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Glenn Beck Reminds Us Not To Be Whiny Children


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Even the birds know that the vast majority of the media these days leans towards the left. Apart from a few bastions of free-thinking conservative journalism, every single article you can read and every single TV show (especially talk shows) are more or less pulpits from which anything that is considered even moderately conservative is ridiculed and attacked.

When was the last time a talk show host did an entire show without ridiculing Donald Trump? When was the last time you read an objective, unbiased article that dared say anything negative about Barack Obama and his abysmal 8 years in office?

Us, true Republicans and true conservatives have known this for years and it came as no surprise when an ex-Facebook employee came forward publicly, saying that it was quite commong to suppress conservative news.

More precisely, it was a former journalist who worked on the project of “trending” news which have been quite influential when creating a political atmosphere online ever since they were first introduced. This journalist was backed up by a few more Facebook “news curators” who told Gizmodo (who originally picked up the story) that they artificially made certain stories trend, even though they were not viral at all.

Of course, it was always at the expense of conservative news. For example, stories about the CPAC gathering, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney.

Considering that we are talking about 167 million American Facebook users, this is a gross breach in trust, since the whole point of trending news was to let people know what other Americans were talking about and which news were the most important.

As it turns out, Facebook operates like any other newspaper, guided by blind bias of the supposedly objective editors.

For example, they would not pick up stories that had previously been covered by the Washington Examiner, Newsmax or Breitbart unless other mainstream sites had previously picked them up.

But really, does this upset any real conservative? Hardly. We know very well that our opinions have been readily hushed ever since Obama took office.

More than that, is it really that simple? Should we really start shouting Shame! and Injustice! straight away?

No, we take a deep breath and find out everything we can about what happened.

It turns out that Facebook rang up the heads of a number of right-wing outlets and invited them over for a meeting with their executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO. Quite naturally, one of them was Glenn Beck. Now, even if you may not be the biggest fan of Glenn, the man has always stood by a certain code and he has always championed conservative values. This is why his commentary on the meeting is so important.

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Among other things, Glenn writes that Zuckerberg is a nice guy and that everyone on their side was very attentive, open for dialogue and humble. He has only words of praise for the company and the way Zuckerberg sees the role of Facebook as a platform for connecting people.

The people Glenn attacks in his article are his fellow conservative pundits, influencers and journalists. Very early in his article, he gives the perfect explanation of what he saw at the meeting:

“It was like affirmative action for conservatives.”

He goes on to ask:

“When did conservatives start demanding quotas AND diversity training AND less people from Ivy League Colleges. What happened to us? When did we become them? When did we become the people who demand the Oscars add black actors based on race?”

You would have to be really misguided not to agree with Glenn. What is more important, Glenn very clearly speaks about his people not actually being able to find any evidence that Facebook’s people tampered with the news or that anyone tried to rig the system.

This is incredibly important. While we acknowledge that the majority of media is against us, we must not turn into whining entitled children who throw tantrums every time something suggests we are being wronged.

This is not what we do. This is something the other side does.

We do not attack successful companies that create jobs for Americans because a few of their people may have done stupid stuff.

We have the right to notice that anyone in the public arena who openly supports conservative views is ridiculed and outright attacked. We have the right to push back and to try to get our voices heard.

What we do not want to do is become just another version of the limp liberal outcry brigade that starts crying every time someone has the nerve to attack their wonderful President Obama.

We are better than that.

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