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The Best 11 Democrat Impressions By Comedians


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Politics aren’t always funny, but there are usually people who can make the most out of an otherwise un-humorous situation. Comedians are often drawn to politics in the way a moth is drawn to a light. The bait is there, and they will follow it all the way home—either to their benefit or demise.

It is often said that Republican candidates are better at taking a joke than are Democrats. For whatever reason that may be, the fact remains that many comedians still take to the stage to poke fun at Democratic politicians in the best way they know how: impressions.

Here are 11 of the best impressions you’ll find of comedians poking fun at our Democratic legislators and political candidates:

11. Dave Chappelle on Bill Clinton

Dave Chappelle is a master comedian—after all, you don’t get your own show on Comedy Central without having a good comedy routine and a lot of fans. He took to the camera several times during the course of his show to don the outfit of other celebrities, and in one of his best skits he took on Bill Clinton. This is one impression you don’t want to overlook.

10. Ron Butler on Barack Obama

Presidents may be an easy target, but Ron Butler takes on Barack Obama in a way that no other comedian can match. His impression of the President is spot on, making for an entertaining experience.

9. Jason Sudeikis on Joe Biden

Saturday Night Live is known for its impressions, and Jason Sudeikis makes it look easy when he takes to the screen to do another impression of Biden.

8. Jon Stewart on Joe Biden

Jon Stewart doesn’t hold his punches, and while he liked taking hits on the Republican party during the Bush administration, he has gotten his fair share of punches in towards the Democrats as well over the past 6 years.

He does a great impression of Biden during several episodes of “The Daily Show,” and especially tears Biden apart during instances of what appear to be naps during legislative action.

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