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New Abortion Act to Deny Insurance for Abortions


New Abortion Act to Deny Insurance for Abortions
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In recent months the grand old party has lobbied hard to get more and more laws and acts passed to regulate the number of abortions across the country. Though it may seem as though abortions in the case of things like rape, incest, and life endangerment may be acceptable in some cases, the Republican party has been working on a series of bills that would prohibit abortion under any circumstances.

Though the likelihood of a total ban on abortion across the board is still quite slim, the Republican party has been gaining speed with bills and laws passing that will make it illegal for insurance companies to pay for these procedures. It is the belief of the GOP that by making it impossible for insurance companies to pay for these procedures, less women will be able to go through with them. In most cases, the Republican party is not seeking to outlaw abortions entirely with this new bill, but rather to limit the number or make them the financial burden of the individual rather than the insurance company.

In many cases, women that have abortions depend heavily on insurance to help foot the financial burden of a pricey procedure like an abortion. Abortions can be a true strain on anyone that either elects to have the procedure done or needs it done for personal or medical reasons. Aside from the emotional toll that this type of procedure can take on women, it can also leave a large hole in their finances. By eliminating insurance covered abortions except for cases where it is medically or legally necessary, the Republican party hopes to lower the number of overall abortions.

For some states, there are publicly funded programs that are run through government issued insurance like Medicaid that help to pay for abortions in lower income individuals. So far, there have not been any solid laws that have been instated but the Republican party is working toward eliminating insurance covered abortions. There is plenty of time yet for these bills to be changed, passed, rejected, or simply overturned and only time will tell if the bill will pass or be rejected wholly.

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