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Employment Needs More Assistance


1.Employment Needs More Assistance
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The Private sector of the American economy is responsible for creating jobs in our capitalist society. Business owners must find significant return on the investment whenever new employees are added to the payroll. Increased sales of goods and services support the business need to hire people of all skill levels. Customers spend more money as the business develops a niche in the marketplace.

Barriers to this process have been erected from federal, state and regulatory agencies. As more money is confiscated from the private sector, jobs are the first casualty. Job creation is possible when specific steps are taken.

Reduce the corporate tax rate below 20 percent for the next five years. The United States has the highest corporate tax rate on the globe. Companies are leaving the States and creating jobs in many other markets around the world.
Repeal Obamacare because this law is having measurable negative effects on job creators’ ability to sustain full-time job status for most employees. Significant healthcare insurance costs have impacted the primary job creators, which are small businesses. Jobs are purged from the roles because the company no longer has sufficient cash to meet the payroll.

Move minimum wage to states to allow for the different costs of living in various regions. State legislators understand the importance of requiring all employers to pay a fair wage for the work performed. New York businesses have higher wage requirements than a comparable business in Montana. More jobs would be created if an employer could pay an entry-level wage as the new employee gains skills.

Reduce welfare programs that create a way of life, instead of a safety net for at-risk individuals. Overlapping programs are being used to create an underclass of Americans that are capable of working. Tax money required to pay for these programs is taken from the private sector, which drains precious resources that would pay for jobs. As welfare programs cease, people will recognize the value of work.

Slash food stamp programs to eliminate fraudulent participants who should be working and paying their own bills. Many states have taken this approach and realized significant reduction in unemployment rates within 60 days. Providing a financial hammock for people who are able to work is immoral because these people are being held captive in poverty.

Reward work in individuals who are willing to earn money while on the welfare programs. Current rules dictate that every penny earned imposes a punishment through the reduction of the welfare proceeds. Anyone who is willing to embrace work should be given appropriate levels of assistance that support the transition from welfare to work. Expenses for daycare, clothing and transportation can offset the money earned during the first few months. Financial training is an important part of making this transition without becoming discouraged.

Approve the Keystone Pipeline to create thousands of jobs throughout the Heartland. Most Americans recognize the importance of energy independence in the United States. Building the pipeline creates an automatic financial stimulus to towns from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. Jobs in every sector of the economy will sprout from the primary emphasis on the Keystone Pipeline. Economic stimulus increases the tax revenue for every local and state jurisdiction and the federal tax income.

Eliminate EPA overreach that is constraining economic growth in every state. Compliance with regulations from the EPA costs businesses money that could be used to create jobs. Regulations from this agency are not approved through any elected legislative body.

More jobs can be created when the government is removed from influencing the private sector through punitive actions that kill jobs every month.

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