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Obama – The Most Dangerous President We’ve Ever Had


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It has been said that the most dangerous and difficult lie to battle is the one that holds a modicum of truth. While politics has unfortunately become a divisive game in the United States, what is happening at the highest official level of the office of the president is indeed the most dangerous game.

Backed by a big media bias that is unrivaled in the last century, the White House machine has refined a method of turning every issue into a likeability and politically correct fiasco, and one that holds some measure of truth. When there are obviously bad decisions made, they are called “false scandals” because the White House was generally unaware of the problems.

Both political parties (and independent/off-party people as well) can bring into a discussion person after person to be examples that back their causes. A case in point is the endless troop of citizens telling horror stories about Obamacare on the one hand, while the White House brings on just as many who explain, on the other hand, how it has saved their lives.

However, this is only a ripple on the surface of the danger of a president who believes he can autonomously change or cancel laws. In our mind, nothing can touch the dangerousness of the real scandal of the IRS targeting conservative groups in the last four years. This critically dangerous point of this scandal is that the White House believes it can terrorize through this all-powerful government agency, and deny any problems.

There are always scandalous developments when politicians are concerned with their survival over the good of the country. It happens at every level, from the town clerk to the governor, to the president. The legal system becomes blurred; the spending of money becomes epidemic; and personal security overtakes a politician’s ability to protect the people. The danger reaches unprecedented levels when the president flaunts the Constitution with decisions against the provisions that were written specifically to protect the people, like the right to bear arms, the right to freedom from illegal search and the right to freely participate in a free economy.

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