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Is Pope Francis Putting On A Show For Liberals With Trump Remarks?


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Throughout the years, there has been one person (although it was not always the same person, if you can imagine that) who has traditionally been on the conservative side of the spectrum on most things that matter. Even before the Republican Party came to be, this person has championed many of the values that the GOP always held and will always hold as cornerstones of the American way of life.

This person? The Pope.

Sure, over the years, the position of the Pope was filled with all kinds of characters, especially in the period between the tenth and the seventeenth centuries when pretty much every political figure in the known world tried to install someone of their own to be Pope and when Popes held a much more overt political power. Do not be fooled, they are still extremely powerful figures, albeit not so openly. A man who is considered God’s representative on Earth by a billion and 200 million people is bound to have some pull.

Now, we are not being disrespectful or anything as many of our Republican friends and readers are Roman Catholic (even if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be disrespectful), but the current Pope, Francis is definitely not the kind of Pope we had grown accustomed to. And we have to say, one again, not trying to be disrespectful, in a bad way.

The current Pope somehow seems to be overcompensating for a number of things that certain left-leaning people and organizations hold against the Catholic Church, their past and even their present. It is as if Pope Francis thinks that Vatican is supposed to be yet another leftist organization which lives in some kind of an imaginary world where everyone is good at heart and where the Catholic church needs to debase itself and its traditions in order to gain someone’s approval.

For instance, Pope Francis has yet to say something openly about abortion, something that the Catholic church has very direct and explicit opinions on. Instead, he is trying to convince people that money is evil and that we should all join hands in some sort of a 21st century hippie commune where rules are void and where traditional Catholic values are pretty much ignored.

And then, just as you think that this Pope is completely and totally changing what the Catholic Church is all about, he somehow finds the time to make comments that may just as easily influence the outcome of not only Republican candidate race, but also the presidential elections once they take place. At least be consistent.

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Namely, during his visit to Mexico this last week, Pope Francis made a comment which was very obviously aimed at Donald Trump in which he said that any person which proposes building of a wall between Mexico and the United States simply cannot be Christian. He did add that his intention was in no way to affect how people vote, but let’s be honest, there is absolutely no way this was not a political opinion, coming from the highest instance for a number of Republican and American voters in general.

Of course, Trump responded, saying that it is disgraceful for a religious leader to question someone else’s faith, adding that he sees it as his mission to defend and strengthen Christianity in a world where it is assailed from all corners. He added that the Pope has been manipulated and that he is not aware of the damage open borders are doing to the United States. Furthermore, he also commented on how the Mexican leadership is making President Obama look stupid; which is something we can all agree with.

In essence, Trump is calling things as he sees them. His immigration policies may seem stringent to some people, but they are what this country needs. They will do some good in the war on drugs and illegal immigration and they will make this country safer. In today’s world where Obama does nothing while terrorists run rampant not only around the world but in his backyard, this is something we can all stand behind.

As for the Pope, we only hope he takes a break and reconsiders who he is and what kind of weight his words hold. Once again, we mean no disrespect, but the position of the Pope is not something that should be taken lightly.

The Pope should hold tradition and some other values in higher regard.

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