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Another Democratic Debate We Enjoyed Very Much (Not!)



To be totally honest, we were mulling over whether to add the (Not!) at the end of the title or not. On one hand, we really do enjoy democratic debates for the simple reason that they expose everything that is wrong with that party, the people who want to run it and who wish to represent that party at the Presidential elections. Even their voters. On the other hand, it can be difficult listening to all that nonsense, especially if one is serious about it and tries to really listen.

It becomes an ordeal.

But that is why we are here – to unravel the endless yarn of lies, stupidity and malice that is the democratic party and especially their debates which would be silly and funny if they weren’t ACTUAL DEBATES THAT MIGHT DETERMINE ONE OF THE TWO MAJOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES.

So, what did we learn?

Well, for one, we learned, or more precisely, we once again established that the democrats have very little to offer to their voters. Sanders was once again there seemingly against his own will, grumpier than you thought even an old commie could be. His snobbish detachment from the majority of issues is simply infuriating. Hillary was also there, donning one of her Mao shirts, praying to all the gods she can remember that the question of her charity is not raised for at least another 24 hours.

And the gods intervened, ensuring that not a single word is uttered about the fact that the biggest charity watchdog organizations in the country have put the Clinton Foundation on their “watch lists” and that the State Department had allegedly sent a subpoena for the Foundation’s documents just hours prior to the debate.

Or maybe it wasn’t the gods who helped Hillary and it was something much more human and corrupt. Oh, you didn’t know that the co-moderator of Thursday’s democratic debate is also a donor to the Clinton Foundation?

Photo credit: Albert H. Teich / Shutterstock.com

A lady by the name Judy Woodruff?

Oh well, now you know.

Yes, that kind of stuff is going on and yet, even with all that going on, the other democratic candidate is even worse.

It is actually scary that it took this much time for the democratic voters and analysts to actually realize that Bernie “Red” Sanders has absolutely nothing to say or bring to the table. In fact, we are quite worried for Hillary’s team that it took them this long to finally realize this is the way to attack Sanders. These are truly the low points of the Democratic party when writers at a Republican blog say they are feeling sorry for their spin-doctor teams.

In any case, Sanders was doing his whole “Wall Street is the devil thing, cops are the worst, capitalism is the end of days” thing, but he was really tired and he just seemed like an old guy at the park who lost his business ten years ago and blames everyone but himself. It was a sorry sight. This debate might have just been the beginning of the end for the communist presidential hopeful.

The only thing that is bad about this is that this will probably get Hillary in the running for the president and if the American people are once again fooled into choosing a candidate just because he or she belongs to a certain group, we might actually end up with another Clinton as president. This one even worse than the last.

Last night, Hillary was mostly screaming buzzwords, with one of them featuring quite heavily throughout the debate. She was going on about Flint and the water situation there, failing to mention that it is the Obama’s EPA that has failed to do something about this problem in the last year or so that they have known about it. She adopted a very sly and calculated protector persona where she will ensure everyone gets an equal chance and no one will feel downtrodden.

She was really piling it on heavily, without once talking about any specifics, plans or strategies about how to heal this country.

Hillary is pretty much setting up herself as Obama’s third term and we are supposed to be okay with it. America is supposed to be okay with it.

No way.

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