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Donald Trump Thinks John Kasich Should Give Up


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The GOP voters in Wisconsin will be voicing their opinions in tomorrow’s primary which many experts are calling crucial. And while Wisconsin is definitely an important state and while a Ted Cruz victory would definitely complicate things for Donald Trump, it is not like Wisconsin decides on hundreds of delegates.

Of course, the Wisconsin voters will also have the chance to vote for the third man in the race, Sen. John Kasich. This Sunday, Donald Trump once again came forward saying that Kasich should simply give up and that his campaign serves no purpose any longer. We could not agree more.

But let’s start with the numbers, just so we do not get criticized as being fans of certain candidates based merely on our whim. While Trump currently has 736 delegates and Cruz has 463, Kasich has 143. That is actually fewer delegates than Marco Rubio who had the decency to leave the race. At the moment, there are 943 more delegates to win, which means that if Kasich won every single delegate from this point forward, he would end up with 1,086.

Just a reminder: a GOP presidential candidate needs to have 1,237 in order to be nominated. In short, even if he won every single candidate between tomorrow and the GOP Convention, John Kasich would still be 151 delegates short. Mathematically, he has NO REASON to continue campaigning.

At this point, you could be thinking that he’s stuck around for so long because he has won a number of states which came with a low number of delegates? No. He did not. John Kasich has won one state so far. He won Ohio, his home state and it actually makes for almost 50 percent of all his delegates since Ohio is a winner-take-all state. If he hadn’t won in his home state, he would have 77 delegates to his name. Rubio won more states than Kasich.

Maybe Kasich fared well in a number of states, but just could not snatch a victory? Once again, no. NO. Out of 38 states that have already cast their votes, Kasich won delegates in 14 of them. There was voting in 24 states all over the United States where Kasich could not steal a single, solitary delegate. And for some reason, for some ridiculous reason, this man is still running.

We are not stupid and we understand the point of Kasich still remaining in the race, but we think that no grown man should do a thing like that. He is playing the role of spoiler, trying to steal as many votes as he can from Trump in order to keep him from amassing the sufficient number of candidates before the GOP National Convention in July. Due to the very complicated situation that will arise if this happens, Kasich probably thinks that he might actually be the candidate which would garner the most support in the party and somehow end up as the candidate in the presidential election. We see a couple of problems with this.

For one, this would require Trump to land short of the 1,237 delegates he needs to be named the candidate by the party. We are hoping the GOP voters are smart enough in the remaining states to ensure that Trump gets the nomination. Also, Kasich is hoping that the Party would not stand behind the man who got the most votes, meaning the man who earned the most votes from the Party members. This can happen, but it is still more likely they would support Trump over someone who won no delegates in almost 70 percent of states that voted.

Even if the Party went against Trump, Kasich would have to be more attractive to them than Ted Cruz, a man who has won a sizeable number of delegates and who has actually won states. Finally, nothing is stopping Kasich from being that “arbitrary” candidate even if he quit the race right now. His pulling out of the race would not disqualify him from being that Party-decided candidate. He might as well quit.

In our opinion, Kasich is simply hurting his career with this stubbornness and inability to recognize a lost cause. He is acting out like a petulant child and he should stop that. We honestly believed he was better than that. Perhaps he is not?

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