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16 Reasons Republicans Will Win the Senate Race


16. Polls show Republicans have a better than 50 percent chance of winning everything
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It’s 2014 which means elections for the Senate will be the hottest thing to talk about in politics this year. The Republicans, who have been reeling in Washington over the past few years, have a chance to take control of the Senate again after losing it a few elections ago. It won’t be easy as elections never are, but there are a few specific ways that the Republicans can take control of the Senate again and keep control of at least one major body of American politics. Below are 16 reasons Republicans will win the Senate back in 2014, as the writing appears to be on the wall.

16. Polls show Republicans have a better than 50 percent chance of winning everything

The latest polls out show that Republicans have a 54 percent chance of picking up the six additional seats they need to take control of the Senate. These polls are usually accurate, though they will fluctuate up to election day.

15. Republicans are highly favored in available seats

In the available seats for the Senate, Republicans have a 90 percent chance of winning almost a quarter of them. That means it will be tough for a Democratic challenger to steal one and hurt the overall chances of Republicans taking the Senate majority.

14. Six of the 21 Republican leaning seats are held by Democrats

This means Democrats are on the ropes in all of these states and, according to early polls, will lose their Senate seat.

13. Six of the 21 Republican leaning seats are held by Democrats

This leaves the door open for Republican challengers in all of those states, which are West Virginia, South Dakota and Iowa, all of which have a strong conservative base.

12. One Democratic Senator is now ambassador to China

Max Baucus of Montana is the ambassador to China, which means that state is now up for grabs in the Senate. The Republicans have a good chance of winning in that state as well.

11. Louisiana is leaning Republican

Mary Landrieu is a Democratic Senator from Louisiana and is predicted to lose to the Republican challenger based on current polls.

10. Alaska’s Democratic Senator is also on the ropes

Mark Begich, of Alaska, is also on the ropes in a state that usually leans more conservative.

9. Republicans probably only need 4 states

According to the Washington Post, if Republicans take seats in just 4 states like Iowa, Alaska, Louisiana and Montana they will control the Senate. We have already given insight into the races in those states as well.

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  • Semper Fido

    The one single reason the Republicans won’t take the Senate: The Tea Party. They scare the average American, especially after the last government shutdown, where a few bad apples ruined it for the moderate conservatives.

  • supplyguy

    MA and NJ? Really? I’m a pretty optimistic guy, but if NJ was willing to elect Cory Booker w/ all of the lies that were exposed last time around I doubt there’s anything that you could dig up on him this time around either.
    And MA voted for Fauxcahantus knowing full well that she is a shameless liar. But as long as she keeps promising to rob from the rich and give to the poor, like Ted Swimmer Kennedy, she can get away w/ anything in that state.
    But on the whole, I feel pretty good about a 10 seat pickup in the Senate.
    I’d like to see some prognostications about the House.

  • Julia Dixon

    NC Senator Kay Hagen will be beaten like a drum because she is utter worthless: a big supporter of AnoRectoColonicPhiloFellates and OblammerCare.

    Her Party’s over!