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Mike Pence Joins Trump In The Battle Against Hillary



Who is Mike Pence and why did Donald Trump choose him as his running mate?

When we tried to predict who Trump’s running mate is going to be some time ago, Pence sort of flew under our radar because he seemed like too safe of a choice, something we never expected from Trump.

Over the last few months, we did call for such a move, but Pence seemed like a choice that was too good to be true. Well, as it turns out, calling for such a vice presidential nominee actually made sense, as we now get to see him run together with Trump in this battle against the forces of lies, cronyism and everything that has turned this country into a lame duck.

First of all, Pence is an experienced politician who has served six terms as an Indiana congressman. He became the governor of the state in 2012 and since then he has done some spectacular things for his state and his constituents. When Trump introduced Pence as his running mate, he was very vocal about the things his new ally had done for his state, saying how he hopes Pence would be able to do the same for the country.

It is important to point out that Trump chose someone who knows how to get things done as opposed to just another talking head whose only accomplishment is being a politician who never screwed up in public. These things matter. We need people who actually get things done and who will not be afraid to do some actual work.

Pence is also a running mate who perfectly complements and balances out some of Trump’s more abrasive edges. He has been known to make compromises, all in favor of the people. He brokered a deal with Obama’s administration, pretty much keeping his Obamacare out of Indiana, which was a huge win for him and the rest of the state.

He is also someone who knows the Rust Belt inside-out and who will be perfectly suited to send Trump’s message across in the states where the general elections are won and lost.

And while Pence is someone who understands politics and knows how to make deals that actually help the American voting public; he is also a bit of a throwback, someone who lives and breathes conservatism, even though it may seem almost anachronistic at times.

Pence is a man who understands the importance of family, religion, and freedom and who will never compromise when these are in question. He is small-town Middle America incarnate and, as such, he is the absolute perfect running mate for Donald Trump.

This is an election that is going to be won by the ticket that understands the average American the best and the Trump-Pence ticket is the one, there is no doubt about that.

Together, Trump and Pence will listen to their fellow Americans who have lost their jobs, who cannot pay their rent, who are worried about their safety and who cannot believe what is happening in their country.

Together, Trump and Pence are going to think of ways to get the ball rolling and to ensure that the American people once again feel the hope they should never relinquish.

Together, Trump and Pence are going to put an end to the Democratic autocracy by the Obama-Clinton Clan that has been going on for far too long.

Together, Trump and Pence will make this country great again!

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