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Photos Of Barack Obama In Traditional Muslim Dress Leaked



If you weren’t absolutely sure that Barack Obama has always had strong ties with Islam, then these pictures will probably help you see the light.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has just published photos that show the U.S. President dressed in traditional Muslim clothes from what O’Reilly claims was the wedding of Obama’s half-brother Malik.

While he could not confirm where and when the photos were taken exactly, most signs point to the fact that the wedding took place somewhere in Maryland during the early 1990s.

This isn’t really the first time that these photos are being shown to the public. Malik himself released them back in 2004.

Malik Obama, the half-brother whose wedding Obama attended in Muslim clothes – is a Muslim.

O’Reilly added that Malik got married for the first time back in 1981 and that he currently has multiple wives. So, we are assuming that the President was in attendance at a wedding in which Malik was adding to his stable of brides.

What is absolutely undeniable is that Obama definitely has very close ties with Islam, especially through his family. And we absolutely agree with whatO’Reilly concluded – because of these ties to the Muslim world, Obama is unable to effectively fight the threat of ISIS and Muslim extremist around the world.

And while no one is doubting that Obama is a Christian, we are certainly doubting whether he is a devout Christian – which the President of the United States certainly has to be, considering that this is a Christian nation after all.

O’Reilly also noticed something else that we have been noticing for many years as well. The fact that whenever Obama is talking about terrorism and the war on terror, he is always trying to make it about something other than what it really is – Islamic terrorism.

Even now when we are keeping thousands of American troops in Afghanistan, Obama is making it look like a political decision, not a decision to remain focused on eliminating the threat that fundamentalist Islamic terrorism poses to us and to the freedom, safety, and well-being of all American citizens.


Obama needs to wake up and say what is really going on. His close ties to the religion have made it impossible for him to look at the situation objectively. Objectively, the Jihad is all about turning the world into a place that is run by the extreme laws and rules of the radical version of Islam.

It’s time for Obama to acknowledge the fact that he and his administration have failed miserably at neutralizing the threat of radical Islam and that since he took office, the Islamic State has gained an incredible amount of ground and a devastating choke-hold on the Middle East.

Why can’t the President just say the words? Why can’t he admit to the public and the citizens that he was entrusted to protect that the problem are Muslim and Islamic extremists? Instead, Obama tries to fool us all, as if we don’t know who’s being it all – and simply refers to them as “terrorists” and “militants” – as if we have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they stand for, and what their goals are.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been saying these things all along. He has called out President Obama many times on the fact that he is unable to say the words “Islamic terrorism.” He probably can’t even say it in his own home, much less at a press conference.

We also agree with O’Reilly’s very accurate claims that President Obama treats the Muslim world with a high level of sympathy, which is something that the United States cannot afford in such a dangerous situation.

If Obama had not made the decision to get our troops out of Iraq, there’s a good chance that ISIS would have never excited. It is his weak stance on this matter that is making the world a frightening place. It is Obama’s lack of strength and will to deal with Islamic terrorists the right way that is helping ISIS gain ground all across the Middle East.

Hopefully, his reign as President will end before it’s too late to do anything about it.

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