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Here’s Why Trump’s New York Victory Is So Massive


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After winning New York this Tuesday, Donald Trump started his speech by saying that the Empire state has just as many problems as any other state in the country and that the majority of those problems arise from the fact that American jobs cease being American.

It goes without saying that these comments received long ovations and for a very good reason. They hit the nail on the head. The people of New York are tired of losing their jobs left and right to the countries that do a worse job for less money.

From there on, he continued to praise some of New York’s leading businessmen who voiced their support for him. He also said that together with them, he will get those trade deals rolling. They, according to him, are going to bring back jobs to the United States.

It was exactly the kind of speech opening that we wanted to hear from Trump after he so confidently won the state in Tuesday’s GOP Primary. And it was a confident victory indeed.

The GOP race leader earned more than 60 percent of the votes in New York, which was not only enough for all of the statewide delegates but also for the vast, vast majority of congressional ones. All in all, he won 89 of the state’s 95 delegates. In contrast, the second man in the race, Ted Cruz, won 0. Yes, he won zero candidates.

Perhaps the best way to describe this victory would be to say it was massive.

For one, it was a huge win mathematically speaking. Donald Trump won almost a hundred delegates on Tuesday, bringing his total to 845, which is only 392 short of the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination automatically come the GOP National Convention in July.

Before New York, he needed almost 500 candidates.

The victory almost made it all but mathematically impossible for Ted Cruz to win the nomination since he would need to win 678 of the remaining 733 candidates. Just in case this is the first time you are hearing about the candidates, this is impossible. It is not “technically impossible,” it is literally impossible.

In short, this massive victory in New York would have meant the end of the race any other year. Ever since the Primary system was established, the candidates who have no mathematical chance of winning the nomination have almost invariably suspended their campaigns and started rallying behind the obvious winner in order to strengthen their party.

This year, however, this is not the case. Ted Cruz and the fantastically oblivious John Kasich are still running. For some reason. Up until recently, you could argue that Cruz had a reason to still run (Kasich is just being silly at this point), but it is now obvious that he is nothing but a petulant child who refuses to accept defeat.

This would be perfectly fine if it didn’t weaken the Republican Party and made a mockery of it. What’s more, this is something a person who cares for the Party would never do. This is something that helps the Democratic Party and their two candidates (it is going to be Hillary Clinton unless a miracle happens, by the way).

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are now literally working for the Democratic Party.

The good news is that Trump’s New York victory has been so resounding and so dominant that people will understand this and rally behind him like never before.

Cruz has absolutely no justification for his “spoiler game” which has no place in serious politics. The position of the President of the United States is at stake here, not an honorary position at a country club.

In his speech, Trump once again mentioned something that is making our stomachs turn and that is the practice Ted Cruz’s team is engaging in, convincing delegates to switch to Cruz should a Contested Convention happen.

Trump said, and we couldn’t agree more, that the only honest way to win delegates is through voting.

Let’s hope voters in the remaining states remember this and give their votes to the candidate who deserves them the most.

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