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15 Actors You Might Not Have Known Were Republicans

14. James Earl Jones

13. James Earl Jones

13.James Earl
Photo credit: Mike Coppola / Getty Images

By most accounts, the actor who is perhaps most famous for giving the villainous “Star Wars” character Darth Vader his booming, breathy voice was not exactly overjoyed when Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States and inaugurated the leader of the free world.

The Associated Press captured him on audio and video saying as much. For another prominent African American not to be overjoyed about this was a surprise to those who had assumed his stature as a successful black actor would automatically make him elated about another African American rising to great prominence and being elected to office.

However, there are actually a great many people of color — actors and non-actors alike — who vote for Republican candidates when election time rolls around. While more specific and concrete information about Jones’ support of Republicans, his political activities and voting record is not known, many pundits and media mavens around the country have extrapolated similar information and conclusions from James Earl Jones interviews throughout the years that he very much leans to the right.

Although James Earl Jones happens to also be the “voice” (quite literally) of the liberal news network CNN, serving as the announcer for their tag lines including “This is CNN,” Jones has admitted to preferring to tune in to the notoriously conservative Fox news for his daily news update.

Jones has even been known to venture out onto the set of a right wing talk show or two and say his piece, and these shows are quite happy to have him. While James Earl Jones is not flashy or overt in expressing his political views, the writing seems to be on the wall in terms of the truth about his political preferences.

With a voice like his, who knows — perhaps someday we’ll hear him give a conservative speech, or narrate a Republican documentary or two?

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