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House Speaker Paul Ryan Endorses Trump!


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It has been a long and winding road, but Trump has finally reached his destination. House of the Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan has endorsed Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency!

He used to be one of the more vocal GOP elites in criticizing Trump and especially his more incendiary rhetoric, but since he is a Republican through and through, he could not let his lack of endorsement give wind to the sails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

However, it was not just that.

First of all, we need to understand that this is a big moment in Trump’s presidential campaign. Paul Ryan is one of the most powerful people in the Party, if nothing else than for the position he’s filled since October 2015. He is the man who is second in line for the presidency if something should happen to the president and the person presiding over the House of the Representatives which boasts a significant Republican majority.

Paul Ryan wields a lot of power and not only in the Republican Party.

Like we said, Ryan had some qualms about supporting Trump and endorsing him as the GOP nominee for the presidency. He has for years been one of Mitt Romney’s closest friends and political allies and we know how Romney feels about Trump. Unfortunately for Mitt, and fortunately for the rest of the country, Ryan has since realized that Trump is the man to back and Romney has to feel more and more like that peculiar guy from the neighborhood who yells at the traffic.

Paul Ryan announced his endorsement in the local papers from his hometown in Wisconsin, Gazette Extra. Some analysts and pundits have, of course, ridiculed this move, saying that it was just a way for Ryan to show how his endorsement could not be shakier. They think that this “local” endorsement showed disrespect or even worse.

We do not believe this to be the case.

It is the Republican way. Republican politicians remember where they came from and when they have personal and impactful decisions to explain, they believe that their original supporters have the right to find out the first.

Or maybe we are simply too idealistic.

In the end, of course, it does not matter where his endorsement was first printed. It matters what he said in the endorsement. And he said quite a few very important things.

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For instance, he explains where his endorsement comes from, writing about the meetings he and Trump were having ever since Ted Cruz and John Kasich abandoned their campaigns. He says that during those talks they conversed about the protection of life and Trump’s surprisingly candid Supreme Court nominees, as well as the House policy agenda, which is the thing Ryan holds most dear. He writes about the reforms that will save this country and how they agree on most of them.

Ryan also writes about the last 8 years of Democratic presidency which has been ripe with:

“…liberal cronyism and a government more out for itself than the people it serves.”

He also points out that the win for Clinton would mean four more years of this kind of government that has been driving this country into the ground.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Ryan’s endorsement is his honesty when he says that he and Trump do not agree on many things and that the two have their differences. He also adds how he plans to speak his mind in the future as well.

And that is great. We need that. We do not need some kind of a single-minded, corrupt organism where everyone just pats each other on the back.

That’s the Democratic way.

What we need is unity in defeating Hillary Clinton and the stale, corrupt politics that she represents.

Ryan’s endorsement is a step in the right way and his honesty tells us that he will not lose any of his clout in the House because of this endorsement. Nor should he.

First, we put a Republican in the White House and then we make that House majority even more dominant.

Even if they might not agree on everything, Trump and Ryan together can make this happen.

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