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Everyone Gangs Up On Trump Again During Fox News Debate


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Yesterday, the remaining four GOP candidates met for another televised debate, this time in Detroit where they exchanged some very heated comments and more. Donald Trump was there, as were Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich and just like last time, the entire debate – held by Fox news – quickly turned into a joint attack on the man in the lead- Trump.

And if you ask us, just like in Houston, the attacks only served to hurt the people who made them. And Cruz and Rubio were making plenty of them. In fact, at times it felt as if their lives depended on it.

Very often, the debate seemed to turn into a school-yard verbal skirmish, with Rubio and Cruz trying to think of more and more insults and lies to hurl at Trump, with the current GOP nomination leader doing his best to remain cool and not stoop to their level. We are happy to say that for the majority of the debate, he managed to do it. He definitely looked like a statesman among boys for the biggest part of the night.

And it is not like the Fox’s moderators were not trying to do their best to get Trump disheveled too. The debate started with a question aimed at Trump about he comments Mitt Romney made about him in the days prior to the debate and the businessman responded in the best way possible. In fact, you might say it was the only way possible.

He simply reminded everyone about who Romney was. He was nothing but a loser. This was the man who lost to Barack Obama, a candidate that had absolutely no place winning the elections back in 2008 and getting reelected after the first term he had had. He effectively embarrassed the entire Republican Party with his loss to Obama and Trump was smart and collected enough to point this out. You might even say that Romney’s condemnation of Trump is one of his strongest endorsements so far.

After that, it took Rubio about 15 seconds to start explaining why he had been attacking Trump on a personal level after saying he would never do such a thing. It was literally a few minutes into the debate and Rubio was already sounding like a school boy. Perhaps even a kindergartener. Basically, his explanation was that “someone else started it”. No, literally.

Cruz then once again pointed out how his was the only campaign that beat Trump’s this year to which Trump very collectedly responded that his victories are meaningless and that Super Tuesday showed how many people voted for whom. The next issue that got raised was Trump’s performance against Hillary Clinton in the polls and we have to say that it is a sad day for the Republican Party when its candidates are using a Democratic candidate to attack their interparty rival.

Soon after, both Cruz and Rubio started attacking Trump for changing his positions and adapting to various changes that have happened throughout the decades he’s been running his company. In their singlemindedness so characteristic of politicians, they attacked Trump for doing things that were aimed at saving his company and the jobs he had created. It made it so painfully obvious that both Cruz and Rubio are nothing but politicians, born, raised and breathing politicians that have done nothing else in their lives and who live off empty promises and soundbites.

We do not need people like that running this country. We need people who know what it takes to make money, to make jobs, to help people regain their pride and honor by getting paid for the work they put in. The one person who can make that happen is Donald Trump. Politicians cannot do that.

We need someone who understands reality of the world we live in and who does not think that changing their opinion on a certain subject is tantamount to losing face. Only an insane person sticks to their every opinion no matter what. In essence, Trump won yet another GOP debate yesterday, with Rubio and Cruz showing their true colors once again – colors of career politicians who know about as much about real life as cartoon characters.


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