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Obama’s Cuba Visit Left No One Surprised


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If you were to ask yourself as a child whether you think a day will come when the President of the United States is going to be a socialist, that child would laugh you out of the room. Even if you happened to be a child during the philandering years of the Clinton administration or during Jimmy Carter’s years of ineptitude and complacency.

If you asked that same child about living in a country where the President does everything in his power to undermine the country he is supposed to be leading and that child would tell you it was impossible. Well, Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba is yet another one of those things he does to try and prove to the world that the U.S. is nothing but a second-grade nation which does not stand for anything.

The mere fact that the President of the United States of America is visiting Cuba while the Communist regime is still in power makes us rub our eyes in disbelief at what is happening and how everyone is taking it. It is as if saying that the U.S. all of a sudden has absolutely no problem with a Communist country existing mere miles off of the coast of Florida.

Sometimes we get the feeling that if Ohio, for instance, decided to proclaim it is a Communist State and then ask for independence that Obama would let it happen, saying how people should choose their own fate and how Communism is no better than Capitalism and Christian values. It’s a good thing the residents of Ohio are not a brainwashed rabble like Obama’s administration is.

We do not really like to put ourselves in the same basket as some more radical right-leaning writers and websites who engage in certain paranoias and conspiracy theories, but when your President goes to visit Cuba and shake hands with the criminal Communist government there, you start asking yourself questions.

And then you take a good, hard look back at the last 7-odd years and you immediately get that nauseous feeling that the real Republicans have been feeling in their stomachs ever since he was voted in the first time. The weirdest thing is that for some reason, whenever Republicans tried to point out the fact that Obama was being a communist (or at least a socialist), people either scoffed at it or actually thought there was nothing wrong with that.

Like, for instance, when he hired people who have served on Socialist International’s commissions, such as Carol Browner as administrator of one of the country’s most important and vulnerable agencies,EPA. Or like when he hired a former officer of the House of Representatives socialist wing officer as a labor secretary in Hilda Solis. Or when he hired someone who sees Mao Zedong as one of this person’s favorite political philosophers as a White House communications director in Anita Dunn.

Over the years, Obama has also turned America in a country of surveillance, pat-downs and situations in which neighbors are encouraged to tattle on their neighbors. It is like 1984 coming to life in 21st century United States, and much like in book, with the masses being unaware that something wrong is happening.

Probably the thing that will forever remain the milestone of his presidency will be Obamacare, a conclusively, irrefutably socialist concept which complements his wealth-redistribution efforts so perfectly. If this is not a socialist idea then we do not know what is. The worst thing about Obamacare is that years will have to pass before we can observe the final scope of what he had done.

His unwillingness to stand against anti-American forces has not only been socialist, but un-American no matter how you cut it. Repeatedly, he has balked at the prospect of any confrontation as if he was pronounced the next Dalai Lama and not the President of the United States. Do not get us wrong, we have nothing against the Dalai Lama, but we wouldn’t exactly elect him to run the U.S. Or maybe we would; he would definitely be less of a Commie.

And on top of all that, Obama has been working ardently to get our guns away from us. The Constitution means nothing to the man. He probably cares more about what the Socialist International says these days.

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