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Clinton And Sanders Battle It Out, We Laugh


Photo credit: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had another one of their pointless debates this Thursday and we really enjoyed it. One of the best things about primaries is that we get to see and hear Democratic candidacy hopefuls go at each other, exposing the innumerable flaws of their politics, their world views and everything else that made us Republicans in the first place.

This last debate was no different.

It actually kicked off earlier, with Sanders firing some shots at Mrs. Clinton on Twitter, telling her she cannot be both moderate and progressive at the same time. We usually try not to agree with Communists, but this time, the man was in the right.

Of course, the whole debate adopted this tone, being more about annoying theoretical concepts than about the real issues that are troubling the Americans today. We were exposed to endless tirades on what it means to be progressive and a Democrat in today’s world. It was just laughable.

Another issue Sanders and Clinton touched upon was Wall Street, the Boogieman that explains everything that is supposed to be wrong with our way of life. While Clinton wanted to merely “rein in the excesses of Wall Street”, Sanders outright called Wall Street a fraud. Whatever.

They wrapped up the debate by patting each other on the back, with Sanders saying that they are “100 times better than any Republican candidate“.

All in all, it was a laughable occasion.

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