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Obama Tangoes All Over The Faces Of His Fellow Americans


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A few days ago, we wrote about President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba and his decision to enjoy a sunny day watching baseball with a communist dictator while the residents of the city where NATO is headquartered were dying at the hands of ISIS. We honestly thought that this was the pinnacle of his callousness and his undeservedness of the position of the President of the United States of America, or at least the latest example of how far this man has strayed from being an actual President of this country.

Well, we were wrong. It turns out Obama has a few aces in his sleeves, even at times when you think he couldn’t be any less presidential. We have to hand it to the man – he can still surprise us. In a bad way, of course.

First of all, we still cannot believe the fact that he was at the ball game with Belgian citizens losing lives during an ISIS attack, laughing and joking with his Communist buddies. That was not a moment for being jolly and merry. It was a moment when the President of the world’s most powerful country was supposed to be on the phones, finding out not just about Brussels and its residents but about the security in his own country. The country he is the president of. But hey, there were more important matters to attend to.

Then, there was the photo op in front of Che Guevara’s monument, mural whatever it is. A photo op that everyone commented on and that has been debated over from every angle conceivable. Except for one. The one where Obama himself asked to have a photo taken at that precise moment. We’ve all seen those photos of Republican presidents having their pictures taken in front of communist leaders. Well, they for sure did not ask to be photographed there. It was protocol. Obama actually asked to have a picture done in the spot where Che will be in the background.

If you don’t believe us, here is the video:

It is pretty obvious that Obama saw nothing but another photo op that will look great on his resume once he runs for UN or something like that. Because it is obvious that his 8 years as POTUS have been nothing but an audition for something else. It’s just unbelievable. He thinks a photo taken in front of a criminal will do him good. Yes, do not be fooled. Che Guevara was a criminal first and then everything else.

The amount of reinvention that has been done on Che Guevara’s image is nothing short of spectacular, with misguided kids all over the world donning his face on everything, from T-shirts to flags. Che was, among other things, the man in charge of a prison in Havana known as La Cabana where he detained, interrogated and summarily executed hundreds upon hundreds of people who he considered to be “class enemies”. In essence, anyone who had the slightest problem with the new communist dictatorship (not even that at times) lost their lives because Che felt this was a smart thing to do.

All in all, about 16,000 of such executions are estimated to have taken the place, with 100,000 more being jailed and two million Cubans escaping the country to get away from the communist nightmare that was created. Then, as the biggest insult of his entire trip, Obama had the audacity to say that the American Revolution and the Cuban Revolution were, more or less, the same thing. They both came from the same place.

No, they didn’t. The American Revolution did away with a foreign ruler whose legitimacy of rule was absolutely non-existent while the Cuban Revolution was nothing but a bunch of cronies deposing of the president to usher in decades of communist oppression. The leaders of the American Revolution could not wait to relinquish power and let the American people choose for themselves. The leaders of the Cuban Revolution are still putting their own family in places of power, even after ruling for half a century.

We feel ridiculous even having to explain why these two revolutions have nothing in common. This is something you learn in high school. At the latest. But as long as Obama and the missus are tangoing for the cameras, everything is alright. Is that right America?

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