the retirees’ of the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers………..their economic buying power will give them and their children a far less enjoyable life unless they begin to take action…………….as you can see I am an older, retired white man……….I have been able to enjoy a system much more generous than the worker of today that is 25, 35, 45 or 55……it is time to have an intelligent discussion of the future………….

    • Eddie Cheek

      Excellent Post Jim! It is the greed that is killing us. It is the fortunate, looking at the less fortunate, and and wanting what they have as well.

    • Bookthief

      I agree with everything you’ve intelligently written. Very well stated. I do care about people who are looked up to and have a better chance of their voices being heard for fear of the damage they can do. Most of these “stars” are in-the-closet republicans. That says something right there.

  • hard2findu

    Republicans… LOL now I know for sure the devil is alive and well

  • Daniel De Kok

    you may as well call this, “15 actors who’ll have to audition for infomercials in the future”.

  • Turtle Poser

    None of these are surprising. I’ve heard about most of these Republicans for years. For the lesser known ones, voting for a Republican every now and then doesn’t mean you’re conservative.
    FYI, I’m a liberal who has registered as a Republican to vote in the local primary. The area where I live was overwhelmingly conservative and voting Democrat was pointless until recently. I always supported the “administrative” Republican, ie. the Republican who enjoyed staying a local candidate and didn’t want to climb the ranks. I nixed people associated with conservative associations with national aspirations. I’ve been happy with the mayor who’s Republican. I voted for her again. She was up against a Tea Party challenger and won resoundingly. I didn’t vote Democrat because there were no Democrats running.

  • Jude

    These guys are too smart. What are they doing in Hollywood?

    • Bookthief

      Steven Baldwin is hardly a “Hollywood” type. I know him from teeth whitening commercials. A real star.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      Don’t worry–Genius Rob Schneider got run out of Hollywood….something about poisoning the public with his “vitamins”.
      Had to move to Texas to continue sickening people….the land of no regulation. BOOM!!!!

  • EvaS

    AND of course the venerable legend Charlton Heston whom Canadian Jim Carrey denigrated on his stupid video..

  • John Jacobson

    Mostly old white men and has beens

  • Robertson


  • Eruanion Nolaquen

    Stephen proves once again (to me at least) that Alec is the smarter brother.

    • Jake Witmer

      Stephen showed that his grasp of republican (limited government) principles is weak, when he debated Republican Ron Paul, and took the side of the argument that “banning drugs (so much for private property rights) is constitutional.” Stephen is a religious simpleton, and he only has a home in the Republican Party because there is no such thing. There’s the RINO Party, Republican in Name Only. Many of the actors listed here are smart enough to not be socialists, so they reject the Democratic Party, and hope to work to restore the Republican Party. That doesn’t make them mainstream Republicans.

  • seanster5977

    LL has such beautiful little girls. Feel sorry for him. I am a dad with a gorgeous daughter. At least LL can just show his abs and run most boys off.

  • zzpat

    Be honest. When was the last time you went to a move because one of these people was in it?

  • Al

    I wont see another movie ANY REPUBLICAN is in ! I wont support their bigoted lifestyle !

  • Nola Legalmvp

    A few of these I think are misleading. Sandler given money to Rudi in 08 doesn’t mean he is a Republican. Sandler admired Rudi for what Sandler believed was Rudi’s great composure after 911 and Sandler grew up in the same area. So it’s not surprising to see him admiring Rudi who happened to be a Republican. If Rudi were a Democrat, Sandler still would have given the money to him. I think it is more to the fact that Sandler admired Rudi as an individual than because he aligns with the GOP.

    The same for LL Cool J. I don’t believe he is a Republican but I think he happened to endorse one once. I’m a registered independent and I have given to R’s and D’s. The R’s have been friends and locals while the D’s are national. Since the Republican party has gone bonkers over the past 5 years or so and reverted to the party of ignorance and hate, I stopped aligning with them in any way. But should they return to normal again one day then I might give money to some of their candidates once again.

  • Natalie39

    I knew almost all of them were wingnuts. Since they are I never buy a ticket to anything in which they perform. Many are old hat and past their prime; others have little talent. Glad Chenowith still supports gay rights too bad the party with which she identifies will not give a gay person a seat at their table. It is hard to imagine anyone with 1/2 a brain would ever support a Republican Party that has failed every single time it was handed immense power. Bush committed troops illegally to a nation that did nothing to us, caused 5000 US deaths, ripped apart a once sovereign nation over WMD’s that were they knew not there. The Republicrat Party in the form of W. Bush, caused a million refugees and destabilized the entire Middle East and NOT in our favor.

    The economic crippling of our nation into the Great Recession, sending millions into poverty and foreclosure was straight out of the Republicrat playbook. The banksters made out handsomely while the middle class died. Trickle down NEVER tricked down but it surely did defy gravity and trickle up. None other than the advocate of trickle down Alan Greenspan even admitted he was wrong. I am convinced if the Republicrat opposition was not racist obstrutionist this president would have created one of the most vibrant economies bringing us back to real health. But because the Republicrat Party was so committed to the black man failing our return to economic prosperity was hobbled. It is amazing it has done as well as it has and it is a tribute to my Barack Obama, a president I love. So there take that!

    • Man-of-Reason

      You may be on to something Nat!

  • Merle McClung

    Wanting free food makes him a Republican?

  • Bookthief

    Until real statesmen are in office ( yes at one time we had them ) who understand “compromise” is a healthy thing for our country this ugly economic quagmire will continue . The divide is so deep and stark because the liberals look at the facts and think for themselves, whereas conservatives look at FOX and don’t want the bother of actually thinking.

  • Zallen Jones

    Wow All the most brilliant actors of our time!

  • Mikey

    I think the libs are helping the Gop with the way the job market looks and all the company closing, layoffs and bankruptcy’s. I think there will be more minorities jump the fence as you see the Dems getting more immoral and trading there religious and moral standings for votes not saying the Gop doesn’t , but no were near as much. The minorities I think are a very strong and moral God fearing people and will vote that way in 2016 and hopefully vote for jobs and not Big government. Vote with your hart not with your skin. “Jobs Not big Government”


    NOW I understand why Vince Vaughn has no career. Other than he’s a horrible actor.

  • Lonestar99

    Well, at least there are 15 people with a brain in Hollywood.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      Yes–but only a couple have talent……

  • Buzz

    Just two comments and no more today: We had a candidate attempt to register as a Dem in 2010, he was denied because, “You do not fit our idea of a Democrat.” Now, want to get the USA back on the right track; it will take a little time, maybe. Each of you reading, check your State’s Constitution for the is verbiage: No lawyer, ESQ shall hold public office @…..this gives you, the people, licensure to oust every last one of them, so in 14, do it now, check out whom are lawyers/attorneys and vote them out; if we can do this en masse, then our States can again be strong and impose our State’s sovereignty back to the Feds, kicking them out when they over reach the Tenth. In WY, we have a good opportunity to unseat our Secreatary of State; if that happens, the new Secretary will not place a lawyer/ESQ on the ballots for election! You may check and see what your SOS is about and let them know this is what the Constitution says and you expect them to follow the Law in placing candidates on the ballot..that is if your State reads the same as WY!

  • paddles57

    But I thought that Republicans couldn’t get work in Hollywood,,,,,,

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      a favored RW fantasy….

  • HolyChrist

    List of 15 people I’ve lost respect for.

  • brian199511

    For the most part, much like GOP candidates and office holders in general, a bunch of no talent wannabe’s.

  • Jake Witmer

    Some of these celebrities don’t deserve the stink of being called
    big-R “Republican,” because they are true republicans who actually
    understand basic economics. It’s always important to distinguish between
    a lowercase philosophical label or designation and an uppercase party
    label or designation. It’s also important to note that some people vote
    in Republican primaries without sharing a lot of the goals of the
    mainstream republican party, simply because there’s the chance that a
    small-L libertarian will run in a Republican primary, but very little
    chance they’ll run in a more socialist big-D “Democrat” primary. So,
    they might only strategically be “Republican,” and not philosophically

    For example, Vince Vaughn is a Ron Paul supporter, who supported Ron
    because he (Vaughn and Paul alike) has a deep comprehension of Austrian
    (free market) economics, and emergent order. Vaughn doesn’t belong to
    the same easily-dismissed crowd of simpletons that many of these others
    belong to, and seemingly neither does Chenowith. Those two, at very
    least, should be called small-L “libertarians” who vote republican only
    because there are no credible Libertarian candidates. (Of course, a true
    democrat or a true republican is also a libertarian, because this
    nation was designed around individual liberty. Sadly though, the
    “Democrats” these days no longer support democratic elections, and the
    “Republicans” no longer support constitutional limits on government
    power that define a republic. Both parties have become the power-brokers
    for power-seeking often-incumbent power-consolidating and
    power-worshiping totalitarian sociopaths.)

    Said another way: Vince Vaughn doesn’t want the NSA to tap your phone or read your emails, but George Bush very much does.

    • Watitis

      Litmus tests went out years ago Mr. Witmer…

  • notryt

    What I find odd is that these people would not be working if not for the liberals creating the Hollywood environment that drew so many creative people to the west coast, goes for actors and musicians. without them there wouldn’t be all the movies and songs that provoke so many emotions… How many different versions of the waltons and partridge family can anyone take. How many song about waving the flag???

  • Tom G

    Love it! James Earl Jones, LL Cool J, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson identify themselves as Republicans. Maybe they understand the importance of individual responsibility and family values.

    • LMills259

      Enough with the “family values”. I raised a gay daughter, so I’ve had a lifetime of conservatives calling her evil or twisted or an abomination. In our family, the values were inclusiveness, empathy, and respect even for those who are different from you. Conservatives have no lock on family values; in fact, it’s often a code phrase for something a lot darker.

      • Audrey

        That’s a pretty Bold and ignorant thing to say! Look i’m sorry your daughter endured all that ridicule and hate. But to put those same people in with the ‘conservative minded’ is really foolish. I’ve heard democrats and liberals say the same hurtful bashing that you’re daughter grew up hearing. I am conservative and if my daughter told me she was gay, I would still love her and be there for her in the same way I am now. which is unconditional.

    • Man-of-Reason

      Yes, and they also believe in the 8 Commandments!

  • Conal McLaughlin

    Be careful for the BS people. Sly Stalone supports gun control…… Not that the republican party is really pro-gun. They just know most of the people most likely to vote for there sociopaths in disguise will probably be pro gun, so that’s the propaganda they spew to get votes. Republican Democrat, they are all the same at the end of the day. And FYI, Vaughn is Libertarian. He registered as Republican to support DR RON PAUL!!!!!!!

    • Man-of-Reason

      “They’re all the same…” is intellectually lazy. You may disagree with both parties, but that doesn’t make them “… all the same”. Frankly, they’ve never been so different and so far apart in my lifetime.

  • NadoHawk6

    That is odd. For being a Republican, Stephen acts much more like a Democrat than his brother.

  • wizardwerdna

    “By all accounts, the actor perhaps most famous for giving Darth Vader his voice was not exactly overjoyed when Barack Obama was inaugurated.”

    By all accounts? How about the accounts that describe him as an MSN talk show junkie? How about the accounts that he hopes his voice-overs helped put Obama over the top?

    All accounts? How about reporting when you pretend to report?

  • terry wilson

    After finding out about Clint Eastwood, little shocks me. But, Adam Sandler, now that was a surprise. I guess big money just tempts you to side with the greedy types.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      I think Adam Sandler is the PERFECT FACE of the modern GOTP…vapid, juvenile, unfunny, resentful, unsophisticated, LAME and OLD.


    Hate ? Wow ! I have friends that are libs and I don’t hate them. I think they are wrong and misinformed but I don’t hate them. Just another word some use to drive us apart even more when they say they are the ones who care. If you can’t argue facts…let the name calling fly. One of the tactics from the Rules for Radicals book.

    • Man-of-Reason

      Well said!

    • AB

      Back in more civilized times there was a thing called “manners” it was a simple set of social rules that allowed people to communicate without bloodshed.

      Manners separated us from our previously barbaric ways. We could disagree with someone yet still respect their difference and move on. If you didn’t respect their views then manners dictated you avoid confrontation and still move on.

      Obama has declared war on the American people pitting white against black, poor against rich, Christians against secularists, young against old, citizens against illegals, Democrats against Republicans, Labor against non-labor, welfare recipients against working tax payers. The list goes on.
      Manners have been thrown aside for public displays of dishonesty, blaming, envy, jealousy, hatred, greed, vulgarity and “expressing yourself”.

      Manners are desperately needed and should be taught in every grade of school. It would be a positive step forward.

      • 1_Human_Being

        The war was started long before Obama. It officially started with who ever said, “if you are not with us, you must be against us.” Nothing divides people faster than telling them they only have two choices. Reality is we have many choices. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your politics doesn’t make them what ever you consider to be the opposite. They may be either.

        And manners are a reflection of the person’s home not their school. It isn’t the english teacher or the math teacher or the history teacher’s job to teach manners. Their job is to educate children (of course lately its just to teach them to take tests). It is the parents job to teach manners and respect. Unfortunately a lot of parents don’t.

  • kate

    How does someone being a Republican equal them “Not Liking Democrats”? Way to inflame, instigate and stir the pot, Huffpost. Classy.

  • dorothy matthews

    I have never voted based on actors’ endorsement and seeing these folks I never will.

  • BigT

    This is silly. I voted for Bush the first time, that does NOT make me a Republican. Not everyone votes for/by party. Some vote for the best CANDIDATE regardless of the party he/she belongs to.

    • AB

      What are you doing? Nearly the entire country knows voting for the most popular person with the largest “cool” factor should be your only consideration.
      Voting for the most “qualified” person is evidence you believe more in “quality” than “equality” and that’s just downright uncool.
      (typed in sarcastic font)

      • kikojones

        Yeah, but unless he was running against a doorknob could GWB ever be considered the best candidate for any public office, so…

  • James Hall

    Amazing. None of the 15 were ever my personal favorites and I mostly disliked them but know I why. They aren’t good enough actors to disguise the awful fact that they are greedy Republicans.

    • Watitis

      Oh! So now you know why? Good actors maybe not… but greedy Republicans, reveals how simple you are… You should run as fast as you can from your ignorance, and bolt towards enlightening your perspectives on the differences between Democrat and Republican and the politic that sets them apart. There ought to be a law against allowing the stupid to vote…

  • Lev Tolstoi

    Actors? very few could act and even them are now waiting to die, while the others
    are auditioning for dancing with the Stars!! Terrible list, never liked them much, especially that unfunny, one-character wonder, Adam Sandler! the most overrated ,unfunniest hack in Hollywood!!

  • Thomas Healy

    I knew there had to be a reason that neither Vince Vaughn or Adam Sandler are funny

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      Sorry–it transcends politics.

  • jackie1234

    you miaaws quite a few….Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Healy (sorry, don’t know spelling), Gary Sinese, Drew Carrey…at the GWB inaugural ball…more strongly a Libertarian, but, no liberal…too many more to mention..

    • Sparafucile

      This was an article on those you DIDN’T know were Republican.

  • mikemoair2

    im sure they make great money and are in a 50% tax bracket and they have to hear the rich don’t pay taxes?

  • mikemoair2

    martin luther king jr was a republican

    • Bookthief

      He may have been one once but not in his later years.

    • Larry Berry

      Actually that’s a myth that’s been going around. There is no evidence of MLK ever being registered as republican, and his family says he wasn’t. He also supported Universal Health Care.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      A favorite RW fantasy–along with “Sarah Palin for President”….

  • steady321

    After the Obama presidency, anyone who would vote for a Democrat in the future must have a mental disease. There would be no other way to explain it.

    • AB

      I think the last 5 1/2 years is verifiable proof of that.

    • Sgt. Hulka

      Liberalism IS a disease. It is an affliction caused by an abnormal development that stunts the brain from being able to process data rationally, causing decisions to made on pure emotion.

      • kikojones

        “…an affliction caused by an abnormal development that stunts the brain
        from being able to process data rationally, causing decisions to made on
        pure emotion.”

        Sounds like extended exposure to Faux News and right wing radio.

    • kikojones

      Yes, a collective mental disease that made the country vote for him twice. Listen, you don’t have to like the man but back your opinions with substance. Cause the truth of the matter is that the GOP should NEVER win an election after being AGAINST EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM to help people. Social Security, Medicare, the 40 hour work week, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, equal pay for women, etc etc etc.

      The funny thing–and by funny I mean hypocritical–is that conservatives belittle every single one of those programs but have their paws out when they can grab any of ’em. Typical.

  • Sheri100

    You’d think that with a choice like that, they could have found somebody better than Clint Eastwood.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      You mean someone who believes in the GOP platform?
      Cuz it was not Clint…

  • Michael

    The only one I “might” not have known about is James Caan. The rest are pretty predictable on a list of Hollywood Republicans. Had it said Warren Beatty or Jack Nicholson, that would have been something I wouldn’t have known (nor believed for that matter!!), but this isn’t really a surprising list.

  • Rob Shveytser

    Nice to see some great actors and entertainers with brains. Always nice
    to see black people who are Conservative/Republican. That must drive the
    liberals bananas! Good for them.

    • kikojones

      Just by virtue of Adam Sandler being on the list nullifies the whole “great actors and entertainers” bit.

    • polka

      …like it drives you bananas to see white actors vote against republicans, aka the party of white privilege?

  • dibob

    my 15 favorite hollywood types..

  • darbal

    not only are they republicans.they’re also washed up just like the GOP. hee hee !

  • Jonas

    Vince Vaughn is Libertarian. “Libertarian” most certainly does NOT mean “Republican”.

    • Sparafucile

      Actually, “Libertarian” generally DOES mean “Republican”. It (sadly) doesn’t go the other way.

  • Steven Simmons

    Not all of these people are Republicans. Some of them are Libertarians.

  • Sparafucile

    Perhaps Adam had some influence with his longtime friend (and overall good person, besides being my former SF neighbor) Rob Schneider, who has recently abandoned the California Democrat Crazies to become a liberty-loving Republican.

    Cheers to him.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      He moved his “vitamin” business to Texas, land of unregulated “vitamin” manufacturing…

      • MoctezumasRevenge

        He can poison with impunity in TexASS

  • curiouslystrongmint

    Conservatives know how Fascist Democrats react those who don’t agree them. Liberals do not like Diversity of thought.

    • polka

      you don’t understand the meaning of the word fascism. Now, explain how much conservatives embrace diversity – of thought, lifestyle, ethnicity, sexual predilection, hell, name anything that reflects diversity than republicans like.

  • AB

    Rino’s maybe…

  • Jaguar67

    Sandler is a Sheldon Adelson type. His loyalty lies with another country. And it ain’t the United States.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      Shhhh! It’s Israel, and the government subsidizes legal abortion!

  • L Renea Woodward

    I bet that a lot of fools in Hollywood have nothing but praise for James Earl Jones. Yes, that’s sarcasm. I hope he stays mentally healthy for as long as possible, just to irritate the loony lib’s. It’s A good thing to have positive black role models who have said no to the modern plantation made for them some 50 years ago by L. B. J.

    • polka

      Jones prefers the old-fashioned plantations. Tom gets to live in the big house!

  • L Renea Woodward

    Another black guy who left the modern plantation. Good for him!

  • L Renea Woodward

    Adam Sandler? Is he a recent convert to the party of greater reasoning powers?

  • Sgt. Hulka

    One of the best movies Sandler has produced is Here Comes The Boom. The themes throughout are GREAT! Immigration and citizenship achieved the right way, the description of how not pulling your own weight is a drag on society (the classroom lesson about stagnant cells). The state of the education system and treating children like cattle and making it a race to the middle. A lot of relevant themes.
    Great movie.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      Too bad it didn’t win an award (What! Not even a Razzy?!)–but we all know Oscar hates Repugs

  • sharkguitar

    I’ve never laughed at anything Adam Sandler has ever done. He is a moron that thinks Styx is the greatest rock band ever. All the Actors mentioned are on the rich side of things, so they selfishly vote for tax cuts for themselves. Funny how I wasn’t a fan of any of these losers.

    • William Carr

      Please don’t disrespect Styx.

    • polka

      You are right about Sandler being wholly unfunny. Styx blows.

  • Blackjack6

    Rudy is no conservative, what Sandler is, is a liberal Republican. aka a Rino.

  • Anton Grimes

    I hate republicans

    • Tom Winegar

      Why, because they expect you to support yourself?

    • swingvote25

      you seem nice

  • P.E. Rich

    I guess it’s comparable to being a celebrity Scientologist.

  • cindy b

    James Earl Jones just lost my respect, the stepin fetchit…

  • cindy b

    Why don’t some of these right wingers in Hollywood stop being cowards and come out..

    • TexasView

      Same reason honest, hard working Germans didn’t pop their heads up in Nazi Germany. I mean looks what happens today to an innocent, honest man who just donates a $1000 to a proposition which seeks to halt same sex marriage. He’s destroyed. And, like in the time following Christ’s death, martyrdom now takes on a 21st century tone to it. Disagree with the amoral orthodoxy of the radical left, and they will go after your job, take you to court (a trap since the courts in this country are biased to the left!). The Feds via the IRS take you on. If you/re a small business owner OSHA looks at your workplace. Look at the Gibson Guitar case – think that was random?
      Obama has turned this country into the hate-filled cesspool it has become. It won’t change until he and those of the radical left who control our public schools, our universities, the media and other key institutions are minimalized – either through attrition or the offering of fair alternatives in a fair marketplace of ideas.

      • kikojones

        I was going to get all in this debate but thank you for comparing Liberals to the Nazis so I can invoke Godwin’s Law and render your gibberish null and void. Goodnight.

        • TexasView

          Didn’t do so – I compared the passivity and “don’t get involved” attitude of Germans circa 1930s?? with majorities today. However, that said, I fully understand a liberals immediate difficulty in grasping such obvious similarities – it takes pulling your head out of the bucket of Obama mud that is today’s zeitgeist. The liberal mind is too intellectually shallow to be able to draw parallels across such spans of time nor comprehend the underlying currents of today’s vast social/ economic/ political events with those of bygone era. Again, it’s NOT about “liberals” per se but rather the “new radical liberals” that are the “base” and hallmark of the Democratic party. But again, please invoke any law you wish, we all understand 🙂

          • William Carr

            Oh, come on, you invoked Nazi Germany.

            You broke Godwin’s Law, and you lost.

            The Conservative Mind is too intellectually shallow to comprehend simple logic.

            You all start with what you WANT to believe and attempt to warp Reality to match.

            Of course, it’s not about “Conservatives” per se but rather the “Reagan Conservative” radicals that are the base and hallmark of the Republican Party.

            Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt are somewhere listening to harp music, and weeping.

          • polka

            there’s some hate-speech and bigotry, huh? – “liberal mind is too intellectually shallow” We’re waiting for your eugenics study to prove your “point,” Tex.

        • Tom Winegar

          Liberals are Communists and that is just as bad as being a Fascist…………..but you wouldn’t understand that any better than what TexasView stated.

          • polka

            you don’t understand the definition of any of those 3 words, bubba. they are not synonyms

      • William Carr

        The Mozilla CEO case caused a petition drive.

        Mozilla could have ignored it. And Eich wasn’t “destroyed”, he’s a multi-millionaire.

        Mozilla reconsidered their choice for CEO because … well, the relevant line is “Caesar’s wife must be beyond reproach”.

        They picked an anti-gay CEO and then reconsidered.

        Of course, he will receive his full Severance package for one week on the job.

        If you’ve forgotten what Prop 8 was about, the Mormons in Utah spent $8 Million bucks in an off-year election to interfere in California politics banning gay marriage.

        Poor turnout meant that $8 Million bucks bought the election.

        Personally, I find the idea of out of State religious groups buying an election disgusting.

      • polka

        brainwashed to the point of paranoia, you neither recognize that your hate-speech has been around a lot longer than 5 years and that, politically, Obama qualifies as a moderate Republican. How are the courts left-biased when the overwhelming majority of judges are former prosecutors? From the election of Obama through 2011, overall household income grew 145, but the wealthiest 13% (households with a net worth of $500k) accounted for ALL the gains. Every other group experienced net declines. Clearly, you don’t understand the meaning of the words you are using. btw; Jesus was the epitome of the “radical left.” The “amoral orthodoxy” of the Roman Empire – war-waging, expansionist, oppressive, oligarchical rule quite resemble the Republican party ideals as interpreted by Rush and Fux News.

  • Stu

    “women’s right to choose” the death of her child.

    • William Carr

      Or not to get pregnant in the first place. Remember, some of these nutters are anti-birth control.

      You read about the claims that the IUD is an abortifacient?

  • Let’s be fair. The tea-flavored redneck armchair revolutionaries and lunatic evangelists have infested the GOP like parasites and given the Republican Party a bad image in the public’s eye. Duval’s old enough to be a Goldwater Republican back in the days when they still had some sanity. Once this party chews off the limbs infected by the loons to recapture credibility with American, we’ll see a more sane version once again. They will have to appeal to the generations behind us Baby Boomers, who won’t stand for religion in government and schools and will not vote for gay bashers or knuckle walkers.

  • Donna Delgadillo

    Robert Duvall and his wife have both left the Republican party. They probably rank as the smartest of the bunch.

  • bellaluna220

    The vast majority of these people have seen better days. For that fact, so has the Republican Party.

  • THurst

    not much of a legit group with the exception of K Chenoworth. Lots of former stars

  • disco

    Say it aint so. Well no more darth vader for me

  • disco

    Well they can have Rabo

  • disco

    Never been a big Willis fan anyway, he be weird

  • disco

    awwwww but I like Duvall a lot so he can be a republican

  • disco

    I like Baldwin but he has anger issues, the repubs got a deal on this one

  • disco

    well ll cool j sold out a long time ago. Hey whats a ghetto?

    • William Carr

      A “ghetto” was originally the term for the Jewish areas in European cities.

      Jews weren’t ALLOWED to live anywhere else.

      So those neighborhoods became overcrowded and cramped.

      Now the term applies to any poor, crowded city neighborhood.

  • disco

    He used to be a boxer. Repubs got another deal here

  • disco

    Sonny is a repub. shoot!

  • disco

    happy Madison cant hang with me no mo

  • Ron Vogel

    I think what this demonstrates that these people-regardless of their belief-voice their opinions much like your average citizen. Their is nothing wrong with sharing the opinion regardless of your belief, but when you start acting like you’re the voice of what’s right, then it gets absurd. And the problem with many actors who spout their politics is that they always do it when they’re just “preaching to the choir.” It’s easy to voice your opinion when you’re amongst friends but if you’re gonna call the other side out on their beliefs at least do it to their face and debate them on it. I’ve never seen the “liberal voices of my generation” debate anybody from the other side.

  • JanitorWillie

    A good bunch of people…they reject the criminality, corruption, racism, misogyny and fascism of the left. Demokrats are the pestilence of the modern age.

    • Craig Blitz

      Having trouble telling right from left Willie?

      • Philip James

        I think he lives in Bizarro-world. Up is down, left is right, dumb is smart, etc, etc.

  • MOPstr

    Other than Sandler, would nor want any of these as neighbors

    • polka

      somebody want Sandler as a neighbor!?

  • Bigdudeintexas

    Their Movies SUCK

  • action

    Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?

  • Valrie Wyatt

    Is Sly’s wife a fembot? There’s nothing natural on that woman. Bless her heart to think she has to have so much plastic surgery in order to be acceptable.

  • highlatte

    Nice looking family, LL.

  • flower

    Jesse Ventura ran as a independent and won.

    • William Carr

      Yes, but he’s a “Conservative Independent”.

      He’s very fond of the anti-government Conspiracy theories.

      • Philip James

        But he’s socially liberal.

  • Justme Babbling

    Thankfully it wasn’t Alec Baldwin, I might have switched parties.

  • ODWms

    I find people’s “surprise” about a black person’s membership in the republican party interesting./ Its as if people think all blacks think alike and want the same things. Nothing could be different from the truth. Black people do have minds of their own and that’s as true in politics as in any other arena.

    • okiejoe

      No, I just thought James Earl Jones was smarter than that.

  • Atomic Veteran

    I saw a post on a very well known web site yesterday. It had a photo of Paul Ryan with the script stating that his name is now RYANHOOD. He robs from the poor to give to the rich. I found that quite amusing.

  • Tikaro

    James Earl Jones?!? Totes McGotes!!

  • Butch Meisner

    Wonder how these individuals feel about being outed as Republicans? Since most of them have already cashed in and have enough to live on for the rest of their lives, maybe they don’t even care anymore.

  • Richard A. Tucker

    As a former Rep myself there’s not one in this group who are draws for me in the box office. I also notice few of them are exactly coming out of the closet and most are what I would call very moderate in their political philosophies. I keep hoping the party would select nominees most of these people would openly support. I’m not a democrat because there’s a reason the term political party is a non-starter for. There’s nothing fun about politics. And, where’s Tom Selleck and Tom Cruise. Cruise is not draw for me but Selleck is. Selleck used to be very openly if moderate Republican and Cruise certainly talks the talk.

    • MoctezumasRevenge

      Cruise is a Scientologist–nuff said.

  • Steve Parkes

    Quote: “Although James Earl Jones happens to also be the ‘voice’ (quite literally) of the LIBERAL news network CNN, serving as the announcer for their tag lines including ‘This is CNN,’ Jones has admitted to preferring to tune in to the NOTORIOUSLY CONSERVATIVE Fox news for his daily news update” [Emphasis added]
    Nope. No bias in this reporting CNN is just liberal but Fox is NOTORIOUSLY conservative.
    And just because someone is a Republican doesn’t mean they HATE Democrats.

    • polka

      cnn is not liberal. there is no corporate media that wants to change the status quo. why would there be amongst multi-billion dollar coporations? cnn = conservative. “notoriously conservative” = propaganda

  • AvalS

    Did you notice that most of these are fizzling out, are not in demand, or hoping for attention? I think this is the wrong approach for their careeer.

  • queenbee9

    Hmm black or gay republican sort of like a Jewish Nazi or a Slave overseer, or a fascist communist or a killing doctor, or any other oxymoron.

  • wolf2525

    Who are they, I will go out of my way to watch anything they do, I refuse to watch left wing fools like Clooney, or those morons who put that awful Obama in office.

  • joeboken

    Wow, there’s 15 of them? lol Good to know, now I know who’s movies not to watch.

  • joeboken

    Besides all the hate and insanity, what does it take to be a Republican these days? Just curious.

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Easy answer. Smarts.

  • SmacksFoolz

    “I have a really interesting political point of view, and it’s not always something I say too loud at dinner tables here, but you can’t go from a $2,000-a-night suite at La Mirage to a penitentiary and really understand it and come out a liberal. You can’t. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone else, but it was very, very, very educational for me and has informed my proclivities and politics every since.”
    Robert Downey, Jr.
    He contributed more $$ to Mitt Romney, Than Barack Obama. Many actors are very closed mouth about their politics if they want to work in Hollywood.

  • joeboken

    Only one Oscar between all 15 of them, lol

  • Semper Fido

    Who cares what political affiliation they have? There’s decent and good people on both sides of the spectrum. Just because they have different ideas on what’s best for the nation, most of them are true Americans doing their best.

  • Smarter/richerthanU

    Wow, for a party that consistently runs on “Christian morals” and “family values” it sure appears that many of these celebrities have had as many spouses as Henry VIII. When did divorce become a Christian value? More like Christian hypocrisy!

    • Not republican or democrat

      they were probably married to Democrats.

  • Smarter/richerthanU

    The day Stephen Baldwin moves to Canada is the day quality of life in the US improves!

  • Lori

    what a joke this on sly, he is a huge hypocrite. he wants to ban guns but all his movies are violent as hell and he uses guns in them as well. you can’t have it both ways sly if your against guns then stop making movies with them in them. idiot.

  • Lori

    so Sly says he is a Republican, okay Sly then support the second ammd. stop speaking out against guns and hey heres a clue stop making movies where you use guns. you want to ban guns then make movies full of them that makes you a huge ole Hypocrite dude.


    Being Republican is NOT a “crime”. I’m a Liberal and I respect freedom of speech.

    • Philip James

      Who said it was a “crime”? They’re just being identified for their support of the hate machine.


        “Hate Machine”? You’ve got some serious maturity issues…

  • Tony Holder

    they all fit the stereo type, white, old, angry man.

  • empireyellow

    Adam Sandler is a Republican? Well, this just ruined my damn day.

  • Michael Goupil

    Listen to you all!!!!!!!!!!!! Pointing fingers at others, name calling…………TOO MUCH HATE

  • peabody3000

    mostly a group of actors known for their contrived and artificial personas..

  • brebay

    What the hell is that standing next to Sly?

  • Jerry G Dobbins

    Not all Republicans are racist….but most racists are Republicans.

    • Truth Teller

      You are sooooo wrong. The Democrat party has always been the racist one in this country. Learn history, moron.

  • MrmdP

    From the article:”As you can see from this list, the Republican party is still very much alive in Hollywood.”
    Yeah, from mostly washed up old irrelevant actors!

  • tevra

    it figures that Adam Sandler is a Republican.

  • Dave Squibb

    With all of his politically incorrect movies this one was not hard to figure out LOL the Hollywood liberals hate Adam Sandler they’ve been objecting to his movies per year’s

    • polka

      because he is unfunny. baby talk gets old after once or twice – a career of it is tedious and pathetic

    • sharkguitar

      Sandler is record breaking…..The world’s least funny comedian. Opera Man was Sandler at his absolute worst!

    • Jon

      It only makes sense that Sandler is a Republican. It takes someone with the IQ of Sarah Palin to appreciate the nonsense humor and infantile jokes that are the calling card of Sandler’s movies.

  • llovejim

    how embarrassing for them. if they weren’t republican, that is.

  • boxhdn

    Since when did it become a crime to be a republican?? This story is doing the same to republicans that the mainstream media chastizes us for “discriminating” against gays. Let these people have an opinion. Anytime a democrat celebrity has an opinion, it’s shoved down our throats.

  • Michael Spezzano

    Do the minority and female members of this list know they’re not really welcome in the GOP?

  • Ellen

    Vince Vaughn is more libertarian than Republican.

  • herandnow

    Not a whole lot of quality actors amongst the Republicans, but probably a whole lot of ignorance.

  • Susan Hensley

    It’s nice to know, there ARE SMART, GOD-loving, FREEDOM-loving Hollywood celebrities…

    • SPacific

      READ what some of them said. Then, COMPREHEND what some of them said: they support gay rights and gay marriage, they support women’s rights, they support a woman’s right to chose an abortion. But seriously, when these also-rans admitted that they supported and punched the GOP tickets of Bush/Cheney and Palin/McCain, it tells you everything you need to know about their politics……and their level of intelligence.

      • Droid 1967

        yeah didnt think actors were that smart!

        • SPacific

          Righr…….Because who could ever possibly defend a woman’s right to choose………..

      • rlocksley

        That just tells that they are about the money. Fiscal conservatives; not social conservatives.
        Not that that is an acceptable position either. They have made fortunes off of our culture. They should be happy to give back.

  • Opietheparrot

    Holy crap, 2 actual good actors? Who would have believed it? James Earl Jones was a surprise, Robert Duvall not so much, but the fact that any decent actor is dumb enough to be a Republican is a shock.

    • rlocksley

      Duvall and Jones are understandable as they are of the age that they probably became republican before the party went bat wing crazy.

  • Frank Krzesowiak

    Here’s the problem I have with this. The fact that if you read the article, one gentleman says it’s “scary” to be a Republican in Hollywood and most of the 15 listed are “low key” Republicans. What that says to me is you have to fear for your livelihood because of your Politics. That is as bad if not worst than the McCarthy era. No one should have to keep their Political views/leanings quiet. That is completely contrary to what this country is about. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves,,,,

  • lordmi

    was disappointed with Stallone..

  • pete14789

    whats funny is most of them make movies the right wing call disgusting and all the men are divorced with trophy wives..so much for family values

  • Spike5

    CNN hasn’t been a liberal news outlet for a very long time. Maybe that’s why James Earl Jones is happy to be their voice.

  • dcta

    So….these are celebrities who lean Republican, does that mean they “hate Democrats”? That sort of language is so ridiculous, so unnecessary, so inflammatory and so indicative of the childish nature that commentators (print/electronic/radio/television) have lowered themselves to. Shame on you!

  • Muffin Man

    The worst thing about Vince Vaughn is his acting.

  • ssohara

    I don’t really care what ideology actors favor, but I do care that they may be blacklisted for espousing more conservative views. You shouldn’t make voting decisions based on who an actor supports but you also shouldn’t stigmatize them because they have an opposing view. Actors in Hollywood should get roles based on merit and their political views should not be a factor.

    • rlocksley

      Sorry. I don’t like republicans. I believe they are unbelievably selfish individuals willing to cause disaster on others to achieve their own personal gains.
      They DESERVE disdain from their fellow human beings.

      • WTexas

        Yet, liberal policies destroy everything. Look at Detroit or Chicago. That is the future of America if the democrats keep winning elections. What is wrong with conservative principles? Self reliance, thrift, self defense, being some of them.

  • fbs1946

    Is it that critical to the public, to know a stars political leanings! Isn’t it bad enough to sit through some of their performances! Owen Wilson? ACTOR. Next someone will reference, George W. Bush as, chuckle, a respectable President!

  • fbs1946

    When the economy tanks. The entertainment industry suffers! Now, that in mind. I would love to see top celeberties proclaim publicly there party allegiance and loyalty, just before the release of there movies! Being that, 99.9999% of movie goers are from the working class!

  • mongo615

    Got some real A-listers there, lol! Seriously, if the GOP were to return to Eisenhower/Rockefeller type views on the economy and social issues I, as a relatively liberal black male, could return home to the party. Unfortunately, the modern-day GOP have become Strom Thurmond’s DixieCrats. Sad.

  • dcordell

    Wow. Rich people who are Republicans. News at 11.

    • Pierre Klee

      There are more rich Democratic Senators in Congress than Republicans.

      • JacklynD

        Because they are smarter and more caring. They don’t come to Congress to get rich, the come to serve.

  • SanfordandSon72

    As I remember.. Not truly 100% correct as Sly Stallone gave a sizable campaign donation (more than once) to Indiana’s former Democrat Senator Evan Bayh.

  • alanjason .

    James Earl Jones, LL Cool J and the Rock are Republicans, but according to liberals, Republicans are racist against minorities. Hmm……

  • Arthur D Leigh

    The only one I’m surprised about was James Earl Jones. there others I would NOT call great actors.

  • Joe Pearson

    Wow, who would have thought that such a collection of actors known far and wide for their deep intellectualism and breadth of knowledge would be members of the GOP? 🙂

  • Ralph Blackport

    Well the poor have voted Democratic for over fifty years and are still just as poor, no gain, only loss, wake up people the democrats have you where they want you, and that is called Federal Goverment

    • rlocksley

      And the republican party (which has worked tirelessly for the rich) shares no responsibility?
      Your obvious dishonesty fits the republican persona to a “t”.

  • baldy522

    I call bull%^&*. You can’t call yourself a Conservative and hate the 2nd Amendment and want it abolished. Stallone hates the 2A and has stated that no one but cops and Military should have guns. He is a Progressive Authoritarian posing as a Conservative.

    • rlocksley

      So you vote the person not the principles,eh?
      How shallow your “democratic” beliefs must be if you can throw them away because you disagree with the current administration.
      A true democrat believes in certain things that republicans are against. If you can now switch to republican; it just means you were never a democrat.

      • baldy522

        Hu? I do vote on principles. That is why I never vote Liberal Democrat. They are for everything that the Constitution was written to prevent. I commented on Stallone stating that the 2nd Amendment needed abolished not to long ago. If he believes that, then he is not a Conservative.

  • james mansfield

    worst president we ever had. my next vote is a republican and i am a life long democrat

  • Sealy57

    Republicans do indeed hate Democrats, but Democrats don’t hate Republicans. They pity them.

    • Matt Kraus

      That is a unique perspective, not one I have observed however. Your condescending post is a good example of what I expect from the left.

    • Pierre Klee

      spoken like a true liberal – Always with conjecture and speculation. And your party always screams about tolerance.

    • lionstar

      Actually it’s the other way around.

    • epic fester

      oooohhh firey debate for the republicanreader Comments section! living life on the edge.

      AHEM: Wrong… repubs dont hate, they consider dems beneath contempt. It’s a deep, rich and complex hatred reserved and directed only towards the self righteous but well intended jackassery which leads others too busy working to support their families straight. into. socialist. hell.

      With respect, as a social lib, but fiscal conservative I fear the we vs. them vitriol is so outta hand there is no soft landing left – and the irony is the two party system is really just one! C’mon. Those who created (Greenspan + wall street) zero interest and the $800 Billion in toxic sub-prime CDO’s and credit default swaps in 2008 are still in power. The Govt love affair w/ military-industrial complex post WW2 was replaced by Wall-street.

      No administration seems to be able to commence a healing process. Why is this! We had the chance to do this TWICE (2000 and 2009) but chose poorly. It seems the only way we will once again begin responsible growth and ensure long-term prosperity for all (stop printing USD’s and raise the Fed funds rate) will be an economic reboot, e.g. unfortunate major system shock.

      Fool, Venezuela (that big oil producing country in South America) is YOUR liberal policy driven poster child… So many citizens on govt handouts and life support they are headed into. socialist. hell.

  • Sharon

    i have total respect for all of the Actors/Celebrities for revealing their republican party status because we are not the popular party but should be and if others new the facts they would be too. Proud tea drinker!

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Correction. Silent Majority.

  • Dee

    cool I like all these actors, now I like them more!

  • mary

    Why was it necessary in the headline to use the word “hate”? So they are Republicans. That is their right. It does put the lie though to the often stated tea party claim that “Hollywood” is all Democrats doesn’t it?

  • Ashley Bell

    Very sad. My respect for these people has gone into the toilet. And yes, they SHOULD be ashamed to publicly admitting their republican leanings. In the same way that they should be ashamed of admitting that they’re against women’s equal pay and reproductive autonomy. In the same way they should be ashamed of supporting politicians who put voter supression policies to work. In the same way they should be ashamed of supprorting anti-gay legislators. In the same way they should be ashamed of supporting legislators who block increasingminimum wage even an iota. In the same way they should be ashamed of the party that wants creationism and anti global change taught in schools.In the same way they should be ashamed of the party that tried and tried to (and STILL tries) to deny healthcare to those who need it most and could not previously afford it. In the same way they should be ashamed of the party of Rick Santorum, Louis Gommert, Ted Cruz (who almost shut the government down and cost the country billions through his BS sequester.) Grifters,Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin….Yeah at least most these actors are smart enough and ashamed enough to keep their mouths shut, unlike the majority of the goos they support… And Owen Wilson? Aw man I SRSLY has a sad over that one. That one and James Earl Jones.

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Please save it for your community college “Women’s Studies” class. The rest of us live in the real world. And if you’re so concerned about the “war on women”, take your complaint to the sexists-in-chief, the current installment in The People’s House where women are payed, on average, 30% LESS than their male counter-parts…

    • alpha1sx

      Wow you are drinking the DNC cool aid by the gallon aren’t you. I don’t know anything about actors and who they support but your view of who the GOP is could have been written at MSNBC.

    • Brad

      I think you should be ashamed for buying into the BS propaganda that has been spouted. Let me guess, you vehemently oppose fracking. Where has increasing the minimum wage gotten us in the past? Providing a subsidized life for those that you feel ‘need’ it is not doing what you hoped it would. Travel to some of the economically depressed areas of the country and see how the ‘New American Dream’ is playing out. Come travel around with me for a week. Your leanings will definitely be more right leaning.

  • consneverwork

    Don’t make me laugh; chickenhawks in war and chickenhawks in life. Puke. Not that he’s a con but that he’s a coward.

  • Karl Kimball

    Stallone being the absolute hypocrite anti self defense and anti gun guy that said.. “Why would anyone need an assault rifle”?

    He obviously has absolutely no idea why our SECOND Amendment guarantee was even written if he actually believes this nonsense he is spouting, because the black powder musket was a very effective “assault weapon” of it’s time that ripped whole arms, heads and legs OFF when hit by their 50 caliber balls! And if it was the case that our Founding Fathers that wrote our country’s Constitution did not believe that time brings innovation, our FIRST Amendment guarantee they wrote guaranteeing free speech no longer stands with the innovations like the telephone and the computer! And YES, both the telephone and computer have both been used in killing many people, for those people that try and wiggle out of TRUTH when talking about firearms.

  • David Selwyn

    ACTORS? NOT! Except for Duvall, and occasionally Wilson and Caan, the majority are mere “Movie Stars”, NOT ACTORS. Generally, there is something lacking in the Republican brain that keeps them from truly understanding and embracing the human experience, making it impossible for mere celebrities or movie stars from ascending the ladder of the acting craft to the status of true dramatic art.

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Uh, okay. If it makes you feel better…

  • Unbelievable

    Umm, in Hollywood, the land that espouses open tolerance, only those that lean their way are tolerated. The rest are treated as “hate groups” and mercilessly tortured. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Indeed. Like a bunch of nursery-school-aged, temper-tantrum-throwing brats.

  • neastsider

    These actors are all 4th rate and most, if not all are has-beens, just like the baggers they support.

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Tell that to the Hollywierds riding on the coat-tails of Dwayne Johnson who is making bank as the highest grossing actor of 2013 and set to break that record this year…

  • Unbelievable

    Hmm, this is a hit piece, like everything else the left does to silence dissent. Fascism in all it’s glory. Look it up before you over react and prove my point, you lefty kneejerks.

    • Larry Berry

      It’s a hit piece from the left???? It’s the republican reader.

  • Unbelievable

    I actually know all of these were republican. How, you ask? Because of the ongoing character assination directed at them from all their costars and directors over the years. They gave different reasons for the abuse, but at the end of the day all their Democratic tormentors just don’t like Republicans and enjoy making life difficult. Again, kind of ironic in light of their wholesale embrace of the gay agenda and their “right” to “come out” and “live openly”. Selective tolerance indeed. More like fascism.

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Yep – the liberal mantra: “Tolerance for me but not for thee”…

  • Kieran4

    Wow, what a bunch of elderly has-beens and dunces!

    • Crystal Sourceint

      Name the “has-beens’. Let’s hear it. You’ve got 24 hours.







    • Crystal Sourceint

      Please stop shouting.

    • Not republican or democrat

      Hey Wulfina, I bet you you use some of that oil, cattle and gas.

  • john

    Funny how none of these are hollywood scumbags, because they are all liberal.

    • ibasob

      8 Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky

      How To Create A Social State

      1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people

      2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are
      easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for
      them to live.

      3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to
      increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

      4) Gun Control –

      Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are
      able to create a police state.

      5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and

      6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of
      what children learn in school.

      7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools

      8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will
      cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the
      support of the poor.

      way to go Democrats, you sure picked a winner with this as,sclown !?!

  • JacklynD

    I think you should ask these people how they would vote now. The last 6 years have not been particularly stellar for Republicans.

    • Semprasectum

      But its been the golden age for the democrats?? Seriously? A muslim president, and an administration full of anti-American weirdos who don’t follow or acknowledge there is a law they must follow. . .While both parties are failing, it is the democrat party doing a majority of he damage to this country. . . .Jacklyn, you don’t appear to smart, you should be ashamed. . .

    • Crystal Sourceint

      What planet are you living on?

  • EdDrky

    One’s political leaning, just like one’s religion, is one’s personal business. If there are any surprises in this group, it is because people are confusing the characters they play (or have played) with who they really are. There is nothing inherently evil in being a Republican anymore than there is nothing inherently good in being a Democrat. Or any other party. And, while I don’t consider myself a Democrat, I have more in common with that party, and – particularly lately – have not found a whole bunch of Republicans whom I would even consider giving my vote.

    And, really: do we really care about most of these people, anyway? Whole lot of yesterday’s news in this group.

  • Alex Mackenzie

    This article is so fatally flawed in so many ways: First, 13/15 are washed-up nut-jobs. Second, there’s lots of conjecture about whether they are Republicans or not, with scant proof. Third, they left out classless Kelsey Grammer who said the reason he didn’t win a Tony award for his ill-conceived series, “Boss” was that he is a conservative. I’ll stop there.

    • Crystal Sourceint

      The Rock? Adam Sandler? Kristen Chenowith? Robert Duvall?…these are all “washed up nut-jobs” in your book?

  • Kate Fernstrom

    I don’t like most of these people anyway. and who cares really? They have money. They want to protect ALL of it and they need their loopholes. Some people forgot where they came from and figure they did it ALL ON THEIR OWN…all the way. No help, no handout, no boost up the ladder from a friend, all by their own hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Poor people can’t afford to vote Republican which is why it makes NO sense to me why so many do. Ignorance of what’s really going on is my guess. That and close attention to Faux News sound bytes.

    • EddieGin12

      Let me SPLAIN something to YOU, do some homework and you will find 18 out of the TOP 20 Richest states VOTE for Democrats. When you explain that one for me I will listen to what you got to SAY OK.

  • Kathy Hayes

    Robert Duvall has publicly announced that he has left the Republican Party because it is such a mess.

    • rebbebupkis

      That’s because unlike many of the talentless intellectual midgets listed here, Duvall has class and cortical functions (and a LOT of talent).

    • JenJen

      In what way “a mess?” And if he’s really a Republican is it likely he will vote for a Democrat next time? Perhaps he’s become a Libertarian.

    • Not republican or democrat

      Yes but he did not sign on with the Democrats. So sorry, I know you you would like to have him.

  • john5651

    does anyone really care? they only get 1 vote just like the rest of us and even that doesn’t really count for much. george bush lost the popular vote by 500,000+ votes in 2000 and he still won.

    • It give hope that all in Hollywood are not Lefty-Libs

    • idiocracyrules

      The real point is why are there so few. The answer has to be discrimination.

    • It’s not about the popular vote. although 0baMao and others certainly would like to destroy the republic and replace it with a dumbocracy.

  • Wow a paper that talks behind the scene. To bad you jacs
    will never win again. The pop. is changing and republicans could never
    adopt to change because of their resistence to acknowledge , women
    and people of color. Yet they worship a so-so- class B actor. Reagan wasn’t
    even an actor. He was a soap salesman for Borax Company. He
    was the equal to a Ed McMahon, who co hosted the Johnny Carson show.
    He had dementia in his first term, stated by his 1st son Ronnie Jr., fact.
    He was never right after he took a bullet during a failed assanation attempt.
    He was a rich man’s dream. But sent America into decline with his trickle down economic policies.
    house hold income has been on the decline ever since. Its to bad for America that ronnie , boy actor
    survived the attempt by hinckly to give him a dirt nap.

  • Paul Alvarez

    My hands are washed of filthy Democrats and Republicans are running a close second. They’re all part of someone elses agenda. The ones I will support are true conservatives. Their values align with a strong and free country.

  • Joe Rogowski

    Wait til the Velvet Mafia starts to play their dirty tricks.

  • Patricia Robertson

    THANKS FOR THE INFO, ON L L COOL J, want be listening to his music anymore. I’ve never purchased musics, attended concerts,anyway. He backed John McCain, Oh my God, he’s on something.

  • Moose442

    The BAD News Is, Most of the “Republicans” Mentioned in the Article are RINOS.

  • Jaybone

    But on the other side, many members of the Hollywood elite are merely “limousine liberals”. They’ll host fundraisers, give cash, and talk about the issues, but few of them actually care for “just folks”. They don’t care if you have a job or get adequate healthcare. They have their comfortable lives and don’t want to put in any real work to create significant change.

  • Anthony Risola

    Wow,that picture of Stallone and his family looks like it came from Madame Tussauds museum.

  • You know….who cares what Stallone thinks…He’s a good actor….

  • Sojourner Truth

    Nice to see that there is still some wisdom left in Hollywood!

  • 4902950E9

    Good for them, too bad there aren’t more in Hollywood, or at least more that are not afraid of coming out!

  • sue

    Thanks for the article! Now I know what movies and products NOT to spend any of my money on!

  • Conservative Voice

    At least there is a sliver of SANITY in Hollywood…

    Although the VAST majority of Hollywood is comprised of Marxist Socialist NUT Jobs… at LEAST thee are a few who have a little common sense…

  • JDGreen

    Help me out here, but I just can”t see being republican is anything great these days or ever for that matter. Also on your topic of 15 or so Actors that might be Republican…I’ve got a greater number that doesn’t give a rats a$$…..

  • Tom

    Kate: “Poor people can’t afford to vote Republican”

    they know where their bread is buttered! Poor people pay no taxes! Upper
    middle class and up, pay pretty much ALL income tax and receive really
    nothing for it. Federal welfare is unconstitutional in any form, but it
    is where most of our tax money goes!

    Libs yearly bill
    SS – More than 750 BILLION a YEAR(middle/middle class and up lose money)
    Medicare – More than 400 BILLION a YEAR(Shift of wealth once again)
    Medicaid – More than 300 BILLION a YEAR(Nice free health care for the deadbeats)
    Food Stamps – More than 50 BILLION a YEAR
    Section 8 – About 20 BILLION a YEAR
    Free Cell Phones – More than 2 BILLION a YEAR
    War on Drugs – More than 50 BILLION a YEAR(Started by King Lib FDR)
    HeadStart – About 8 BILLION a YEAR( a program KNOWN to be a complete failure)
    Interest on these unconstitutional programs – More than 300 BILLION a YEAR

    And this is ONLY the cost at the federal level!

  • LostInUnderland

    “being an open, outspoken, proud Republican can be safe and acceptable both personally and professionally.” Ironically, they COULD be open, outspoken, proud Republicans safely and acceptably if they would agree that Homosexuals get the same treatment.


    More RINO’s than a wildlife reservation

  • Loolu

    Back in the days, in Regan here, they had the podium and no one complained then. So, what’s up?

  • TryThinking1956

    Since Johnson is a bi-racial guy who identifies himself as “white” and refuses to take Black roles and wouldn’t be caught dead with a Black woman…what else would he be? The GOP is a breeding ground for self-hating people of color…

  • Ccm Marshall

    maybe because the democrats represent the poor and working class rich guys could care less as long as their on top>

  • Pistons1

    I’m not surprised. White or Black there not worrying about where their next meal is coming from or are they going to be treated fairly, or how they are going to pay the bills. Who really cares about the rich 2%.

  • pigsrbig

    Maybe if the blacks in America would take time to read history they would see it was the Republicans that ended slavery, not the Democrats. Unfortunately since then the vast majority of African-Americans have become the lap dogs of the Democratic party. If they took a real look at the political scene you would notice there’s little difference between the two parties, it’s all about lining their own pockets with the lobbyists monies and making sure they get re-elected.

  • Marsha Matthews

    CENSORED! ROTFLMFAO! LOVE how Repukelican’s pick and choose who can exercise their First Amendment Rights … no wonder the GOTP is dying a slow and painful death … 🙂

  • brigig44

    Couple of disappointments but mostly second rate losers. Like most republicans …..

  • gacl

    This article is wrong. James Earl Jones was Republican in the past, but he was a big supporter of Obama, which is the opposite of what this says. I can’t see any political activity from him in recent years on either side.

  • Tillmann Puschka

    not surprised by any of these, really- not even L.L.- i’ve always assumed these people were probably republicans. i do tend to think that you’re shooting yourself the peter more or less if you’re a black republican, however- just doesn’t feel right.

  • Daniel Pour

    Whats a Shannon Doherty?

  • Donald Graham

    Alec Baldwin vs. Stephen Baldwin!! Can’t wait for those debates

  • Dr D

    Wow! A bunch of old, rich people are repugs? What a revelation.

  • PerkyGreen

    All of these personalities are now on my list of who to support and who NOT to support. I will NOT be attending any of their MOVIES, buying their Records or any other items related to them. They are right up there with the KOCH BROTHERS, and I don’t buy any of their products either.I’am putting SOLAR PANELS on my ROOF so I can eventually do away with the POWER COMPANIES as well.

  • monstermoviefan

    Maybe the stupidest stream of unconsciousness I have ever read. The comments I mean.

  • Desirey Killjoy Howard

    Adam sandler is the most surprising one….

  • Eric Blaine

    in a world of disintigrating morals (understatement), rampant depravity and political insanity going toward the old USSR of America, this is good, good news. Their soul shines through their acting art, btw. Should have known they were sane conservatives rather than the flip side. And as popular and successful as any of the new pro-commies, which they are, overtly pro-communist, and that’s kind of fact. So, again, good news in a decaying world.

  • Rupert_Pupkin

    Darth Vader is a Republican!

  • jim brown

    If you disagree with my point of view ,I can live with that. But, a discussion only occurs when both sides are presented in form that does not make personal attacks on others. You disagree with me, that does not make me a racist, a sexist pig, or a stupid person who mangles the English language because of comma errors. So when you respond with such drivel , you have already destroyed your point of view. Both sides of a civil discourse are enlightening . And who knows, I might learn something if your remarks are civil and interesting

  • OrangeCountyCalifornia1

    Thanks for telling me who in Hollywood are Republicans. Now I’ll know which movies and TV shows I will not watch. I already don’t watch “Blue Bloods” because Tom Selleck is in it.

  • idiocracyrules

    About all this shows to me is that Hollywood is a bigoted anti right town. This is a miniscule number of actors. The PEW report states that 42% of Americans identify themselves as republican or as leaning republican. Given the small number of people listed it is obvious to me that Hollywood is lead by leftists who discriminate against the right. This group is leading us to moral decay and economic destruction in large part because they dominate this club and get so much notoriety. Pretty sickening and quite obvious.

  • BZ

    A couple of these did surprise me but that doesn’t bother me as much as anyone that wears fur coats. So that’s two strikes for Kristin Chenoweth.

  • Dffallis .

    If the article points out anything, it’s how totally intolerant of others views the liberals are and how willing they are to ruin those who won’t agree with them.

  • kirsten zielinski

    over half of these they say the person never talks about their political leanings so they are guessing and a lot of the others..well, any black or woman that support the republicans have to have a screw loose. pointless article full of half truths and lies. kind of like the right.

  • Rich39

    No problem. You will always have some people that hate other people, including themselves because they are a certain race. These people don’t care about “ALL” the Americans, our laws, our government, our environment, our future, and our earth. Just give them money and sex and they will always be Republicans.

  • Tea Party Anarchist

    If these guys are McCain/Boehner type RINOS, they aren’t much help.

  • Ginger DesRousseau

    Yeah! Some really impressive folks! LOL!

  • LiberalBobinChippewa

    If you look at the list a majority of the Hollywood careers are in the dumps. Has any of them have any talent other than James Earl Jones and Robert Duvall? Adam Sandler, Vince, Rocky, Health, etc., their careers are gone . . .

  • Keith Andersen

    so that’s why sandler is hated. most of his movies aren’t good, but there is a little too much schadenfreude in the negative reviews of movies like “jack and jill”.

  • Joe Salgot

    Nice to know that there are some actors with common sense and are not drinking the media Kool-Aid

  • Will_I_am

    DEAD WRONG about Vince Vaughn you flaming extremist left-winger! He was INCREDIBLY vocal about who he supported, and he is NOT a republican….he is a LIBERTARIAN that STAUNCHLY supported, and gave speeches for, DOCTOR RON PAUL!

    You know…that guy who was right about everything he ever predicted? And who only NOW everyone is parroting him? The SAME people who called him crazy are backing almost EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS agenda points.

    Go write some more bullcrap, maybe your sheeple followers will believe it……

  • Joe Salgot

    This figures, they have proven themselves to be the best talent and now the smartest as well in Hollywood. They are in good company with Clint Eastwood one of the most talented people in the arts.
    I will be seeing Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller tonight in Buffalo.

  • Sam Kaner

    It’s encouraging and shows there might be some hope for hollywood and that their not all a bunch of sick mentally ill socialists, fascists democrats or environmental wackos who worships man-made global warming and driving a nuclear prius that our child are going to have to deal with the pollution left over from them in the future.

  • c23634697

    I vote for people not parties.

  • Mybarkingdog

    You’ve sold me. I’m changing my party affiliation so I can be like Adam Sandler.

  • Amber Flow

    This is really stupid, what rich person is not Republican……….like we didn’t know this.

  • Psychodad

    Liberals, Your minds are sooo open , Logical thoughts just pass through !!!!!!!!

  • Antonio Montana

    He may be a republican but Mr. Shoot em up in every movie he makes is no friend to the 2nd Amendment. Screw this hypocrite.

  • Stephen Ray Kutos

    I think using the term, “actor” gives this bunch a bit too much credit.

  • Stephen Ray Kutos

    Another quick thought: Vince Vaughn sold out his talent years ago, so it doesn’t surprise me in the least that he’s a Republican

  • roadman

    All I know is that the Democrats started the KKK and the Republicans freed the slaves and not one Democrat voted to free them. Now who is the racist ?

    • Strider Mccleod

      Awesomely true!

  • Girtupyourloins

    Well well well, not a metrosexual in the bunch. No Bill Maher, no Chris Hayes, no Rachel Maddow er wait a minute Hayes and Maddow are the same person, right?

  • Syclonedave

    Democrats have had the control of our government since 2007 and we have failed since.
    Anytime one party rules too long, they become abusive and then corrupt.
    Obamacare alone may have ruined the Socialist democrat party for the next 5-10 years.

  • Jackie Austin

    The only time Stallone was against guns was when he was dodging the draft during the Viet Nam War. I think he left the country to keep from being drafted. Then he made a fortune playing an American war hero.

  • Al Bortz

    I am amazed by this list, and truly happy to see these thespians on the right side of the tracks, good for you all.

  • jim harris

    There was a time when being a democrat meant something noble. Now a days it stands for something unpatriotic and immoral. They represent weakness and mediocrity. Our democratic leaders constantly make false promises and contradict themselves. They go against everything this country was founded on in order to get votes. It’s scary to think of where this country will be in another decade.

  • Ronnie Simonet

    I am a registered Republican because years ago I voted in the Republican primary to vote against our Republican governor’s bid for re-election. I only found out when I tried to vote in a Democratic primary.

  • rwc2

    Just having read the first item I can see how ridiculous this is and how it plays up to the farcical Republican obsession that they are a persecuted. There are plenty of big-named GOP actors who are openly Republican. What’s more, the anecdote about Vaughn not getting into the Republican event says more about the Republicans than it does about Vaughn being shy about admitting he is a Republican. Why did the Republicans only want to admit true believers to their event? Are they so insecure about their beliefs that they can’t stand being challenged on them? I guess being challenged would be equal to being persecuted in their eyes.

  • Lisa

    based on most of the people on this list I would retitle it “republicans you might not have known were actors.”

    • Strider Mccleod

      Really? Bruce Willis, Really? Robert Duval? Sylvester Stallone. . .
      You didn’t know these guys were actors? Makes you look a little bit stupid.

  • MichSeag

    The Republican Party would do much better with MUCH of our country if it would simply off the reactionary nutjobs that seem to have taken over the leadership and the rank-and-file.

    When guys like Cliven Bundy get marked as “heros” of the Republican Party – or conservatism in general – it send moderates fleeing in droves!!!

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Somehow I thought Shirley Jones and her son Shaun may have been on this list, but I guess I’m wrong. Democrats seem to have Hollywood in their pocket. Well, with their money, they can always fly away to Switzerland when and if the lib-tards really do a lot of damage to our once indomitable nation.

  • Joe Smith

    What a bunch of has beens. Jaclyn Smith? Stephen Baldwin? Shannon Doeherty? There’s got to be a better list than this. Some of these actors are clearly Republicans, but many of them have no hard evidence to back up their political leanings one way or another.

  • We also Have Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood

  • Avatar

    I don’t mind some of them to be Republicans but it sure help me to write others off, especially Vaughn and Sandler.

  • Avatar

    And didn’t two of aforementioned actors has left Republican Party?

  • lin

    I can’t imagine being a Rep. in such a caustic liberal environment. You really have to bite your tongue 100% of the time or the LIBS that run Hollywood will get you and you’ll be out of a job in a NEW YORK MINUTE!! America the land of the FREE …HA, HA ,HA- as long as you don’t state what you really feel!

  • Ralph Debnam

    the most common element of these people “OLD & WHITE” Therefore the GOP

  • Clint Harris

    Yep all Tea party extremists!

  • SonnySky

    Wasn’t that long ago that Hollywood would never reveal their political views. But then its hard to distinguish Hollywood and politicians on Capitol Hill cause they enjoy the same privileges and we the people are the suckers being used by both groups including political parties.

  • Ericha Kemm

    Am I the only one noticing that most of these folks are over 50??? GOP is losing touch…

  • skiph1

    not many great actors. And Duvall do something about those teeth for crying out loud.

  • Not republican or democrat

    I am probably going to be called racist, but I believe that Black Americans have it better here than any where else in the world. Just imagine how how much richer black american experience would be if the majority of them took advantage of what the country has to offer instead of remaining victims with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. If only they had leadership that didn’t spend their time staging false rapes and blackmailing corporations. Phony Reverends both of them.

  • Texaschl1

    I know what i know and dont know really who is a conservative “out there”

  • Not republican or democrat

    Hey they missed John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Charlton Heston…wow most of these are great leading men, I guess that leaves the liberals with Sean Penn, Jonny Depp and George Clooney. I am ok with this.

  • kenhowes

    I can just see it now–James Earl Jones speaks at the 2016 RNC, and the Democrats say, “It figures; Darth Vader is a Republican!”

  • DD

    Wow! So happy to see that there are actually people in show business who think and use their brains! Of course, many Dems are now distancing themselves from Obama’s 422 proposed taxes, plus his 22+ taxes in his proported healthcare plan!

    You only hear about those lib Dems who only follow Obama because they get their name in the news often by kissing his butt!

  • Harry_Wild

    Will, I am in good company then. They forgot Clint Eastwood and Arnold S again! But there are some that are on Hollywood’s blacklist like Mel Gibson. They are not to be mention since they are blacklisted.

  • migooksaram

    Wait, I’m not sure the word “reticent” was used enough.

  • Shelwin

    Until I read this article, I’d only known of Alec Baldwin as a staunch Republican.

  • Ed Saletnik

    I hate Adam Sandler even more now.

  • the7thson

    James Earl Jones is, in fact, a big supporter of BHO.

  • rick

    MONEY runs Hollywood, not politics. That’s why Stallone and Willis keep working, because they make money for studios (oh and liberidiots are naive imbeciles, who want us to be nice to terrorists because…they’re idiots. how else can you explain it?)

  • Arthur Wilton

    Assuming that entertainers or academics are politically liberal is like assuming that military people and Chamber of Commerce types are politically conservative. It’s usually true, but certainly not always.

  • Giovanni Campanella

    Vince Vaughn is a libertarian, he’s only registered republican. Republican is just a party designation, your ideology is different however. You can be a libertarian, liberal or conservative Republican or a libertarian, liberal or conservative Democrat. Vaughn is a huge Ron Paul man and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is helping to promote Rand Paul.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    You simply don’t “lean” conservative. You believe in the constitution or you don’t.

    • queenbee9

      Then there was George Bush Jr who ignored the Constitution , removed our name from the Geneva Accords, ignored those parts to do with international law and the signing of treaties or agreements, and said that the Constitution was nothing more than a “GD piece of paper” before he pushed through rendention and wire tapping…. he was a “conservative” and obviously the Constitution was not something he really believed in, just something he trotted out and used when he wanted a rallying point and something he ignored when it suited him. Flag wrapping is not Constitutional, it is just fake patriotism.

  • Suzanne

    I really like Robert Duvall in the Apostle. I can believe it. He seems like a sensible guy.

    • Strider Mccleod

      I know right? Anyone who has moral values and believes in freedom from a tyrannical government has to be a nut job right?

  • Suzanne

    Go Stephen! Good man!

  • ibacommoner

    Republicans in general are more liberal than Progressives. Liberals generally oppose the policies of European governmental forms of the socialists, communists, and Nazis who now are lumped under the term Progressive aka Democrats. But Democrat liberals, like their progressive leaders are also for big government, and wish to reduce the influence of the Constitution which is the law that governs and restricts the powers of our federal government. These Democrat/liberal/progressives work hand in glove with Republican liberals to undermine our constitution. Their goal is to build the government.

    The only resistance comes from Tea Party members, and conservative Republicans. Libertarians generally should be described as liberal and they are only slightly more loyal to our constitution than liberal Republicans. They are sort of one worldly. They share the one world philosophy with Democrats, but believe that individuals should have most of the power of decision making while Progressives want the power to make all of your decisions for you.

    • defiant1

      The communist Party created the Progressive Party.

  • disqus_6npiJ7fVP4

    Heather is still a hottie…

  • slobotnavich

    Let’s face it, the performing art world is and always has been strongly left-leaning. Performing artists are generally quite narcissistic by nature and inclination, as are many creative types in all disciplines. Why? Beats me.

    • Hollywood has both GOPs and Dems. But the movies they make are stupid.

  • Nick2014

    Republicans support ownership of guns as long as it is not one of their family members who is shot accidentally with a gun or who is shot in an argument by someone who owns a gun and gets pissed off. I think the right to own guns in the 2nd Amendment is out dated, it was more for the times when the Constitution was redacted and not for these days. If the 300+ million americans eventually get to own guns, it will be a catastrophe. The NRA brainwashes people to believe that you are a real american if you own a gun, because they are backed by the Gun Lobby, by Gun Manufacturers who want to keep selling guns even if innocent people die. It is against the Gun Manufacturers interests to pass gun control, because they would sell less guns. It is about the bottom line. Sadly, if the whole population owns guns, one of those gun lobbiers, their family or friends can get shot…will greed be thicker than blood?

    • Well said Nick2014. Guns kill more people than NRA guns defend.

      • defiant1

        People with guns kill, Nick.

    • musiccitydawg

      So I take it that you feel equally strong about getting rid of alcohol.

    • Liberalbasher1955

      “I think the right to own guns in the 2nd Amendment is out dated”

      Then I guess you would agree with Adolf Hitler when he decreed the Reichstag Fire Decree. Which consisted of six articles. Article 1 indefinitely suspended most of the civil liberties set forth in the Weimar Constitution, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, the secrecy of the post and telephone, not to mention the protection of property and the home. Articles 2 and 3 allowed the Reich government to assume powers normally reserved for the federal states. (IE for us that would mean that your state government had no power.)Articles 4 and 5 established draconian penalties for certain offenses, including the death penalty for arson to public buildings. Article 6 simply stated that the decree took effect on the day of its proclamation.

      Be careful what you wish for. You may get it ! When criminals that includes an out of control government breaks in your front door and kills or carts you off to an internment camp with no charges, But like most liberals until it bites you on the butt you could care less ! The founding fathers weren’t stupid. Like you it seems !

      “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” –
      Thomas Jefferson

      “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bare arms is, as a last resort to protect themselves against Government tyranny.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.
      Thomas Jefferson

      “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
      George Washington

      Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
      George Washington

      Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
      George Washington

    • Liberalbasher1955

      Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
      George Washington

      Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
      George Washington

      “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
      George Washington

      “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bare arms is, as a last resort to protect themselves against Government tyranny.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” –

      Thomas Jefferson

      The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that… it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.
      Thomas Jefferson

      You Nick2014 seem to fall in with this Icon of the left !

      ” All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist (Liberal/Progressive/democratic) party must command all the guns, that way no guns can ever be used to control the party!”
      mao zedong Thats why I don’t trust democrats !!!!

    • defiant1

      I own a handgun, I’m a 72 yr old woman and no one in my family has been shot with my gun; we all took gun safety courses. Responsibility and guns go hand in hand. Nutjobs and gutter trash cares not about responsibility. Pay attention Nick…………

  • Maverick2u

    All of them are second raters now. And they’re not worth watching or spending one penny to see.

  • authorizedealer

    America is a ‘house divided’ in so many ways.

  • Dude Perfect

    If blacks are racist for voting for President Obama and not McCain or Romney then that would mean every white person who voted before for a white guy is racist.
    Has everyone seen the welfare King Bundy? Man does he know his way around millions in free money while all of the other ranchers have to pay for their cattle grazing. But hey the militia group wanted to strap women to the front of their vehicles so if the government came they would shoot the women. What is in the water?

    • Rich

      Whites did not vote for Romney at over a 90% rate.

      • queenbee9

        But whites did vote for Reagan and others or another white guy at over a 90% rate. what % of blacks voted for Clinton? 90%? could it BE they voted for Clinton in such high numbers because they have been trained to hate a party that has members in the KKK or who call them lazy and Porch monkeys and make fun of them and want to do away with Affirmative Action and think of them all as welfare recipients? Or do you think blacks should vote for a group that depicts them that way? IF you think that they should –WHY should they? Most people do NOT vote for the group that they don’t like and most don’t like a group who routinely denigrates them.


    • defiant1

      you are obviously an MSNBC dude.

  • Macperk

    Republicans are definitely a force in Hollywood. We just don’t hear about them in the liberal press. Instead we get Sean Penn’s and Alec Baldwin’s liberal rhetoric.M

  • Ginger Coker Hughes

    The only two actors listed there whom I like to watch are James Earl Jones and Robert Duval. It’s pretty ridiculous to say that these people hate democrats. I don’t imagine they do, rather they disagree with the politics of Democrats. I am a Democrat and have a number of friends who are Republicans. Am I supposed to “hate” them because of political differences? Please.

    • Patty Hearst

      You’re the exception to the rule…

  • Kendra Nicole

    No. Not LL Cool j and Adam Sandler! UGH And the Rock?! Blimey!

  • Noah Bama

    Just because the Democrat celebrities have a visceral hate for Republicans doesnt mean Republican celebrities hate Democrats. Being conservative is 180 degrees the opposite of being liberal.

    • defiant1

      Nicely said Noah! Conservatives do not need to vilify, we are strong in our philosophy and way of life.

  • SpaceCadet Williams

    I wonder why a lot of them are so tight lip about their views. Hmmm… perhaps they are embarrassed. I would be.

    • defiant1

      They are not embarrassed, I am not embarrassed. I just do not like being verbally vilified. You just proved your dislike of someone not like you!

  • Ann Marie Neufelder

    Well so much for the stereotype that the republican party is for white men.

  • Eric Huttinger

    Um, no, these actors are all Democrats, just like all Democrats are Republicans. Bi-Partisan politics work for one group of people, the leaders of those two parties. Keep the people, Rep’s and Dem’s, arguing about the most asinine things while they fleece our country. Most people agree on about 99% of their views, so get them to argue about gay marriage or Tryavon Martin while both parties pass legislation giving Monsato a free pass to give people cancer. WAKE UP AMERICA. If you defend either party, you are helping to destroy our country. It’s time to put the USA first.

    • defiant1

      Kumbayah just does not work Eric.

  • Ummm Vince Vaughn is NOT a republican he is a Libertarian. He endorsed Ron Paul.

  • MrCarolinaLib

    Anyone who watches Faux News is only fooling him or herself, since Fox is merely a mouthpiece for the Right. Propaganda is what I call it. I thought James Earl Jones was more intelligent than that. How can ANY black person vote for a Right Winger?

    • defiant1

      and what is MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBD–they are the Obama media! Nice try MrCarolineLib. Your liberal racism is showing……someone lives as you disapprove…so typical.

  • Lmaris

    CNN is liberal? They are working overtime to be to the right of Fox


    Kristin chenoweth aught to brush up on her Christianity. Jesus did not hate anyone, even homosexuals. However, that will not keep them out of hell and he was not going to tell them differently.

  • dragontech64

    Most of the hacks in this article are has-beens or never-weres any way. That they back the backwards, past-facing, soon-to-be-extinct Red Elephant just takes what little luster they had away. I won’t miss any decent entertainment by avoiding their work.

    • defiant1

      You just displayed the all too typical hateful and superior attitude of a liberal.

  • lawoman32

    With the exception of James Earl Jones, most of these actors are only marginally talented and most are way beyond their expiration date.

  • jammer22

    Sly with the I.Q. of a poptart a republican. Would have never guessed.

  • Amanda De

    Most members of Hollywood are Liberals because it’s difficult to be an actor without having empathy. That empathy is usually what leans them to the left. The members of Hollywood that support Republicans do so because they care more about protecting their own money and assets, so it’s really not that surprising.

  • Daniel Williams

    This banter is rather disturbing! Like the rest of the political landscape it is very polarized. We are all Americans (I hope) and want pretty much the same things. While all of you are kicking sand in each others face, the government (that would be both parties) are driving our country into the ground by simply not representing their constituency, be it R or D. I am an old white guy and I’ve seen ALL of us lose economic power, political power and the freedom that I experience as a young man under both R and D ruling administrations. I believe when we stop calling each other names and get people in office that actually represent ALL of our interests, things will get better instead of worse as they have in the past few decades under both parties. I believe there are some good men and women out there and there are TWO political parties that suck! We should focus all of this energy at giving us our freedom back!

    • defiant1

      dems and this admin wants to control your life; they follow what laws they choose–this equates to dictatorship. Vote for conservatives if you want to keep this country and your life free.

  • Jay

    Democrats And Republican politicians and actors are ALL simply Multi Millionairs without the same problems as you and I. I didn’t see any of the Baldwin bros or Obama at my neighborhood block party last summer. If I did see Obama I’d have told him to ask my neighbors what they did for a living as I got tired of asking and hearing, “Wellllll, I’m currently out of work.”. I got tired of looking for kids my son’s age as there just weren’t any around. I live in a great town in Michigan that should be overrun with kids – sadly, not the case. I stretched myself thin to make a cake for the party on top of having to have my AC looked at, pay my student loans, pay for cable TV when all I watch are sports……its ALL a boondoggle. Obama is worth MILLIONS – think he has to worry about some crazed gunman shooting up his local mall? Think any of the Baldwins have to worry about someone shooting up their place of business? The Republicans get my vote (after leaving me behind years ago) because they still have family values. I don’t care about gay marriage – just don’t. Don’t think it needs tax dollars behind it. Same sex benefits still require a job. The 80’s were filled with dudes named Boy George and the only folks that complained were a couple of old guys on a park bench because the Economy Was Rockin! Screw “the party”…we are ALL in this Together!

    • defiant1

      libs philosophy supports the party not individuals, conservatives philosophy supports individuals not party.

  • tyrannicaljack38

    And they all have innocent blood on their hands for their support of Bush’s unnecessary war that has caused so much suffering, sorrow and death. Shame on you Danza!

  • Michael Kays

    That was actually a very well researched piece, there’s MANY more … Clint Eastwood, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, Gene Simmons just to name a few. Funny how I actually like ALL those mentioned.

  • Beardog1

    Almost NO surprises here!

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    I don’t buy this bullshit about you vote Republican but you believe in gay rights, women rights. If you vote Republican, you are voting to take those rights AWAY.

    • Paul Mccord

      Another liberal who knows what everyone thinks and believes. Why do liberals always go straight for the fascist point of view when confronted with anyone or anything that doesn’t fit their narrow and self righteous belief system?

    • Dragun

      If you are Conservative, you are voting to uphold what the Bible says, regardless of what man thinks.

  • Norm

    Not a surprise, all GOP Politicians are actors, who believe in nothing but $!

    • defiant1

      works the same way with libs Norm!

  • Strider Mccleod

    It’s too bad that Liberals have no real tolerance for someone who thinks differently then they do. And that most of these people have to keep quiet about their beliefs or suffer.

    • queenbee9

      Who do Republicans have tolerance for and where do these people fit under the GOP tent? Republicans do not even have tolerance for other Republicans if they do not tow the GOP Party line (ergo the disdain for RHINOs by many)

    • Swen.Ardere

      The caveat here is the word “thinks”. If Republicans were capable of “thinking”, they wouldn’t be Republican.

  • Priscilla Reyes

    Adam Sandler, one of the worst actors ever a Republican?

  • kchamb

    A conservative not mentioned here who I have the greatest respect for because of his devotion to our troops is Gary Senise.

  • Geoclac

    James Earl Jones was the “voice of evil,” so being a Republican makes sense for him.

  • 1moreRobot

    Robert Duvall is about the only one of this lot who I’d ever pay to see acting.

  • lbc

    Who cares which political party these progressives claim? What’s important is how they stand on individual issues. S.S. has said in an interview that we the people don’t need assault weapons, whatever he considers that to mean, since so many are confused on what the term “assault weapon” actually means. I guess as long as all his bodyguards have them, then he doesn’t need them either but it’s my business what I choose to have and use to protect my family and home, just like it’s his business to have personal bodyguards.

  • tevra

    I thought you said “actors” I can’t stomach any show that has Vince Vaughn in it and I never cared what his politics were I just can’t stand him

  • Peter M.

    Not many of these are surprises. You almost can spot a republican before knowing for sure whether they are one. The only one I was surprised about was Owen Wilson. Democrats definitely seem more like fun and entertaining people.

  • my opinion

    James Earl jones, he is not CNN.

  • liberalinlove

    How is CNN a liberal news organization?
    And being an Evangelical Christian, does not automatically make you a Republican.
    As a “born again” progressive, I’ve come to discover that looking for answers and solutions is a whole lot different, than following party line agendas.

  • Timothy D Little

    Mostly washed up actors, no surprise. well, now we know who all the T–bags are.

  • Yep i dont like democrat my self especily the one from Nevada that they keep electing Harry Reid.

  • CTOH

    Well – who would want to be associated with the New KKK, aka The Republican Party? Not every Republican is racist, but every racist is Republican.

  • Wallace Gettys

    Stephen Baldwin is a RINO!

  • Sams Sam

    Republican. Interesting. Not!

  • tugar

    So Conservatives hate Dems do they ! …. This is absloutely MIND BLOWING NEWS, because the GOP wouldn’t give a dime to any organization, or to any members of the entertainment industry to promote their works. But the Democratic party always has supported the film and stage arts.
    Stallone and others sound like that GAWD AWFUL Tea Party crowd going around screaming hands off my Medicare, and not knowing where their Medicare comes from,…. (the Old faithful, US Gov’t) that they all like to hate so much, in the last 5, recent years anyway !

  • DennisinWV

    Some others for you to chew on…Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart.

  • guruedb

    Has-beens with antiquated ideologies and no longer relevant artistic endeavors.

  • Chris

    wrong….. they are AMERICANS… Republican and Democrat dont count!

  • nedclark

    …another telling example of reactionary paranoia…to label CNN – which Kow-Tows to as many conservative reprobates as they can get onto their sets (Tom DeLay, Ralph Reed, Rick Santorum, ad NAUSEUM) as a `liberal news outlet’ is pathetically laughable. Reality doesn’t support the `conservative’ world view – but rather than adopt reality, reactionaries prefer to flee to their paranoid `hidie-holes’, and believe that `the world is against them’ – when in reality, it is they who are against the world as it really is…

  • nedclark

    …you guys DO realize that `lying by omission’ is STILL LYING, don’t you? to write: “Duvall is also confused by the fact that all of the atrocities committed
    in the South that revolved around the race issue were in fact committed
    by Democrats.” so conveniently ignores the fact that the Democratic Party forced the vile DixieCrats into Republican arms during the mid-1960’s…so all of the `atrocities’ that have been committed by segregationists in the last 50 years (2 full generations) have been on YOUR watch…

  • nedclark

    …oh, you guys can HAVE Adam Sandler…Please take him- and his tone-deaf `entertainment instincts’ under your wings…

  • The_Questman

    Why is FOX News in article on James Earl Jones stated as “notoriously conservative?” Would they say that MSNBC or CNN were “notoriously liberal?” I think not. At least on FOX they try to be journalists while most other stations are nothing but fairy tale spinners for the Democratic Machine. The liberal side is truly represented at FOX where the other channels claim conservative viewpoint they are usually by RINOs with weak arguments and the liberals are allowed to talk over any “conservative” that may be brought in.

  • Sherrod Bates

    I dont take issue with any of these people being Republicans. They benefit from the Enormous tax breaks and subsidies. Its the folk who work multiple minimum wage jobs that vote against their own interests. That would be my issue.

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