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Antonin Scalia Dies And America Becomes A Worse Place



On February 8 this year, Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia spoke at the Economics Club of New York and no one dreamed that a week later, the country would lose this giant of a man, this legal maestro, this moral colossus, this preserver of conservatism.

And yet, we lost Scalia this weekend.

Scalia was spending the weekend at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas, hunting for quail and meeting with some friends for a private dinner party. He went to bed early and when he did not show up for breakfast the following morning, an employee of the ranch went to his room to discover the Associate Justice dead in his bed. His death was ruled to be of natural causes, even though there are some people who are asking and petitioning for an autopsy to be done to ensure that Scalia’s death didn’t have anything to do with foul play.

While it is certain that Scalia did have some enemies among the liberal and extreme liberal, many of which quite dangerous, it is probably best not to succumb to paranoia at a time like this. There are much more important things at hand to be discussed and prevented.

Like for instance, President Obama nominating another Supreme Court judge. In case you forgot your Constitution, the President of the United States of America is the one who nominates a judge following a judge’s departure from the Supreme Court, be that their demise or retirement.

We feel there is no need to tell you how dangerous it would be to have yet another Obama-appointed judge, following the likes of Sonia Sotomayor and Helen Kagan. How many liberal Associate Justices could this country handle?

There is an interesting story about Scalia and Kagan, actually, one that we feel would shed a light on the kind of person Scalia was. This was back when David Souter announced his retirement and Obama “had his first pick” of the next Associate Justice. Scalia actually cheered for Kagan to be nominated, even though she couldn’t be less on his side politically. Scalia said he just wanted someone intelligent, someone who could challenge him.

That is the man that Antonin Scalia was. He was as intelligent as any person that ever served on the Supreme Court, a man who changed the way the American legal system interprets the Constitution thanks to his views on the originalist constitutional interpretation and textualist statutory interpretation. He was a man who was not afraid to vote against others on the Supreme Court and who was always aiming for one thing and one thing only – the preservation of the American way of life and the values we all hold dear.

This is why we cannot fail to mention President Obama’s eulogy, yet another shameful display of the irreverence this man has for anyone who does not agree with his limp, socialist opinions and doings. You could hear the contempt for Scalia in Obama’s tone, you could see it on his face and the way he conducted himself throughout the eulogy, as if he was spoofing the deceased great man of the American legal system.

He even took the opportunity to take a jab at Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, knowing that no sane person would let him appoint yet another judge with so little time left in his term.

The good news is that McConnell has announced that he will stand strong and not allow any appointing of new judges before the elections. He said that the American people should have their vote before another judge is appointed and that the Congress will only allow the newly elected president to appoint a new Supreme Court Associate Justice.

The only problem is that this will most likely cause the Democrats to block the passage of other bills in their trademark whiny fashion, bringing the country to a halt because of their own selfish reasons.

We only hope that McConnell and the other Republican Senators will hold their own and make sure that Obama does not install yet another puppet liberal Associate Justice before the election. These are difficult times and the Party needs to stand united against full-on Obama-ization of the Supreme Court.

This country simply cannot afford it.

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