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15 Reasons Why New Republican Immigration Standards are Our Only Viable Option


1. The Wording
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Republicans and Democrats have bickered about immigration reform for years, each side unwilling to make concessions. Just when it seemed there was no resolution that both sides could ever agree upon, along comes the most recent Republican proposal, with its often vague wording and middle-of-the-road suggestions.

Could this be the immigration standards both parties can finally accept with good conscience?

It could. For more than one reason.

15. The Wording

The wording in this latest proposal is just undefined enough to allow both parties to run with it without losing face. Phrases such as “must enforce”, “must implement” and “must enact” were well chosen to express good intentions without placing blame.

14. The Workability

Sure, biometric tracking is a huge hurdle. It flummoxed Tom Ridge for years with its massive implementation costs. Airports are still dragging their collective feet where biometric tracking is concerned. That doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility in the near future, however, and once biometrics have been conquered, border enforcement and employment verification will be walks in the park.

13. The Common Sense of It All

Americans should know who’s in their country. That’s the long and short of it. Our enemies aren’t fighting with cannons and muskets anymore. Terrorism has become sophisticated and cunning. Our immigrant tracking systems need to be equally up to par.

12. The Provision for Children

As George Bailey’s father once said, “They’re somebody’s children, Mr. Potter.”

The DREAMers may not have been born in the United States, but it may well be the only country they know. Preventing children of illegal immigrants from working and living freely in a country they’ve resided in since infancy is cruel and unusual. The newly proposed immigration standards supports these children who may be the next Shakespeares, Einsteins and Newtons. As well it should.

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