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Obama’s ‘Wishy-Washiness’ with Putin


CHARLOTTE, NC - SEP 21:  Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, makes
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We have two powerful men who want to prove that they are the stronger of the two, but only one can succeed. Can you guess which one is on the verge of accomplishing that feat? Of course you can.

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

When Obama demanded that Putin should not take control of the Crimean Peninsula, did he really think that was going to make Putin think twice and change his mind? Just because Obama said so? Not really. Putin is a smart man, who is also a stubborn man, and not likely to bow down to other foreign leaders telling him what to do.

It’s not his personality type. This man rules his country the way he sees fit, without the benefit of looking to Obama to get his reaction, and in this case, empty threats. Putin rules as he plans, and he will worry about the consequences later. In this case, the words of Obama don’t seem to warrant Putin’s shying away from his ideas on how to handle Ukraine.

In other words, while Obama proceeded to make idle threats, Putin kept on pushing his way toward Ukraine, just as he had originally intended. Putin had his own plan in place, and even he could see that the threats made by Obama were flat and held no substance.

Is This What We Want The World To See?

America should be the country that everyone listens to and takes notice of. However, that’s not what’s happening here. We have a leader who threatens another major leader of a world’s super power, and the reaction is little more than a few raised eyebrows.

We don’t have the kind of President who makes world leaders “quake in their boots.” They know it and we know it. So is it any wonder that the reactions from Obama’s words are mild at best? We don’t want a bully, but we do want someone who can flex his muscles, and when he does, have the world take notice.

If You Want To Sound Strong, Then Be Strong

Most people know that since Obama’s reign, the military has gotten smaller. He is on his way to downsize the strength of America’s forces. Citizens of this country want to know that we have a strong military; one we can depend on should the need arise.

You can’t have the world know this, and then stand up and pronounce your threats. It just doesn’t work. Do you really think Putin and his cronies are going to change course due to Obama’s message? Not likely.

If you want other leaders to take you seriously, then provide them with a legitimate sanction, if they continue to proceed over your objections. Obama’s words that if Putin continues on his present course, we will implement sanctions of economic, financial and trade proportions, don’t mean anything.

It’s the adult version of the “Cry Wolf” theme. If you want people to stand up and take notice when you threaten them, make sure you have the fire power to back up those words.

That’s exactly what Obama doesn’t have.

We just hope that these words won’t get us into even worse trouble before the next election rolls around.

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