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15 Reasons Congress Should NOT Extend Unemployment Benefits


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Everyone has an opinion about the approach to unemployment payments to people who have been out of work for more than three months. Multiple extensions in the past five years have allowed people to collect 99 weeks of unemployment payments, which is two full years. There are significant reasons to stop this cycle.

15. Jobs are not coming back

Former employees must recognize the ways in which the economy is shifting away from traditional employment. Waiting for a manufacturing job to be resurrected is a waste of precious years. Employment laws have become cumbersome for American companies to hire people for wages that will pay for the American lifestyle.

14. Buying votes is unethical

Politicians are using unemployed people as pawns to win elections. Each extension of the unemployment benefits allows the two sides to make this an election issue.

13. Unemployment rates are still high

Sustaining unemployment payments has done nothing to return people to the workforce. Creative math has caused the unemployment percentage to be manipulated as millions of people have dropped out of the workforce.

12. Extended benefits harm the unemployed

Paying a small percentage of a healthy salary to each unemployed person is insulting to that individual. Removal of the unemployment payments would stimulate creativity for people who are capable of earning money in other ways.

11. Benefits do not stimulate the economy

Some politicians have rushed to microphones to claim that unemployment payments cause economic stimulus. Tax money is taken from the economy before being paid out in unemployment checks.

10. Businesses can be created

Unemployed people will find innovative ways to fill needs within the economy when an unemployment payment no longer arrives. Economic conditions cause people to seek solutions when a government check is not available. People who do not have jobs would be contributing to the tax revenue levels at every level if new businesses were to be built.

9. People will solve the problem

As long as unemployment checks arrive, creativity is set aside since survival is not challenged. Once the checks stop, individuals will get serious about building steady streams of income that far exceed previous income levels. In the past, unemployment benefits were not claimed because the individual worked diligently to replace the household income quickly.

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