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Rubio Finally Drops Out After Trump Dominates Primaries


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Yesterday, five states voted on the GOP candidate for the presidential election and the results have been more or less unanimous – people are voting Donald Trump. Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio were all voting and according to the latest results, Trump has won in four of five states. But let’s start from the top.

The biggest victory of the night for Trump was Florida where he was pitted against the senator from that very state, Marco Rubio whose campaign hasn’t been going great and who put all of his eggs in the Florida basket to be frank. Well, Trump didn’t walk on eggshells, although he cracked all of those eggs when he won 46 percent of the votes of Florida Republicans. Rubio managed to scrounge only 27 percent. Cruz was third with 17 and Kasich fourth with 7 percent.

None of it mattered since Florida is a winner-take-all state, meaning that Trump won all of its 99 delegates. As the first poll results were coming out, Rubio finally did what he should have done a long time ago – he retired from the race. His speech was an optimistic one and an upbeat one, despite the fact that he failed to become the hip, young candidate that the modern GOP would embrace.

If we had to predict the rest of his political career from here on, we’d have to say we’re not exactly optimistic about it. Everywhere he goes, he will be reminded of the beating he got in his own state, not being able to win among his own constituents. It is difficult to come back from something like that. Perhaps he just wasn’t the man everyone thought he was mere months ago.

The second winner-take-all state of the day was Ohio where Trump was up against Senator John Kasich who was adamant he would win his state. And unlike Rubio, he actually pulled it off. Kasich won 47 percent of the votes in Ohio while Trump only managed to win 36. Cruz won 13 percent and Rubio won only 3. Kasich made a quip about taking the high road to the highest office in the country, obviously super excited that he managed to win his own state.
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On the other hand, Trump mentioned he would have won Ohio too if he had been given more time to do so, but his result in Kasich’s state has only reinforced something that some of us have known for a long time now, Trump is the winner of this race, no matter how you cut it. Of course, the Ohio victory has, at least in his mind, given Kasich wind in the sails to continue with his campaign, even though he has absolutely no chances of securing the nomination. Whatever.

In Illinois, Trump recorded another victory, with 39 percent of the votes. While experts believed that it would be Kasich who would win second place in Illinois, it was actually Cruz with 30 percent. Kasich only won 20. Rubio once again failed to break into double digits and he won only 9 percent of the votes. North Carolina also went with Trump, giving him 40 percent of the votes and giving Cruz 37. Kasich was in third place with 13 and Rubio 4th with 8 percent of the votes.

At the moment of writing this article, Trump and Cruz are neck-to-neck in Missouri, both with 41 percent of the votes and with hundreds of votes separating the two. Still, the slight advantage is with Trump while Kasich and Rubio are nowhere close. Earlier yesterday, Trump won the Northern Mariana Islands, all of their 9 delegates.

During his speech, Trump mentioned the crowds of people flocking to polls, showing interest in a candidate who is not just another suit with a list of tasks to do for his or her overlords. People are interested in the Republican party again. They are interested in politics. And it is not because of Cruz or because of Kasich or, God forbid, the Democrats. It is because of Trump.

He has also looked back at all the negative press that he’s been getting and it has truly been ridiculous. Maybe it is time people finally realize that the voters want Trump and that they want something new to happen in Washington. God knows we deserve it!

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