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15 Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Contenders


Kelly Ayotte
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We still have two years until the next presidential election, but various political analysts have already started creating their own lists of possible Republican contenders for 2016. We have compiled all of them into a final list of potential Republican presidential contenders for 2016 elections:

15. Kelly Ayotte

After an endorsement from Sarah Palin helped her beat out the Tea Party-backed Ovide Lamontagne to become a New Hampshire Senator, this former assistant attorney general has proved her commitment to conservative causes and became one of the loudest voices calling for an investigation into the Benghazi attacks.

14. Rick Perry

During his term as the longest serving Texas Governor in the state’s history, Rick Perry became known for his job creation record and socially conservative politics. A shaky debate in 2011 helped to aid his 2012 bid early, but with several years since to polish his public speaking, 2016 could mean a triumphant return to the national stage.

13. John Kasich

Ever since he led the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 through Congress, this John Kasich has been a Republican symbol of fiscal responsibility and leadership. He had a failed presidential run in 2000 and things slowed for him politically soon after, but his winning bid for Governor of Ohio in 2010 has put him squarely back in play.

12. Mike Pence

U.S. Representative from Indiana, radio talk show host, House Republican Conference Chairman – Mike Pence has a great resume, which was probably why there was such a strong push for him to run for President in 2012. Though he lacked the name recognition that year to make much of a national impact, his victory in his home state’s gubernatorial race in 2012 may be the push into the limelight he needs to make 2016 a reality.

11. Rand Paul

Despite having a storied libertarian icon and former congressman as a father, Rand Paul seemed content to run his ophthalmology practice, leaving the politics to Dad. That all changed in 2008, when Paul helped his father campaign during the primary and emerged as quite the contender himself. Will 2016 be the year this U.S. Senator from Kentucky makes good on the family ambitions?

10. Jeb Bush

He certainly has the name recognition and pedigree, but there’s more to this former Florida governor than his family tree. With a nickname like “King Jeb,” this moderate Republican’s penchant for aggressive, almost-lordly approaches to issues has won him favor from constituents looking for strong leadership, regardless of party affiliation.

9. Michele Bachmann

Often blunt to the point of causing controversy, Michele Bachmann isn’t afraid to broadcast her conservative, Tea Party ideals. She encountered some issues during her 2012 bid, but her popularity amongst conservative Republicans keeps her in the mix.

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