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GOP Elites Pounce On Trump Once Again


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You probably expected us to give our two cents about the Orlando tragedy today and if this is the case, we are afraid we will have to disappoint you.

As we see it, the tragedy is still too fresh and too painful for anything but prayers and good wishes to the injured and the families. We need the time to heal and to see how everything is going to unfold.

Instead, today we will be talking about something that might turn out to be very important for the 2016 presidential election, or more precisely the Republican Party. You may have missed it, but late last week, Mitt Romney organized a summit at Park City, Utah for a few hundred GOP elites to “exchange ideas”. According to the Washington Post, The Experts and Enthusiasts Summit, as it was called, brought together not only the GOP members who have been vocal about their disagreements with Trump but also some of his closest allies like RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and endorsers like House Speaker Paul Ryan and Bob Corker.

After a few weeks of something of a truce between Trump and his supporters and the GOP establishment who started accepting Trump’s calls for Party unity, this summit foreshadowed new troubles. Still, thanks to the fact that the people there also included Trump’s supporters, we had hope for this summit.

It goes without saying that Romney, Priebus, and Ryan were the biggest names at the summit, but there were other very interesting attendees too, such as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Senators Ben Sasse (Neb.) and Tom Cotton (Ark.).

As our title suggests, it didn’t take long for the stories to start coming down from the mountain, so to say; stories that once again complicate things within the party.

As early as Friday, the Washington Post came out with a story about a closed-door session ran by Paul Ryan and moderated by Campbell Brown who used to be an anchor on CNN. According to Post’s three sources, this off-the-record session was very heated and very interesting.

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The sources, for example, stated that Brown did not let Ryan off the hook easily and that she pressured him to explain his decision to finally back up Trump. Another person who was tough with Ryan was Meg Whitman, the chief executive of Hewlett-Packard who has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s. She also demanded an explanation as to why Ryan would support a candidate she thought he never could.

Among other things, she compared Trump to Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

According to another source, Whitman also suggested she might actually support Hillary Clinton in November as reported by ABC News.

If you ask us, this is nothing surprising.

The fact that the GOP elites are getting together at a summit organized by one of Trump’s biggest enemies within the party. The fact that these same people pressured Ryan to explain his perfectly understandable decision. The fact that some of the GOP elites compared Trump to fascist leaders.

We hate to say it, but the state of our Party today is such that its establishment intends to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in November.

Let that one sink in. One of GOP’s major backers says she will most probably vote for Hillary in the upcoming election.

This is why we have been clamoring for change for so long. This party has become an abomination and its highest rungs are the ones who are corrupting it from the inside.

The reason why they hate Trump so much is the simplest one possible – he represents the change this party needs. He represents a new Republican Party that will once again try to do right by its voters and not by a few dozen super rich people who have grown accustomed to buying political influence.

We really thought for a moment that the Party is uniting and that we will stand together against the Democratic Party and their political monster of a candidate. As it turns out, there are people within the party who care more about their little deals and their tiny amounts of pull than beating the Democrats.

This makes us sad.

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