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How Conway And Bannon Will Help Trump Win The Election



Donald Trump’s campaign has made two huge moves this week. The first of these saw senior adviser Kellyanne Conway become campaign manager while the other saw Stephen Bannon of the Breitbart fame become the campaign CEO. Paul Manafort will remain campaign chair, but his role will most likely be diminished or at least altered in some way.

It goes without saying that the left-wing media have already painted this as yet another sign that Trump doesn’t know what he is doing and that he is just shuffling people for the sake of it. Those same media are all but calling Bannon Satan himself. Luckily, this is something every true conservative and Republican is used to seeing.

Instead, it is important to see these moves for what they are – another step in the right direction, the direction being 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, of course.

The two new additions to the inner-most circle of the Trump campaign both bring a lot to the table and one might even say that they are complete opposites. To a certain extent this is true, but then again, both Conway and Bannon have been so diligently conservative that they will have no trouble finding a common language.

Kellyann Conway has been a senior advisor for the Trump campaign since July, but her role will now undoubtedly be even bigger. And this is great news. Conway has been doing great things for the Republican Party since the 1990s when she first caught the attention of the general public by going on national TV as part of an unofficial conservative team asking for Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

She has also been running her polling company since 1995, finding out what the American people think and how this could be used to help GOP presidential nominees. However, her political career goes back even further.

Namely, in the 1980s, she worked for Ronald Reagan’s pollster Dick Wirthlin and she very early discovered her special talent – the gender voting gap. Namely, female votes have traditionally been the GOP’s Achilles’ heel. Over the next three decades, Conway would become the country’s leading expert in female voters and her initial role on Trump’s team has been to help him win over this demographic.

Now, she will have much more on her plate, but she will definitely be able to take care of it. She has been a winner her entire life and we are absolutely certain that she will keep on winning as Trump’s campaign manager.

Stephen Bannon is probably more of a household name for most conservatives. He made Breitbart what it is – a beacon of common sense in a world of media that couldn’t be any more biased. Bannon made it his mission to tell the American people the truth and to make sure we are not all brainwashed by the plethora of liberal voices.

Bannon has also been a very vocal critic of the Obama-Clinton administration and he has unearthed some truly horrifying facts about the Clintons in particular, their ties to all kinds of interest groups and worse. Bannon has never been a fan of the GOP elites and he has supported Trump fervently for quite some time now, giving balance to media reports that painted Trump as a villain. They still do that, by the way.

Bannon’s appointment as the CEO of Trump’s campaign makes great sense and his media-savvy is just what this campaign needs. He will also make sure Trump is heard and not toned down. Bannon understands truth and he knows that the American people want the truth.

Together, however, Bannon and Conway will truly become the Dream Team. Conway, with her veteran political knowledge and Bannon as a breath of fresh air will turn Trump’s campaign into an unstoppable force.

With Conway handling the numbers and the technical aspects and with Bannon handling the media, it is only a matter of time before we see Trump take over the polls again.

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