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Hillary and Her Dirty Tricks


1.Hillary and Her Dirty Tricks
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There is no question that Hillary Clinton has aspirations to make a run for the President’s office again. With her exploratory committees moving around checking the lay of the land, she is already quietly fundraising, knowing darn well she’s going to need quite a bit of a war chest to carry a campaign.

Despite the fact that the very next President’s field for the upcoming elections is one of the weakest seen in years, Hillary also knows it won’t be an even run for her. The disaster of the Libyan Embassy attack in Benghazi is firmly stuck around her neck like an albatross. However, even with that damaging vulnerability, Clinton still remains one of the strongest candidates to watch out for. The reason is telling in terms of which Senators and Representatives actually came after her during the Embassy attack hearings.

Notably, none of the major senior Senators and Representatives on either side of the aisle spent much time grilling Hillary, when she was still the Secretary of State in front of Congressional hearings. It was always junior members who were rookies and didn’t have much to lose. That’s telling. One could argue the junior members were just given their marching orders by senior members. Yet, in reality, it had more to do with Hillary having the power to “use” some of those senior members as cannon fodder in case she needed to protect herself. She had spent plenty of time as a senator herself, doing plenty of intelligence gathering on her peers. And cost is no barrier.

Clinton first made it known she was a power player by how much money she could throw into a campaign, practically buying her way into the Senate ($29 million in 2000, and $36 million in the 2006, 2nd term).

In those same campaigns, Clinton doled out thousands of dollars in benefits and gifts, but potentially compromised her aids, lobbyists, fundraisers and donors by providing them with thank you gifts.

Clinton convinced Republican Senator Bill Frist to carry legislation to modernize hospital record-keeping, one of the preliminary steps of government run healthcare control seen later under the Obama Administration.

She helped the Tata Consultancy Services, a major Indian company, gain a foothold in New York, but she voted down on the Central America Free Trade Agreement, flip-flopping on which pro-business issues she liked personally versus voting for the economy. No surprise, Indian donors were notable in Clinton’s Presidency campaign years later.

So the real examination of Hillary and her tricks needs to go far beyond the Libyan Embassy episode. What is really needed to be examined is why it is that senior members of Congress who have significant depth in issues are afraid to take Hillary Clinton in a head-on match.

Further, no one should be expecting Vice President Joe Biden to distract or delay Clinton’s march into the Presidential campaign for the democratic ticket. Biden simply doesn’t measure up to Hillary on a debate level, too often putting his foot in his mouth with dumb statements. He will be his own destruction. And Hillary will be ready to take the nomination from silent peers at the Democratic Convention. Will the senior Republicans behave the same way as well all over again in the campaign? If it’s up to Hillary they will.

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