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Obama And Hillary Can’t Make America Safe



The main reason why this year’s presidential election is so important is that we can choose between a nominee who will try to keep our country safe and a nominee who couldn’t care less.

Hillary Clinton has shown on innumerable occasions that she knows little to nothing about keeping the American people safe and ridding the world of terrorists. Instead of being destroyed in its early days, ISIS literally exploded during her time as Secretary of State.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump who is strong on these issues and who knows how to make this country safe and secure once again. He is the nominee who knows how important our police and military are and who will always support them in the face of any threats.

For example, one of the things that Hillary supports is getting more and more Syrian refugees in the country, which is just total insanity.

Before you start clamoring how the conservatives don’t understand that these people are running away from ISIS as well, they are very well aware of that. Yes, these people have suffered a lot and they are running away from the bad guys. Unfortunately for us, ISIS agents infiltrate refugee groups and use them to get into the Western countries.

If there is a way to conclusively determine if someone has any ties to ISIS and similar organizations, then by all means, let these people in and help them. The reality is that we cannot do that. FBI executives have been saying this for months, if not years. There is simply no way to ensure that no one slips under the radar with the refugees.

This should be reason enough not to let refugees into the country.

For those of you who need more proof that letting these people into the U.S. is a bad idea, just read up on what has been happening around Europe this year. ISIS sympathizers and people directly affiliated with them have unleashed terror on the Old Continent, shooting up concerts and music festivals, decapitating people in churches and hacking down pregnant women with machetes.

This is something this country could definitely live without.

And yet, Hillary wants more and more refugees to come into the country, keeping in line with what Obama’s administration has been doing for quite some time now.

According to the latest numbers published by the State Department, in the last 30 days, Obama’s plan to let 10,000 refugees in the country has picked up pace as almost 2,500 people entered the country last month. This puts the total number at about 8,000.

The weirdest thing is that this has been happening without anyone saying a thing about it. Everyone is busy talking about Trump’s ban, which actually makes perfect sense. While that is happening, we are letting thousands of unvetted people who might have ties to terrorist organizations into the country.

It is really difficult to understand this. The FBI has clearly said they cannot do a thorough enough investigation of these people. It is a fact that refugee camps are infiltrated by terrorist organizations. And yet, our government keeps on letting these people into the country. We understand the need to help someone, but this is beyond common sense.

Simply put, this needs to end. This will not end if Hillary becomes President, that much is obvious. She will continue (and even increase) this acceptance of unchecked individuals into the country. This is pure madness.

We need to put Donald Trump into the White House and have him stop this madness. We know that there are people trying to convince you that a temporary ban on immigration from compromised countries is unconstitutional or illegal, but it is not. Half a dozen presidents banned certain groups of people from coming into the United States and this would be nothing new.

This is not a whim. This is keeping our people safe.

Obama isn’t keeping us safe. Hillary won’t keep us safe.


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