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The 11 Reasons Why Hillary Shouldn’t Run In 2016


1. $200,000 Speaking Engagements
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For as long as she remains a figure in American politics, there will always be rumors of Hillary Clinton making a run for the White House. Whether or not they hold true in 2016, here are 11 reasons why she might want to sit this one out.

1. $200,000 Speaking Engagements

Making close to a quarter million dollars per speaking engagement, Hillary Clinton would likely be taking a pay cut as president. It simply might not be a great career move at this point.

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  • Mike Fallopian

    Not a Hilary fan but the only reason that would matter is the unlikely one that she doesn’t want to be president…because if she does she’s a huge favorite to win.

    • STMBT

      If Hilary does decide to run she will kick any republicans ass that runs against her!!

      • hardtimz

        Yea at this point, that’s the way it’s looking!

        • StandardX

          And at this point in 2006 it was said that Hillary would kick any Democrats ass that runs against her and that she will be the nominee. We all know how that turned out.

    • kanawah

      Most likely, the republican will think he got caught in an elephant stamped. All Hillary has to do is say ‘boo’ and the whole herd will be on the run for cover.


    Hillary will run and win because the American People, in their complete apathy and ignorance elected Obama TWICE in spite of his being the most unqualified socialist/communist trained unAmerican ever to disgrace his office. Surely Hillary and Bill together with their scandals that run for pages, single spaced, will gain the vote of these sleeping voters and Obama will pay off with his endorsement.

    • Reiley

      We also elected George W Bush twice as well. He wasn’t that great either. So what is your point exactly?

      • William Carr

        Well, actually we didn’t elect G.W. Bush twice.

        The Supreme Court illegally intervened in States Rights, over-riding the Florida Supreme Court decision.

        You see, every State has an automatic Recount threshold.

        When Florida deadlocked in 2000, the Florida Supreme Court, instructed by their Constitution, ordered the Recount proceed.

        80,000 Floridians had been thrown off the voter rolls because they had similar names to convicted felons in Texas.

        That’s known as a “Voter Purge”, and it’s illegal to do within 90 days of an Election.

        When you do it at the last minute, it leaves people no time to discover the Voter Suppression and fix it.

        But the Jeb Bush Administration did it anyway.

        Just those 80,000 votes would have prevented a Bush Presidency.

        So the five Conservatives on the US Supreme Court shut down the Recount.

        Some of the big newspapers got together and funded a Recount afterward. Gore won.

        2004 was very curious. It’s a matter of record that John Kerry was winning; then the Vote Server in Ohio crashed.

        The backup was out of State. It couldn’t be verified by State Officials, and this business of having a backup Server out of State is VERY curious.

        When that Serve came online, suddenly Bush was winning, by the SAME percentage he’d been losing.

        In Mechatronics, we call this “Toggling a bit”. You just flip a setting and the computer reverses the inputs.

        And that SAME scenario happened in 2012. The Ohio Vote Server crashed !

        But funny thing. The hacker group “Anonymous” had left a message for Karl Rove warning him not to tamper with the vote.

        When the backup Server came online, the vote proceeded normally because Anonymous had password locked Karl Rove’s “Orca” program.

    • kanawah

      First of all, Obama is one of the best presidents we have ever had.
      All of the “scandals” have been manufactured by the republiCONs.

      • Icywarning

        Prove both arguments

      • John Kane

        Obviously you have been living under a rock if you think Obama is one of the best presidents ever. He should be impeached and sent to jail for all of his violations of the US Constitution.

        • Vince

          Impeached?! For what? Wanting all Americans to have health insurance? Oh, you’re right, this is horrifying!! Impeach him now! Before he takes our guns!

        • William Carr

          The problem is, Cons can never pin down WHAT “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” they’re referring to.

          That’s because it’s all imaginary.

          Do you think the GOP is asleep ?

          If there was ANY evidence of a High Crime, or any evidence of the silly “born in Kenya” hoax, the GOP would have acted immediately.

      • kidpags

        The fact that you can vote with such a foolish and partisanly-biased outlook shows the problem with our voting process as well as with the human race on a whole.

  • Liberty Bell

    Remember Benghazi!!

    • William Carr

      We also remember 9/11, and the 13 Embassy attacks under G.W. Bush.

      Isn’t it funny that Conservatives forget about their own failures?

      Four people died in Benghazi. 2,996 died on 9/11 and that’s not counting the First Responders dying of Cancer now.

      The 13 Embassy attacks had a pricetag of over 50 deaths.

      The Obama Administration requested an additional $300 Million specifically for Embassy Security and John Boehner refused.

      Subsequently, when the tiny Benghazi Consulate was attacked, they had no Marine Guards.

      Did the GOP leaders say “oh, sorry, we should have voted for the Embassy Security money?”.

      No, they pitched a fit and blamed Hilary Clinton.


  • kanawah

    You missed the biggest reason (from the republican point of view); she will stomp who ever the right runs into the ground, and her coat tails will long and broad.

    She will win, and she will bring a majority in both the house and senate with her.

    • audacityscape

      Amen. This “article” reeks of fear.

    • StandardX

      From a “republican point of view” ? Really!!? With repubublicans like that who the hell needs a leftist Dem socialist?!

    • StandardX

      With Republicans like that who the hell needs a leftist Dem socialist?

  • Dennis spittle

    Hillary and Obama must go

    • BigR2

      And some of these commenters would be better off living in France.

  • jimbon88

    The kids of brainwashed no-nothings that voted for BO will also vote for Hillary, regardless of the facts. Liberals vote on the cult of personality, not competence. Look at BO and Jimmy Carter for wonderful examples of this. Liberals are destroying the country.

    • William Carr

      Look at Nixon and G.W. Bush for the counterpoint.

      A criminal and a War Criminal.

      Or were you trying to prove that Republicans vote on the basis of “competence” ?

      If that were true, Bob Dole would have gotten a higher turnout.

  • edgineer

    I hope she runs. It would guarantee a Republican victory.

    • BigR2

      Nothing but Nothing would get more Conservative voters out of the recliner than Hitlery Rodham Clinton running for President.
      With any luck at all Crazy Uncle Joe will primary against her and tremendous amounts of money will be spent in political adds, freeing up Democrat money back into the economy.

  • Loudsounds

    I would love to be the libertarian/conservative candidate that runs against Hilary Clinton provided I am allowed to participate in the debates. I would run rough shot over her and she would not know how to respond. I have video footage of her saying that the only solution to a peaceful society is high taxes. She is then on the same footage saying if it moves we tax it! That would be my first TV Ad! Next ad I would show her saying that obumma was not qualified to be president then I would then ask why did you go to work for him? Of course I would ask questions about Benghazi and other state dept blunders. I would also ask her about the character attack on a 21 year old intern and if she is really on the side of women when she is married to a misogynist who sent his cronies out to discredit 21 year old girl to cover up his lies. “Mrs Clinton why would you stay married to a known philanderer”? Does the end justify the means? When you knew obumma was not qualified why would you endorse a man who was a disaster twice for president? Why do you play party politics when you should know better?

  • BigR2

    Stop and think. Our Country can only be run by Dynasty Families? Baby Boomers are sick of paying taxes supporting the “Great Society” and the “Millenials” only see greed and corruption in the political process. Fresh young blood is needed in DC. Perhaps being far away from Retirement age they will not be tempted by ill gotten gains the Washington crowd offers up. The Leadership of the Free World may return to the Presidential job description. Right now it is vacant.

  • StandardX

    So many lib trolls on this message board titled “Republican reader” Interesting.

  • lwborden

    The repubic party cannot win if Former First Lady Clinton would run… LMBO…