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Can We Stop With The Whole Libertarian Ticket Thing, Please?



We have been so entranced by the little document called Office of the Secretary – Evaluation of Email Records Management and Cybersecurity Requirements, released by the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of State, these last few days that we all but completely missed the Libertarian Party National Convention that took place somewhere in Orlando this weekend.

You can expect our two cents on the aforementioned document and all the nasty little things to be read about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton later this week when we’ve had the chance to really dig deep.

Today, we will settle for giving a little overview of the Libertarian Party convention that everyone is in an uproar about.

Let’s start with the facts, as they always provide the best framework.

The Libertarian Party has been around since the early 1970s and they have operated on the platform of being more socially liberal than Democrats and more fiscally conservative than Republicans. The party has also given us politicians such as Vermin Love Supreme who ran in a number of local, state and national elections on a platform that, among other things, prominently featured zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research.

We are not making this up. You can read all about this on the man’s Wikipedia page.

This year, they held a convention at which they nominated Gary Johnson whom you may remember as the Republican New Mexico Governor of two terms. In 2011, he ran for a Republican nomination but after not making it to the debates, he decided to leave the party and join the Libertarian Party which was, when all was said and done, more his cup of tea anyway.

The man who also made the Libertarian Party ticket this year is William Weld, another formerRepublican governor, this time of Massachusetts. Over the years, he endorsed Obama over McCain, Romney over Obama and most recently, Kasich over Trump. A few weeks before the Libertarian Convention, he finally “became” a Libertarian Party member and thanks to his fundraising skills, he became the second person on the party ticket.

By the way, Johnson’s biggest opponents in the Libertarian Party race for the nomination were Austin Petersen who is basically an internet troll with a somewhat visited Libertarian website and John McAfee, a cybersecurity pioneer, eccentric and a man sought for questioning concerning a murder in Belize.

Just in case this is not painting a clear enough picture about the Libertarian Party for you, here is a video from the convention that went viral in record time.

The man in question was running for chairman of the Party but had the decency to drop out of the race following his performance.

And believe it or not, the Libertarian Party convention is news. A bona fide piece of political news according to a number of analysts and experts.

No, really.

One of the reasons why the Libertarian ticket is all of a sudden being treated like a legitimate one is that the Johnson-Wade duo is expected to bring in much more money than ever before, mostly thanks to Wade’s fundraising abilities.

Also, people think that Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s unpopularity will be enough to give the Libertarians a boost needed to become a genuine third option.

According to Johnson and others from the party (or close to it), the main goal is to become part of the presidential debate. In order for that to happen, however, Johnson is going to need to hit at least 15 percent in proper national polls. If history is anything to go by, this is going to be difficult.

Even now, at the very start, they are below 10 percent. As time goes by and people realize what kind of a party we are talking about, their support is only going to dwindle.

In fact, we cannot even believe that we are writing about the Libertarian Party ticket here. We are as fun-loving as the next bunch, but this country does not have the time for boot-hat-wearing, overweight striptease dancing, pro-drug weirdos who like to play politics.

We got bigger fish to fry.

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