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Politico’s Insiders Weigh In On Trump’s Running Mate Candidates



Choosing a running mate is a huge moment in any presidential nominee’s campaign as the correctly picked vice president can be an incredible boon for the presidential race. Perhaps even more importantly, a poor choice can all but make it impossible for a nominee to clinch the presidency.

Donald Trump is in an interesting situation, as he might need a solid running mate more than most nominees in the past few decades. For one, he has not been in politics for that long and he could use someone who knows all the ins and the outs of the presidential election process. Of course, he can always rely on the members of his team, but it is always a good thing to have a politically savvy running mate.

Another reason why our presumptive nominee needs to make the right decision is that he is more divisive than most nominees in the last 50 years, regardless of the party. And when you are telling the truth and calling things by their real name, you are bound to alienate certain portions of the voting population.

With a smart Veep choice, Trump could better explain his position and let people know that his policies and opinions are intended to benefit everyone, not just a few select parts of the American society. This is something Hillary is pushing, do not worry.

Some time ago, we wrote about the people we saw as the Top 10 Donald Trump running mates and we gave our reasons as to why we believed they would do him good.

Today, we will talk about an article we found on Politico  where they talk to their pool of “activists, strategists, and operatives in 10 key battleground states,” meaning the swing states that are neither Red nor Blue.

They wanted to check what both party insiders think about the potential running mates and we have to say that they have uncovered some truly interesting opinions and trends.

We do not agree with the people from Politico that often, but we really enjoyed this particular article.

As far as their Democratic Party insiders are concerned, they went with Marco Rubio. In fact, Rubio ran away with this particular race. He received 34 percent of the votes among the Democrats who mostly agree that he would help Trump “broaden his base.” Of course, being smug Democrats, they wondered if “Rubio is willing to destroy his political future for the sake of saving his party.”

The way they see it, Trump’s running mate is committing political suicide and there are no two ways about it. Shows what they know, right?

The Democratic insiders also threw in Bob Corker, Rick Scott, and Mary Fallin as some of the names.

The Republicans went a different way with Newt Gingrich, someone who would bring decades of political experience to the Trump ticket, an expert who knows all the nooks and crannies of Washington and whose conservative values have never been in question.

Republicans also liked Rubio for Trump’s running mate, despite the Florida senator saying he’s not interested in being on the ticket. They like his legislative experience, youth, and confidence.

The name that also came up was John Kasich, another one of Trump’s primary opponents who hasn’t even endorsed Trump so far. According to the insiders, he is supposed to bring Ohio and a bit of that moderate appeal that could sway some Democratic votes.

The article also covers the question of when Trump should announce his running mate. While some of the people interviewed said Trump should announce his running mate at the Republican National Convention, others are saying that this is a risky move that could backfire. They said such a move lacks gravitas and makes everything seem like a reality show.

We have to admit we are not sure what to think about this announcement timing. It is a great Convention move, but it can also make the decision seem last-minute.

As far as the running mates go, we would like to see Rubio become part of the Trump ticket. He is one of the better politicians in the party and he would complement Trump’s more direct approach. He would also help Trump better explain his views and policies on immigration.

Above everything else, Rubio has some of that Trump bravado that this ticket should bring to the table. Trump won the Republican nomination by being bold and direct and we somehow have the feeling that Rubio has some of that vinegar in him too.


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