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The Democratic Convention Betrayed Democrats



Usually, we are not much concerned about what goes on with the Democratic Party. We gave up on them a long, long time ago, but this week, we had to make an exception. The GOP Convention was a total triumph and we wanted to see what the Democratic Party had in store for their members and the rest of the country.

Like we said, we didn’t expect much, but we still couldn’t believe how absolutely irreverent Hillary Clinton, her cronies and the rest of the party turned out to be towards actual members of the Democratic Party, or at least a large portion of them.

We don’t know how much you paid attention to the Democratic Party primary process, but it was an insane one. Perhaps even weirder than the one we had in the GOP. Hillary did away with almost all of her opponents early on, but there was this crazy old red who wouldn’t budge – Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont and a total communist.

He managed to convince much of the Democratic voters that his communist views have a place in the American politics, that being rich and successful is evil, that government-funded and governed college education and healthcare is American and much, much more.

And for some reason, he discovered that a lot of young Democrats got totally hooked to it. All of a sudden, Hillary had a real opponent and the worst thing for her and her team was that he was ready to put up a fight against the most corrupt clique in the American politics.

Bernie beat Hillary in a ton of states and if not for the superdelegates (do not even get us started on those), Hillary would have barely beat him. Still, it was obvious that a number of Democratic party members were all for him and totally against Hillary.

Then, late last week, in a classic politician move, Bernie announced he would be supporting Hillary. Over the course of the weekend, however, some emails leaked, showing that the Democratic National Committee was less than objective, sending Bernie’s supporters in an uproar.

This all happened just a day before the Convention that started in Philadelphia on Monday.

During the first day, among other things, the Convention featured poor Bernie Sanders who had to do something he promised he would never do and that was supporting Hillary and her corrupted clique. Half of the arena cheered him on, brainwashed into thinking Hillary is a deserving nominee, while the other half booed their hearts out.

They couldn’t believe that their candidate had his arm twisted to such an extent that he had to support Crooked Hillary. But he had. He proved in one swift move that he was a politician just like everyone else.

The rest of the Convention was the usual amalgamate or sniveling henchmen kissing Hillary’s feet, Obama and his cronies telling everyone how Hillary is a wonderful human being and someone who deserves to sit in the Oval Office. A big part of it, however, also became convincing Sanders’ supporters that they were not betrayed, which they totally were.

Of course, a huge part of the convention also became about Hillary being a woman. We agree, it is a milestone and something we totally support, but we are very afraid that some people are taking this milestone to mean something other than the fact that a woman was nominated. The fact that she is a woman does not make her any more suitable for the office, just like it does not make her any less suitable.

If you ask us, Hillary simply has no place anywhere near government after everything we have heard in these last few years. She fumbled official emails (putting the country in danger), she received money from indiscriminate sources and she showed total disregard for how the average American lives .

And surprise, surprise, none of that was touched on at the convention. Even worse, none of that was touched upon by any of the media.

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