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Donald Trump Meets With The Republican National Committee


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Yesterday, just days following a rather “interesting” GOP Town Hall in Milwaukee, we were treated to a surprising meeting between Donald Trump and Republican National Committee officials which occurred behind closed doors but which still makes us very excited.

Before we start talking about what we think this meeting was about, we should let you know that these kinds of meetings are nothing out of the ordinary. As an interparty nomination race heats up, the RNC meets with the leading players and Trump is definitely someone who could be characterized as a leading player. As November draws closer, these meetings happen more often and one might say this was just a run-of-the-mill meeting between the RNC officials and the man who leads the nomination race.

But, is it? 
Perhaps the most telling comment on the meeting came from the man himself, Donald J. Trump who tweeted the following after the meeting.

This is a huge thing. Really huge.

Trump is not the kind of man to hide his actual feelings about the meeting and if it had gone the wrong way, we would have heard about it, you can rest assured. Judging by his tweet, the meeting was a very successful one and we are really hoping that it is a sign the GOP elite is changing its mind about the man who has won the largest number of delegates so far and who has won the vast majority of states which held their primaries or caucuses.

NBC News found out that this meeting was planned last week and that it was originally to be a short stop, mostly taking advantage of the fact that Mr. Trump would be in Washington, meeting with his foreign policy advisors. The meeting turned much longer, with Trump spending almost an hour talking to GOP officials.

The Chairman of the NRC, Reince Priebus had wanted to talk to Trump for some time now, mostly to discuss the current state of the race, the primaries, the campaigns, general election and the convention that will happen later in the year. CNBC’s source also said that the clashes between Trump and GOP were not discussed to great length at the meeting.

That being said, we cannot be that naïve to think  that Trump and the GOP officials did not talk about the “rift” that exists between the most popular GOP nomination candidate and the party establishment. Especially not after Trump’s comments that he might go back on the pledge he made before the race, saying he would support the GOP nominee unconditionally. We should probably remind you (although you are probably very well-aware of it already) of the fact that Trump was actually the last of the three remaining candidates to state he does not feel bound to the pledge, only after Ted Cruz and John Kasich already announced they would not honor it.

By now, you are probably asking why we care so much about what GOP officials think about Trump, his race and naming him the official GOP nominee. You might think that we are so mad we cannot see straight. Well, that would be very shortsighted, to say the least.

To think the Party cannot complicate the case of the GOP nomination is a huge mistake and while we do not agree with the party elites, it is still a piece of good news that they are thawing and that they might actually back Trump as the Republican candidate. This means that the party would be preserved in its current state, only with much-needed changes that can only make it better. Uniting the party behind Trump’s nomination would also mean a stronger front once he is pitted against the Democratic candidate.

Of course, uniting the party would only make it stronger and ensure that the Democrats do not win another general election, this time installing either a liar or a commie as the president of the United States. We have a strong suspicion that this country would not survive 4 or 8 more years of Democratic totalitarianism and the GOP-backed Trump could easily prevent this (not that Trump alone couldn’t). Here is hoping the GOP establishment keeps this in mind.

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