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Ted Cruz And John Kasich Finally Drop Out!


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On 3 May 2016, Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, tweeted the following:

He announced that Donald Trump became the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee (he spelled it “presumtive” originally) and that the Party should rally behind him in expectation of the November presidential election.

Yesterday’s Indiana Primary showed once more that the republican voters stand behind Trump and that Ted Cruz and John Kasich were only wasting everyone’s time. After Indiana, it became mathematically impossible for Cruz to win the Republican nomination and he had the decency to drop out of the race.

It goes without saying that Cruz was annoyingly epic in his speech, saying he is not “suspending [their] fight for liberty,” as if someone was limiting his freedoms. He even had the audacity to call his voters a “movement.”

You gotta hand it to him. The end of his campaign was just as ridiculous as his campaign overall.

That is consistency.

He even elbowed his wife at the end of that speech.

This tweet probably summarized it best.

Today, John Kasich did the same. No, he did not elbow his wife. He suspended his campaign, making Trump the only candidate still in the race and the obvious GOP nominee.

There is not a font size big enough for the “finally” we want to put here.

Kasich has probably been the most ludicrous candidate for a party nomination in the history of the Party. Probably both parties. The man held on to his few candidates and ran like Forrest Gump, only without any chance to win. Gump was a winner.

Kasich is a loser.

But none of that matters now. What matters is that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican Party nominee in November and that even the GOP establishment came to a conclusion that this is what the party members want.

This is something many people seem to have overlooked. They talk about all these Republicans who will vote against Trump in the upcoming election and who would rather cease being Republicans than vote for him.

In reality, however, it was Republicans who decided that Trump should represent them. It was not the Democratic voters, or aliens, or reptiles or anyone else. Republican voters chose Trump and Republican voters are going to choose him again when he faces Hillary Clinton (let’s get real, Bernie Sanders is as dead in the water as Cruz and Kasich).

The liberal and even some long-standing Republican media are constantly talking about Trump not having any supporters or voters behind him. How did he become the Republican nominee then?!

It feels like these people are boxing with reality.

The worst thing will be when Republican voters actually start believing this. When they lose their faith in their Party and when they become less ardent in their support for Trump, the elected GOP nominee.

We feel that it is almost our duty to remind GOP voters that Trump is the man representing them in the elections in November. He is not some impostor who took over the party. He is the man who is bringing the much-needed change to the party that has long been just a pack of back-scratching and deal-making fat cats. Trump is not a man who is destroying the Republican Party. He is making it better.

More importantly, he is the man who will stand against Hillary Clinton in the November presidential election. We do not even think we need to remind you why Clinton will be the worst thing for this country.

You know better.

Clinton will only make America weaker and even more bureaucratic and paranoid. She will make America less safe and needier. She is going to keep running this country into the ground. As if 8 years of Obama’s administration were not enough.

And she WILL become President if the Republican Party does not flock behind the elected nominee.

It is our duty to ensure this happens. Our candidate, Donald Trump, needs and deserves our support.

Let’s put a Republican in the White House once more!