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Bill Clinton “Innocently Chats” With Attorney General In Charge Of Hillary’s Email Investigation



We have been closely following the story about Hillary Clinton’s email controversy; the FBI’s inquiry into the whole thing and the possible criminal charges against the Democratic Party nominee for the President of the United States of America.

We have gone over every single document publicly available and we have been following the story ever since it became a story, really. And we are not the only ones. Even some of the media that usually have a positive bias toward the Democratic Party are keeping tabs on this case.

They are not, however, doing enough to explain to the people the magnitude of the problem and just how illegal the whole situation is.

We considered writing about this for quite some time and this week, something happened that we just could not believe. It was like something from a Robert Ludlum novel. Or something from a less-than-perfect political thriller with Harrison Ford from the late 1980s.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President, and a big cog in her political machine, actually had a private meeting with Loretta Lynch. They didn’t even try to hide it. The two met at the Phoenix airport and they had a private conversation.

This happened. In 2016. In the United States of America. In an election year.

If you are not in a complete panic about this, then it is because you do not know who Loretta Lynch is or how she is involved in the FBI’s inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s email handling during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, Loretta Lynch is Attorney General, the top prosecutor in the country, who, among other things, oversees the FBI’s investigation. Yes, that is right. Hillary’s husband was able to have a nice little talk away from everyone with the country’s Attorney General while his wife, who just so happens to be the presidential nominee, is still waiting to hear whether the FBI will indict her.

This is all happening in the U.S., a country that is supposed to be built on the rule of law and where the law is the same for everyone. We are only wondering how many people of interest on the FBI’s list have that luxury of being represented by their spouse away from the eyes and ears of anyone who could give a clue about what they talked about.

The best thing about this whole unfortunate event is that they both later said they talked about their children and grandchildren and that they not once mentioned the FBI’s investigation.

We are sad to inform you, but if you believe that, you are stupid.

Khm. Khm.

There is absolutely no way under the God’s yellow sun that the conversation between Bill Clinton and General Attorney Loretta Lynch did not touch upon the probe. To think this for a second would be naiveté of epic proportions.

It is more than obvious that there is pressure on the FBI from all sides to come up with a certain recommendation after their probe. Former President Clinton has now joined the ranks of current President Obama, who has also given his view of the whole thing and who is putting even more pressure on the FBI.

One thing is for sure, we would not like to be in the shoes of the FBI people who are conducting the investigation. These people are not allowed to do their jobs as they would have been if someone else was investigated.

However, since we are huge believers in the law here at Republican Reader, we are sure that the good people who work for the FBI will not bulk under pressure.

They need to know that much more is at stake than just tens of thousands of official emails that Hillary Clinton basically handed over to anyone who knows how to Google “how to hack a basic email account” and then deleted, which happens to be against the law, by the way.

The good people who work for the FBI need to know that they are the only ones standing between the American people and some sort of an Ancient Roman-like political elite, which can perpetuate its strangle on this country without any scruples or repercussions.


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