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Brussels Attacks Show Why We Need Republican Leadership


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On one side of the world, members of ISIS were detonating bombs and killing residents of a country that was one of the founding members of NATO and on the other side, the President of United States was being all chummy with Raul Castro, the leader of a Communist country mere 40 miles off of the coast of Cuba, at a baseball game.

Obama and his people (and a worryingly large number of Americans) all jumped to defend his decision to continue his visit as if nothing was happening, saying how this is a smart thing to do because it supposedly doesn’t give importance to what the terrorists are doing.

This has to be the dumbest reasoning we have heard in a long, long while. When one of the major European cities is getting blown up, a city which houses the NATO headquarters and a number of European Union institutions, you do not try and make a statement by going to a baseball game with a criminal regime from a country like Cuba. You take notice and you get involved.

You are the President of the United States of America. There have to be some people that you can consult and learn more about this attack. There have to be facts that you need to check straight away. There have to be certain concerns that will prevent you from going to a baseball game with the president of Cuba, a country that stands against everything the United States stands for.

We do not wish to sound callous and seem to be using the horrific attacks in Brussels, Belgium as just another reason to attack Obama and his administration. It is a horrifying, stomach-turning, evil event that will remain with us forever and our thoughts are with the victims of the attacks and their families. It is because of them and because of future such victims and families that we cannot keep our mouths shut. We have to say a thing or two that liberal, left-wing bloggers do not wish to or have no guts to say.

These attacks were committed by an organization that the Obama administration has done pretty much nothing about. This administration has turned a blind eye to ISIS and their atrocities for the most part of their terms. They have decided that these are not the kind of enemies that they should act against. Despite the fact that these people have been reigning terror all over Europe these last few years.

Does the Obama administration even know who such people consider a bigger enemy than Europe? Yes, us. There is nothing and no one these people hate more than the U.S. And do not be fooled. These people do not hate just the American flag or American politics. They hate you.

Do not be fooled. These are not some poor, mislead kids. These are people who have been raised to hate you. Not even raised. They were nurtured on generations of hate towards the U.S. And these people are Muslim. We are not saying all Muslim people are bad or hateful or anything. But there is no denying the fact that these people, ISIS people, are Muslim. That is a fact.

That is a fact that only the Republican politicians in this country are prepared to state. This is one of those things where we stop being Trump-supporters or Cruz-supporters. This is one of those things where we unite as Republicans who are not afraid to state the truth and to ask awkward questions to those who seem to be tiptoeing around the truth.

Do we really need to wait until 40 people get blown up in St. Louis or Philadelphia before this administration starts doing something? These are not political questions. These are human questions. These are questions of survival. We can all see how the European Union benefited from open, lax borders and progressive immigration policies. (Hint: they didn’t.) Are we to learn nothing from it?

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