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The 16 Reasons Joe Biden Will Lose


The 16 Reasons Joe Biden Will Lose
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It’s 2014 which means, to many people, only 2 more years until a new president is finally elected and Obama is out of office. People are already buzzing about who the next president could be, or at least who the nominees might be. While there is still a lot of mystery surrounding who it might be on the Republican side, the Democrats seem to be showing a lot of their cards very early.

Hillary Clinton appears poised to make another run at the White House and Joe Biden, Obama’s loyal number 2, may also challenge her for the nomination and then try to win the presidency, keeping the Obama-style of governance intact. However, it’ll be a tough road for Joe Biden to actually win the White House for a number of reasons. Here are the 16 reasons Joe Biden will lose if he runs for president in 2016.

16. He won’t beat Hillary

Everyone knows that she is the nominee, whether it’s because she and Obama made a devil’s bargain back in 2008 or because she is the most likely Democratic candidate. That is, of course, unless there is some major scandal or a serious change of pace for both Hillary and Biden.

15. He’s the vice president

It’s rare a vice president is elected president these days. The last one was George H. W. Bush and he only lasted one term. Before that it was Gerald Ford and he only took over because Nixon left.

14. Biden has dirty laundry

Everyone has dirty laundry when it really comes down to it, especially in politics, but Biden probably has more than most. Delaware may be a small place that can keep secrets but that changes when the presidency is at stake.

13. Obama may not like him so much

Obama and Biden have had their differences and while this has never been a huge issue, it doesn’t mean Obama is going to go the extra mile to get Biden elected.

12. He gaffs

Biden is known to gaff a lot, about America and about himself, among other things. This is extremely damaging when running for presidency and will hurt his chances immensely.

11. He’s not great at straight talk

Biden can’t straight talk as well as other possible GOP nominees, like Chris Christie.

10. He can’t win the Latino and minority vote

If the GOP goes with a minority candidate, then Biden will have an especially tough time, as he is an old white guy at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter that he ran with Obama—he’ll just look like the same president America had before the Obama presidency.

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