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Obama Denies Any Influence In The Clinton Email Probe


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Believe it or not, the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server has been going on for the better part of the year and we are still yet to find out anything conclusive. Like everything else under President Obama, this investigations has been going nowhere and it’s been a mess, to say the least. Yesterday, someone finally thought of asking the President himself about why the probe has been lagging and Obama defended himself, saying that he has no influence over the probe and that it is not a political question.

Well, if you ask us, the probe is a massive political question. It might actually be the biggest one right now. In case you have spent the last year or so on a deserted island somewhere, the FBI has launched a probe into Hillary Clinton’s email practices during her term as United States Secretary of State where she used her private email server for official communication. The problem with this, as should be clear to anyone with a tiny shred of common sense, is that this makes such email communication unsafe.

The last thing the Secretary of State should do is engage in unsafe email communication. The State Department had to reclassify more than 2,000 emails on the server as classified because they were not marked properly by Clinton and her staff. Moreover, 65 of those emails are deemed Secret and 22 of them Top Secret. In short, Clinton sent over 80 secret emails through insecure channels. As if this was not enough, Clinton and her staff also deleted thousands of emails that should have been kept for record, as required by law.

To think that everything would be alright and that those emails have not already been intercepted by someone is pure madness. Literally thousands of hacker attacks are reported every day by the U.S. authorities, aimed at government officials and other “sensitive” entities and carried out by those who wish to harm this country.

It is only natural that people are wondering what FBI has done on this subject, considering how sensitive the information is and how devastating this can be for the security of the country. Some people are wondering whether the probe is being deliberately slowed down so as not to harm Clinton’s chances in the Democratic primaries and, later, during the presidential race. You can never be sure with the Democrats.

Yesterday, the folks from Fox News Sunday finally remembered to ask the big man himself, President Obama and to see if he had something to say about the subject at hand. Chris Wallace met him at the University of Chicago Law School and asked him directly, in light of new findings, whether he still thinks that Clinton had not put the security of the United States in jeopardy, as he had maintained in the past.

Obama was very smart not to give a direct answer, instead praising her service as Secretary of State, but still adding that she may have been careless. Wallace also got Obama to guarantee that this case is going to be handled institutionally and not politically.

One thing is for sure – the American people have the right to know exactly how much Clinton dropped the ball with these emails and how much her “carelessness” has hurt the American government and its people. If this person is going to become a Democratic nominee for the presidency, we as voters have the right to know what to expect from such a person. We can all agree that such carelessness is not something we could tolerate from the president. We shouldn’t tolerate it from the Secretary of State, for that matter. Right? Is that the way this country works?

This is a matter that should have been resolved a long time ago and resolved with a stern approach. These are extremely sensitive emails we are talking about. This is data that can be vital to the survival of this country and its people. This is the kind of behavior that can only be tolerated under a Democratic Party regime.

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