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Here Are The 4 Ways For Trump To Beat Clinton


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It may not be official, but the battle is set – come November, it is going to be Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton and we know who we’re supporting. A month ago, the race was all but over, with everyone saying how Trump has no chance. These days, however, no one can ignore the fact that Trump has overtaken Clinton in the polls  and that this fight is going to go all 15 rounds.

Today, we came across an article on Politico written by David Bernstein , a man whose opinions we usually do not share but who is nonetheless one very smart political writer. The reason why his article caught our eye is that he wrote about the 4 different scenarios that would lead to Hillary losing to Trump.

We wanted to see what he had to say.

For example, he writes about Hillary’s lead among the Hispanic voters being nowhere near as strong as everyone thinks. For one, her lead over Trump when Latino voters are in question is actually less dramatic than the one Obama had over Romney in 2012.

That is why we think the first thing Trump should do is reach out to the legal Latino population. His incendiary talk during the primaries was politically colored and it was supposed to energize the voting public. It goes without saying that Donald Trump has nothing against the Latino population that is in this country legally, pays taxes and votes in the elections.

These are actually people who would benefit from Trump getting into power as their jobs would be more secure and as this would also do wonders for the crime figures.

It is also important to point out that the Latin voting populace is a smart one and once the controversies from the GOP primaries are mitigated, they will start realizing that Trump is the superior candidate and that he will do a whole lot of good for them. Hillary’s lead is only going to melt away.

Bernstein also writes about Hillary’s unclear stance on trade deals and the effects they have had on the Rust Belt.

In case you forgot, this is the part of the United States that has been decimated the most by various trade deals that the Democratic governments signed. This the part of the United States where people lost their jobs on an epic levels and where unions are cursing both Obama and Bill Clinton.

Hillary could not even demolish Sanders on these issues, a man who would ruin the American economy in a matter of seconds. Trump can easily destroy Hillary on this and this would easily turn quite a few big states from blue to red. He should make this another priority of his campaign.

These people know they’ve ben screwed over and they know that a Republican administration is the only thing that can get them out of the bind.

Bernstein also remembers to mention the fact that young people really dislike Hillary. He writes about Bernie utterly beating Hillary among young voters, winning upwards of 60 or even 70 percent of the under-30 vote. He took more than 80 percent in Iowa.

A very large portion of those young voters will not vote for Hillary, no matter how much she asks for their votes. These young people were rooting for Bernie and they are not going to flip flop now. In worst case scenario (for us), they will simply decide not to vote, which can make a huge difference in certain swing states.

Bernstein also writes about a moderate right-wing candidate, but we think this is a huge what-if.

Instead of that, we hope Trump will remember one very simple thing – this country has suffered long and hard under Obama and people know this. He simply needs to keep telling the truth about what the Democrats have done to this country in the last 8 years and what they plan to do to it if they win again.

We are pretty sure everyone who is not blinded by partisanship can see why Hillary is not suitable to be the President of the United States of America.

This country needs someone better and we know it.

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