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Donald Trump Talks To Judge Jeanine Pirro And Slams Hillary


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Last week, every single one of Hillary Clinton’s supporters was up in a fuss about a speech she gave in San Diego and which was, for lack of a better word, disgusting. It was half an hour of nothing but Trump-bashing, name-calling and doing moral and ethical loops that would put stunt pilots from Top Gun to shame.

This weekend, Trump went on Justice with Jeanine Pirro and he gave an interview to one of the very few media personalities that have not already made up their mind about him and who actually asked questions instead of attacking her interviewee.

So, how did Trump do?

Well, he started off strong, telling Pirro how he vanquished some truly worthy opponents on his way to the Republican nomination and how he now has only one more to beat – Crooked Hillary.

He calls Hillary crooked from the get-go and when you realize this, it becomes obvious that you are in for one epic interview and a powerful response to Hillary’s tirades from last week.

Very soon, Pirro asks Trump about how he has been treated by the Republican National Committee and he tells her that he has been treated fairly despite the fact that there were probably candidates that the RNC hoped to see win over him. In this segment, he also briefly touches upon the “third party threat”, saying, much as we did last month, that Libertarians are not a credible threat in any way. He concluded this part of the interview saying how the nomination battle was vicious but how he does not hold it against his former opponents.

If you ask us, Trump understands that the time to unite the party is now and he is doing everything in his power to do exactly that. This is the candidate we need to pull the Republican Party together and end the Democratic autocracy we’ve been suffering for the last 8 years.

The next part of the interview focuses on how Trump was (and still is) treated by the press and the first name that comes to his mind is The Washington Post. He then gives a very simple explanation for the hate coming from this establishment – the new owner of The Washington Post also happens to own Amazon which does not pay taxes and is not going to be able to continue doing so if Trump becomes president.

After a bit more about the media and how dishonest they are towards him, Trump and Pirro turn their attention to Hillary’s interview and the lies she told about the Republican nominee.

Early on, Trump reminds everyone of the mess she and her Democratic cronies made in so many countries, primarily Libya. He adds that people support her largely out of a habit and that she has a big, big problem on her hands with the official emails and the whole FBI probe thing.

Trump then goes on to talk about the respect he has for blue collar workers who are “tired of stupidity” as he puts it, who haven’t had an effective pay increase in 17 years and who are simply craving for change.

And we all know that Trump is the candidate to bring about this change.

The interview then focuses on the Trump University controversy where Trump gives some very interesting insights into the whole story. For instance, he reveals that the law firm which brought up the lawsuit paid Hillary Clinton and her team $900,000 for talking up this story, even though the person who is at the core of the case had put it to the paper that she was completely and utterly satisfied with the University and the course.

Another thing that Pirro and Trump talk about is the incredible, absolutely unreal fact that the current president is slamming an upcoming nominee publicly this early in the election cycle.

Trump also talks about the agreement that he and Bernie Sanders have on the trade issue and his plan to win over Bernie supporters in the general election. After that, he does a brief overview of the total mess that Obama and Hillary made in the Middle East and Libya.

He also gives us reasons why he will win traditionally Democratic states and why Obama disappointed him.

It is a great interview.

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