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The 11 Reasons Why Hillary Shouldn’t Run In 2016


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For as long as she remains a figure in American politics, there will always be rumors of Hillary Clinton making a run for the White House. Whether or not they hold true in 2016, here are 11 reasons why she might want to sit this one out.

11. $200,000 Speaking Engagements

Making close to a quarter million dollars per speaking engagement, Hillary Clinton would likely be taking a pay cut as president. It simply might not be a great career move at this point.

10. Age

Clinton will be around 69 when the next presidential election rolls around. Age was a serious detriment in the campaigns of Bob Dole and John McCain, and a serious boon for our last two Democrat presidents. A Democratic candidate without youth and charisma on their side seems like a longshot.

9. Unclear Messages

Ask Hillary’s biggest fans and her biggest detractors what she stands for, and they’ll likely scratch their heads and shrug their shoulders. Hillary’s status as a pop culture icon seems to outshine her career in the US Government.

8. Censorship

Although Hillary has argued against censorship in recent speeches, how far does that go when she has frequently led the charge against controversial culture like rap music and video games?

7. The Support’s Not Really There

Hillary Clinton may remind White baby boomers of how much they liked living under Bill Clinton in the 1990′s, but is she as relevant to younger voters? To minorities?

6. Partisanship

The Obama administration has seen some of the worst partisanship in recent history. It’s hard to believe that someone with Hillary’s record is the uniter that Americans have been looking for.

5. Scandals

Most politicians have their share of scandals, real or fabricated, but from Whitewater to Travelgate Hillary Clinton has a lot to live down.

4. 2008 Loss

Hillary still carries the baggage of her 2008 primary election loss against Barack Obama. Will Hillary have a shot in 2016 simply because no other candidates are as attractive to democrat voters as was Obama?

3. “In No Hurry”

Hillary Clinton herself has expressed, if not reluctance, then certainly not excitement, either, at the prospect of another run. It’s hard to believe that she has the drive to win even the primaries at this point.

2. Elitism

Hillary Clinton has always been a favorite of the White middle class, but there are plenty of Whites below the poverty line who are turned off by Clinton’s yuppie persona and perceived elitism.

1. Will Voters Elect a Female President

This is a question that remains to be answered. Even the so-called progressives on the left weren’t shy about using Sarah Palin’s past as a beauty queen against her. As much as democrats might like to bring up the wage gap and abortion rights, are they actually ready to put a woman in office? It’s a fight worth having, but it seems that a younger female candidate from either side of the fence could make more of an impact.