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Boehner Makes Fun of Fellow GOP Members on Immigration Reform


1.The Reaction
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It is no secret that John Boehner does not get on well with many of his fellow Republican lawmakers. Even so, Boehner’s mocking comments putting down anti-amnesty Republican congressmen hit the headlines of many newspapers. In a speech given in his home district in Ohio, Boehner stated that Republican congressmen and women who were unwilling to tackle immigration simply did not want to have to handle difficult tasks. According to Politicus USA,· “Ohhhh, don’t make me do this. Ohhhh, this is too hard,” was how Boehner characterized the attitude of those who are not interested in tackling the bi-partisan immigration bill that passed the Senate last year.

The Reaction

Naturally, Boehner has gotten mixed reactions. Left-leaning news outlets such as Politicus USA blame the “extremist wing” of the Republican Party for making it hard for Boehner to pass comprehensive immigration reform. On the other hand, Breitbart notes that the overwhelming majority of Republican voters (whom John Boehner and other Republican House members are meant to represent) are diametrically opposed to any type of immigration reform other than closing the borders and deporting illegal immigrants. As commentator Mark Steyn notes, a large part of the reason that Boehner is eager to tackle immigration reform is that he is interested in having at least one noteworthy piece of legislation pass on his watch as house speaker.

The Outcome

Despite the fact that Boehner has publicly mocked members of his own party, it is extremely unlikely that any type of immigration bill will be discussed in Congress until after the mid-term elections. Even RINO Republicans who are at least a little bit willing to discuss some sort of amnesty are not willing to do so in an election year.

Even so, it is highly unlikely that any type of comprehensive immigration reform bill will be voted on in Congress at any point of time in the near future, that is, at least for as long as Republicans control Congress.

Conservative Republicans are dead-set against voting on a bill that includes anything resembling amnesty, and Boehner’s recent comments are highly unlikely to change that.

How Will it Affect Votes?

Most people have realized by now that one of the main reasons a lot of Republicans are eager to pass a comprehensive immigration form package that includes at least some type of amnesty for illegal immigrants is that these Republicans are interested in gaining Hispanic voters. While it is true that many Hispanics view the Republicans in a bad light because of their unwillingness to compromise on immigration, The Wire notes that conservative, anti-amnesty Republicans may in fact by doing their party a favor.

As Hispanic voters become disillusioned by the fact that their demands are not being met, many are vowing not to bother voting in future elections, something which is certain to benefit Republican candidates in states such as New Mexico, Colorado, Florida and Texas.

John Boehner’s recent cutting remarks about conservative Republicans being unwilling to tackle difficult issues has certainly riled some people up. However, his statement is not really all that surprising, as it is common knowledge that Boehner and non-RINO Republicans do not get on well with each other. What is more, Boehner’s recent comments are unlikely to have any effect on the current state of the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, which is set to remain stalled for the foreseeable future.

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