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Obama Administration Supports Afghan Child Rapists


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We had our pick of the news and stories to cover today. New Hampshire primaries gave us two winners – one real one in Donald Trump and one sort-of-a-winner in Bernie “Red” Sanders who humiliated Hillary Clinton in the polls. Chris Christie announced he is quitting the race just hours ago and we say good riddance. Hillary’s people let American flags lie sprawled on the floor (which is illegal, by the way).

We have had a few very busy days. However, the story we want to share with you is much more important than everything that has happened, including the New Hampshire primaries. It is that important. Why? Because it involves an ordinary American man. A husband. A father. A soldier no less. A war hero. And these are the people who matter to us here at Republican Reader. Americans.

The man in question is Sergeant First Class Charles Martland who first got in trouble with Obama’s military authorities last year and whose story might take an even more dire turn this month. You might remember Green Beret and a proud owner of the Bronze Star Medal from September/October last year when he was disciplined by the Army’s Qualitative Management Program.

This month, he might be facing an dishonorable discharge from the force and by now, you are probably wondering what he had done that warranted such a response from Obama’s army?

He stopped a commander of the Afghan Local Police from continuing to rape a 12-year old boy. He kicked him off the base after discovering what the “man” has been doing. According to Obama and his administration, this is not something you do if you care about your career in the military.

The whole story is almost too gruesome to share with you, but we know you can take it. SFC Martland and now-former Captain Daniel Quinn received reports of a young boy getting raped by Abdul Rahman, the APL commander, in his home. The boy had been tied to a post at Rahman’s home and repeatedly raped for two weeks. His mother had tried to intervene and she was beaten within inches of her life. Martland and Quinn found the boy and took him for an examination by a doctor who confirmed the story.

They confronted Rahman who simply laughed at them, saying that “it was only a boy”. The incident took place around the time when New York Times reported on allegations that Afghan militia leaders were not stopped from abusing young boys by Obama’s army officials who wanted to keep them happy, even at the expense of young boys in Afghanistan.

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SFC Martland grabbed the ALP leader by his clothes and physically removed him from the base. For Obama’s people, this was cue to spring to action. Not when they heard about a young boy being raped for days on end, but when a Green Beret decided to do something about that and kick the admitted child rapist off the base.

The reason why we are writing about this now is that the Army Human Resources Command, in all its infinite wisdom, recently recommended that SFC Martland be removed from the Armed Services. This is pure insanity and we cannot imagine something like this happening under any administration that had anything to do with the American way of life or even basic decency. Unfortunately, we are living under the Obama administration which is more interested in turning this country into the Soviet Union than in protecting or, at least, not prosecuting war heroes.

This is a man who put his life on the line on a number of occasions and who never wanted anything more than to be paid an honest salary and respected by his superiors and peers. This is a man who felt the moral obligation (like every sane person would) to stop the continued raping of a 12-year old boy. And the current administration is trying to kick him off the force.

We can only imagine what will happen if we get four more years of Democratic rule, with either a Communist or a corporate, faceless snob running the show. We just cannot let that happen.

Not for Sergeant Martland. Not for our troops. Not for our children or anyone else’s children.

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