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Cruz And Kasich Join Forces Against Trump Ahead Of Acela Primary


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Tomorrow, Republican voters in five states are going to be casting their votes for the people they think should represent their party in the presidential elections once we finally get rid of Barack Obama and his autocracy.

Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware will be voting in what is known as the Acela Primary, a term that probably confuses anyone who has never lived in one of these five states. The reason for this name is the Amtrak Acela Express train which connects cities like Baltimore, Maryland; Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island.

And much like the only high-speed train operating in the United States, Tuesday primaries might fast-track Donald Trump’s ride to the nomination thanks to the 172 delegates that these five states award in their primaries.

If we go state-by-state, we get the following picture. In Connecticut, 28 delegates will be up for grabs, of those 13 statewide and 15 more by congressional district. In Delaware, there are 16 delegates at stake and they all go to the winner. It is as simple as that. In Maryland, 38 delegates are divided into 24 by congressional district and 14 statewide delegates. Rhode Island comes with 19 delegates, 13 of which are statewide and 6 congressional.

Pennsylvania is a very complex state delegate-wise, which makes its 71 delegates even more precious than they would be by virtues of pure math. Namely, only 17 statewide delegates are bound to the winner, while the 54 congressional district delegates can vote anyway they see fit at the GOP Convention. So far, most of the Pennsylvania delegates have announced they would vote for the candidate who won their district, but the way things are going in the GOP these days, this might get very complicated very quickly.

The reason why we are saying this is that Trump is expected to win in Pennsylvania and win by quite a margin according to the polls. However, if there is anything this year’s primaries have taught us, it is that the Republican Party of today is a murky and sleazy conglomerate of backdoor deals, crusty alliances and outright theft of delegate votes.

We do not want to say that Pennsylvania congressional delegates are not people of their word who will stand with their voters when the GOP Convention kicks off. We are only saying that these people will be under so much pressure in July, especially if it starts looking like their votes are going to decide whether Trump gets all the 1,237 delegate votes he needs for the nomination.

In such a situation, we wouldn’t put it past the Cruz’s people, Kasich’s people and GOP establishment in general to pollute and influence the minds of Satan himself, let alone a few congressional delegates from Pennsylvania.

One of the reasons why we are saying this is that it finally happened. Ted Cruz and John Kasich finally decided to bury their hatchets and join forces in order to try and hurt Donald Trump.

Not so that one of them could win the nomination (because it is mathematically all but impossible).

Solely to hurt Trump.

This is something that had been talked about for quite a while now (probably even before Marco Rubio got out of the race), but it finally happened. Cruz and Kasich both came forward with announcements that they will be suspending their campaigning in certain states, so that the other candidate would be stronger in those states and put a bigger dent in Trump’s final delegate count.

And you might think this is a great idea. Totally devious, weak and phony; but a great idea in the end. Right?

Well, not so much, at least if you ask us.

For one, it shows that the two candidates meant nothing they had been saying about each other. Do not be fooled, there was no love lost between Cruz and Kasich in the “earlier days” of their campaigns. Now, all of a sudden, they are best buddies, trying to rig the upcoming primaries by effectively pulling out of some of them. More simply put, they are admitting they are losers and that they cannot win the nomination through getting people to vote for them.

It is no wonder everyone is voting for Trump when this is the other option.

It is just disgusting.

Hopefully, people voting in the Acela primaries understand this.

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