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Here’s Why The Democrat Email Scandal Makes Us Nervous



Last week, it felt like every single journalist, media personality, and political commentator was doing all they can to point out how the Republican Party was divided and how no one wished to stand behind Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Like we all saw, this was pure nonsense. Everyone but Ted Cruz endorsed Trump and the speakers couldn’t have had kinder words for the Republican Party nominee for president of the United States of America.

This weekend, however, we had another leak about another Democratic Party email scandal and no one batted an eyelash. And mind you, the stuff that was revealed in these leaks and the resulting change in personnel has been staggering.

So, what happened exactly?

Well, a website we are not particularly fond of because they tend to undermine this country’s safety, Wikileaks, leaked a whole bunch of emails being sent back and forth between the Democratic Party powerhouses, making fun of Bernie Sanders, his campaign, and his efforts. Moreover, these emails showed that the President of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, worked actively against getting Sanders elected as the party’s nominee.

Wasserman was summarily dismissed over the course of the weekend and everyone is expected to make nice at the convention which starts today.

However, we have a feeling that things aren’t going to go down that smoothly.

For one, Bernie Sanders’ supporters are going to go berserk and they already did during the weekend. One of Sanders’ main points was about how the Democratic Party became corrupt and cronyistic over the years. These emails proved this to be unequivocally true.

When we pair this with the fact that Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her running mate, a politician who never sat well with Sanders and his supporters, things are starting to look dire for the Democratic Party.

But why do we care?

Why do we care that a communist was slighted? Why do we care that the Democratic Party showed utter disregard for democracy?

Well, because there is still chance that Hillary might win the election. Yes, we understand how this sounds, but with all the media negativity towards Donald Trump and the new and improved Republican party, there is still a chance that Hillary might win.

For Christ’s sake, the FBI just shrugged when they discovered she jeopardized the entire country as the Secretary of State! It is obvious that some very, very powerful people want her to become the next President of the United States.

Which is why this kind of undemocratic backstabbing and rigging the results is extremely scary. Scary enough to make us very nervous.

Keep in mind that they did this to one of their own. Sure, he may be a commie and a total outsider, but Bernie is basically one of their own. And they did this to him. They ridiculed his religion and they talked about why he shouldn’t be allowed to be the nominee.

Just imagine what they are capable of doing to someone who is not from their party. It is becoming scary, isn’t it?

And the worst thing is that the wheels are already in motion to gloss over what has happened. Pretty much every media outlet is quoting another Democratic politician trying to tone down the story and trying to make it an interparty issue.

It is not.

These people do not care enough to make their own internal elections democratic and unbiased. Why would they care about any other elections?

Perhaps it is even scarier than this that no one is making a big deal about this. The media are so in love with Hillary, her ticket and her “battle against Trump” that they do not see the big picture and the more unnerving connotations of this leak.

We are very nervous and with every second that we spend thinking about what happened this weekend, we are getting more and more scared.

You will see. Bernie will get in line. Everyone will salute Hillary and by the time the Democratic National Convention is over, these leaks will be all but forgotten.

Leaks that show the Democratic Party rigs their own internal elections.

That’s not American.

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