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22 Senators vs. Obama on Slowing Deportations


1.A Stand Against Illegal Aliens
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While President Obama did earn himself the nickname “Deporter-in-Chief” for deporting a record number of illegal immigrants during his term in office, the deportations have slowed lately. This comes as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson reviews immigration policy per Obama’s orders, reports Roll Call.

For Republicans taking a stand against the lax policy toward illegal immigrants in this country, the sudden slowdown is very frustrating. Republicans aren’t taking this one lying down, and are standing up for their constitutional rights to American jobs for Americans.

A Stand Against Illegal Aliens

Acceding to the same source, led by Senator Jeff Session of Alabama, the group, which includes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, wrote a letter to Barak Obama calling out the administration’s inconsistent enforcement of immigration policies.

At present, ICE (the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) tend not to enforce immigration laws until the gravest of crimes have occurred. As the Senators argued in their letter to Barak Obama, illegal immigrants are basically free to live and work here, unless they are tried and convicted of a felony.

This is an outrage, and one that handicaps hardworking Americans. When illegal aliens remain in this country and take jobs that could go to American citizens, everyone suffers. Deportations represent one important avenue for keeping American labor open to Americans only.

The Data Behind the Immigration Debate

According to research by the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, there were 11.7 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. as of September, 2013. That’s a huge number of people who do not deserve to be here. Unfortunately, Pew Research suggests that this number is going to rise again.

Possible causes for the rising numbers of immigrants include the recovery of the American economy, and the so-called path to citizenship laws (like the Dream Act) that lure illegal aliens to this country in hopes of gaining a legal right to remain in a country they effectively snuck into. There’s also a rising number of Central American immigrants, which offset the decreasing number of Mexican immigrants.

While 60 percent of illegal aliens call California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York or Texas home, according to the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, only Texas saw a net increase in the number of illegal aliens between 2007-2011. California, Illinois, and New York saw a decrease in immigrant numbers during this period. New Jersey and Florida have seen fluctuating numbers of illegal aliens during this time.

The Pew Research Center is processing data from other states, which are less popular with illegal aliens, and may release numbers later this year. Even though these six states are most impacted by the presence of illegal aliens, only one Senator from these states, Ted Cruz, signed on to the letter, as reported by Roll Call.

What’s at Stake for Hardworking Americans?

By allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the country, Obama is effectively preventing Americans from obtaining jobs that go to immigrants. Immigrants can also take advantage of public services in this country – services they are not paying into. With access to health care, jobs, schools, and other public services, why should the illegal aliens leave?

Perhaps the midterm elections will strengthen the Republican position on the immigration debate, and give some more teeth to efforts to re-home illegal aliens. Until then, let’s applaud the Senators who were brave enough to take a stand against the continued presence of illegal aliens in this country and the slowing tide of deportations of illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin.

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